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LaFourche Parish Obituary Records

"Tri-Parish Times"
(Terrebonne, Lafourche and St. Mary Parishes)
Houma, Terrebonne, La.

August 2010

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The names are in alphabetical order.  All of these obituaries are in one file.  Click here to view obituary details   Click here to view photo of a highlighted name below   The names below are in alphabetical order, not by date of obituary.
Abadie, Cheryl
Adams, Nolan
Arcement, Sheila
Authement, Elden, Jr.
Badeaux, Lilly
Blankston, Chris, II
Benoit, Bella
Bergeron, Michelle
Bilello, Steve
Billiot, Steve
Blanchard, Bonner
Blanchard, Harris, Sr.
Bonvillain, Mabel
Borne, Bertha
Boudreaux, Dick
Boudreaux, Hazel
Boudreaux, Raymond
Bourgeois, Patricia
Bourgeois, Sidney
Breaux, Marie
Brown, Michael
Bueche, James
Burdwell, Clarence
Bye, Leota
Byrd, Brea
Celestin, Herbert, Sr.
Chaisson, Herbert
Chiasson, Hannah
Chiasson, Ronald
Collins, Josephine
Cologne, Jeanette
Courteaux, Brandon
Crochet, Ola
Dardar, Jason
Dardar, Walton, Sr.
Davis, Leonce, Jr.
Davis, Louis, Jr.
Deblieux, Mary
Delatte, Fernand
Desormeaux, Margie
Detiveaux, Lana
Dill, Louis, Jr.
Dirance, Silas, Jr.
Domangue, Dianne
Duet, Geraldine
Dufrene, Beulah
Dufrene, Elvida
Dufrene, Emily
Dupre, Ariel
Dupre, Edville
Ellender, Mathilda
Ezell, Brian
Fitzgibbons, Richard
Folse, Theresa
Foret, Barry
Foret, Noel, Jr.
Fournier, U. J.
Frickey, Rebecca
Frost, Alice
Gant, Ajorion
Gasery, John, Jr.
Gaspard, Claudia
Gaudet, Alfred, Jr.
Gaudet, Norman, Sr.
Giroir, Marguerite
Grabert, Thaddeus
Gregoire, Emile
Gros, Linwood
Guidry, Clifford
Guidry, Eve
Harris, Louise
Haydel, Solidelle
Hebert, Rene
Hebert, Timothy
Hoffmann, John
Hoover, Julius
Jackson, Burnell
Johnson, Evelyn
Keith, George
Kirk, Dan
Knight, Jezel
Koen, Don
Labit, Lois
Landry, Donald
Lathrop, Lorris, Sr.
Lauga, Violet
Lee, Harris, Sr.
Lemoine, Glenn
Liner, John
Lirette, Claire
Lirette, Claude
Lirette, Conrad
Lirette, Rhea
Loupe, Christine
Louviere, Hugh
Malbrough, Harry
Mart, Freddie
Martin, Lawrence
Mason, Rita
Mayet, Shirley
Mayo, Wesley
McCarthy, Kelly
McDaniel, Benny
McEvers, Warren
McGinn, Desmond
Miley, Otha
Moore, Connie
Moore, Isaac
Naquin, Adeline
Naquin, Todd
Nicotra, Frances
Olivier, Joyce
Oncale, Bentlee
Ordoyne, Thomas
Orgeron, Jean
Parfait, Marion
Patterson, Cora
Pellegrin, Bruce, Sr.
Pellegrin, Wilfred
Periera, Beverly
Pierce, Bobby
Pierce, Kenneth
Pierce, Kernest, Jr.
Price, Lloyd
Reulet, Viola
Richardel, Dusty
Richeaux, Mildred
Robinson, Vernon
Rochel, Ruth
Rockward, Thelma
Rodrigue, Urban
Sandras, Dennis
Scott, Bryan
Smith, Daniel, Sr.
Sneeze, Ramona
Soirez, Gerard
Soley, Clayvington, Jr.
Sons, Ernie
Southern, Dolores
Stevens, Evelyn
Stevenson, Brunetta
St. Pierre, Rosalie
Street, Charles
Streva, Gerald, Jr.
Swanson, Mary
Theriot, Marie
Toups, Dale, Sr.
Toups, Rose
Trahan, Glen
Traigle, Bertha
Triche, Notilla
Tucker, Charles
Turner, Eldridge, Jr.
Vallian, Merrick
Vitrano, Shannon
Waguespack, Elia
Waguespack, Malvin
Washington, Brandon
Williams, Peggy
Willis, Betty
Wolfe, Shirley
Zeringue, Lois
Zernott, Alice


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