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Terrebonne and Lafourche Parishes, La.
 July 2010

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Louis Lavedan is the file manager for Terrebonne and Lafourche Parishes. If you have any files to contribute please e-mail Louis
  Last modified: 1 Aug 2010

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  The names below are in alphabetical order, not by date of obituary.
Albert, Holdrith
Albritton, Frances
Arceneaux, Roy, Sr.
Aucoin, Berthon
Aucoin, Doris
Authement, Clarence, III
Barthelemy, Hirvin, Sr.
Baudoin, Vivian
Bergeron, Gerald
Bergeron, Janice
Billiot, Marguerit
Blanchard, Walter
Bogen, Celia
Borne, Margaret
Boudreaux, Donald
Bourg, Raymond
Bourgeois, Webster, Sr.
Bourque, Theresa
Boyd, Carol
Breaux, Herbert, Sr.
Breaux, Theresa
Brennan, Troy
Broussard, Maria
Broussard, Winonah
Brown, Joseph
Burrell, Robert
Butler, Courtney
Campos, Jesse
Caperton, Mark
Cavalier, Edmond
Chabert, Audrey
Champagne, Joel
Chatagnier, Lainey
Chauvin, Imogene
Cheramie, Eula
Clark, Leslie
Constrantchis, Richard
Cooks, Levy, Jr.
Damen, Denise
Danos, John
Dardar, Lola
Davis, Dorothy
Delatte, Felix
Diket, Susan
Dishman, David
Disotell, Tina
Domangue, Addie, Jr.
Dufrene, Dean
Dufrene, Harris
Dufrene, Mary
Dupre, Irene
Fonseca, Allen
Fontenot, Lindsey
Fontenot, Simon
Ford, Richard
Foret, Claude
Foret, Lelia
Foster, Amelia
Francis, George
Freeman, Donnie
Gagneaux, Kirvey
Galmore, Loyal, Jr.
Garner, Nonty
Gray, Don
Gaudet, Nolan, Jr.
Gibson, Janice
Gisclair, Joyce
Griffin, Betty
Gros, Nellie
Gros, Pearl
Harry, Joseph
Hebert, Dennis, Sr.
Hebert, Louella
Hebert, Roxanne
Hebert, Shirley
Henry, Nuemen
Hester, Warren, Jr.
Hitt, Wanda
Holmes, Elouise
Hutchinson, Chris
James, Cathy
James, Dalton
Johnson, Dorothy
Johnson, Jeanette
Johnson, Melvin, Jr.
Jones, Christine
Jones, Damon
Jones, Nolan
Kiffe, Horace
Kiger, Russell, Sr.
Knoblock, Ella
Kraemer, Madeline
Kreamer, Shirley
Landry, Brent
LeBlanc, Earl
Lecompte, Ronald
Ledet, Judy
Levron, Sandra
Liner, Ivy
Lirette, Carroll, Sr.
Lirette, Ouida
Lisotta, Marie
Lunsmann, Sylvia
Martin, Norman
Martin, Rodney
Matherne, Moise
Matherne, Raymond
Mayeur, Felicia
McCollum, Alton, Sr.
McNabb, Frank
Meads, Rose
Mejia, Richard, Jr.

Melancon, Cheyenne
Merritt, I. D.
Mitchell, Theresa
Mobley, Roddy, Sr.
Naquin, Gillis, Sr.
Nguyen, Van
Orgeron, Woodrow
Oubre, Jessie, Sr.
Ourso, Eloise
Parfait, Jaydon
Parfait, Joel
Percle, Emile
Pitre, Clyde
Pitre, Mark
Poche, Evelyn
Price, Sidney
Raffray, Lois
Rhodes, Henry
Richoux, Shirley
Riley, Robert
Robichaux, Lloyd
Robibson, Edward
Robinson, Joandell
Robinson, Mary
Rogers, Pearl
Ruffin, BettyRine
Sarrat, Marilyn
Savoie, Lois
Schexnayder, Edwina
Short, Robert
Simon, Olga
Sims, Adrine
Singley, Allen, Sr.
Spahr, Toni
Stalling, Bennie
Stoker, William
Street, Audrey
Tabor, Ernest
Taranto, Rosemary
Terrebonne, Toby
Theriot, Odon
Thibodaux, Danny
Thibodaux, Donald
Thibodaux, Kim
Trosclair, Marceline
Trosclair, Allen, Sr.
Truitt, Aiden
Veal, Leon, III
Verdin, Charlene
Verrett, Kristi
Villemez, Rita
Vincent, Jaiaya
Walker, Gertie
Warren, Ellis, Jr.
Watson, Anne
White, Modesty

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