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Tri-Parish Times
(Terrebonne, Lafourche and St. Mary Parishes)
 Houma, Terrebonne, La.

  September 2009

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The names below are in alphabetical order, not by date of obituary.

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Anderson, Clarence "Cool Breeze", Jr.   *
Anderson, Tyrone "T-Diddy"   *
Anselmi, Elizabeth Portier   *
Barrow, Zenobia   *
Bascle, Ruby Marie Aucoin   *
Baudoin, Lloyd Joseph   *
Becnel, Ray Joseph, Sr.   *
Bellanger, Lois Gisclair Thibodaux
Benoit, Nuel Nicholas, Jr.   *
Besson, David "Pitter"   *
Billiot, Emile A.
Blanchard, Nauly John   *
Bonnet, Louise   *
Boudreaux, Douglas Joseph   *
Boudreaux, Marguerite Marie   *
Bourgeois, Camellia   *
Bourgeois, David Luke, Sr.   *
Bourgeois, Gillis "Chic"   *
Brown, Frank "Jay-do", III   *
Brown, Taneshia "Nunu" Williams   *
Bruce, Russell
Bunch, Gina   *
Burnett, Charles Joseph   *
Carlos, Genevieve D.   *
Carlton, Clayton Rushing   *
Champagne, Donald J.   *
Clement, Henry Clay   *
Collins, Hazel Sartin
Crouch, Margaret Rowe
Dagate, Jerome Michael   *
Daigle, Jerry P., Sr. 
Dardar, Many "Capt. Many"   *
de Laneuville, Louis, Jr.   *
Delatte, Louise C.   *
Derouen, Wanda Sue Porche   *
Deslatte, Allen Anthony "Shine"   *
Dugas, Eugene Joseph   *
Dolese, Nolan Joseph, Sr.   *
Drayton, Audrey   *
DuBois, Lori Ann
Dupre, Augustin Joseph   *
Dupre, Glenda Domangue   *
Fakier, Louis Philip 
Falgout, Solomon James "Gator", Jr.   *
Fields, Loraine Callahan   *
Flattmann, Elwood "Wookie", Sr.   *
Flippo, Jack Arnold   *
Gautreaux, Corinne Rita   *
Gautreaux, Rosedell Eve Darcey   *
Greene, Roger   *
Griffin, Sidney
Guichet, Virginia Juneau   *
Guidry, Horace "T-Nu"
Hawkins, Carolyn R. "Mommie"   *
Haydel, Jackie Amm Alloway   *
Hebert, Dallas Paul   *
Hebert, James Joseph, Sr.    *
Hebert, Jeanne "Sundae"   *
Hebert, Theresa Pellegrin
Hebert, William R, "Will", Sr.   *
Howard, Herbert   *
Hymel, Urline "Mimi" Chabaud   *
Lafont, Gale C.   *
Lajaunie, Jerry Paul "Goon", Sr.
Lapeyrouse, Willment Ambrose "Lap"   *
Leboeuf, Rosetta DiVincenti
LeCompte, Lois Arcement   *
Ledet, Clarice Gisclair
Ledet, Gerald Joseph   *
Ledet, Randy Joseph   *
Lee, Annette Duet
Lee, Nelia F. Cavalier   *
Legendre, Lillian Rodrigue   *
Lofton, T. Eddie, Jr.   *
Loup, Cecilia Delatte   *
Louviere, Elizabeth Mary Martin   *
Martin, Marie Ophelia Templet   *
McClue, Dorothy   *
McCrary, Elodie Blanco
Meads, Titus "Tito"   *
Melancon, Cathy Ann   *
Melancon, Lawrence S., Jr.   *
Menezes, Cacynthia Andrell Smith   *
Mitchell, Sybil Auenson
Molaison, Wilda Marie Boudreaux   *
Moore, Rosalie 
Murphy, Patricia Ellen Buquet   *
Naquin, Jennifer Dee   *
Nelson, Tanya Denise Murphy   *
Nixon, Minerva   *
Payton, Ivory
Pellegrin, Evella Marie Thibodaux   *
Pellegrin, Vivian Ann Lirette
Peltier, Jessie J.   *
Ponson, Lloyd E.
Prejean, Johnnie Francois   *
Prosperie, Karen B.   *
Rhodes, Randall James
Richard, Thelma M.   *
Rodrigue, Isadore J.   *
Romano, Gail Grabert   *
Rousse, Alice "To-You"   *
Samanie, Earline Theresa Lirette   *
Scott, Lillie Mae   *
Scully, Velma Dupre   *
Seal, Max K.
Sevin, Mona Faye Dusenberry   *
Shelvin, Cantrelle D.   *
Smith, Crystal   *
Smith, Lionel   *
Somme', Danny
Theriot, Michael Danny, Sr.   *
Thibodeaux, Hazel Danos
Totina, John "Johnny" "Tot" J.   *
Trahan, Gerald J.   *
Use', Lois LeBouef 
Verret, Mary Genevieve "Nan"
Verrett, Manella Mary   *
Voisin, Ernest
Walker, Odessa Hebert   *
White, Joyce Inez
Whitney, James Joseph, Sr.   *
Wiggins, Rose Dufrene   *
Williams, James "Sticky", Jr.   *
Williams, Sadie   *
Wilson, Levi Woodrow   *
Wilson, Philip Charles   *
Yates, Patricia "Patsy" Richard   

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