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Thibodaux, Comet, Thibodaux, Lafourche, La.
Houma Courier, Houma, Terrebonne, La.
November 2008

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As of  1 August, 2007,
Obituaries from the Comet and Courier Newspapers are identical

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Last modified: 1 December 2008

The names below are in alphabetical order, not by date of obituary.

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Achee, John "Johnny" Adolph, Sr.   *
Adams, Donna M.   *
Andrews, Lionel, Sr.   *
Ardoin, Harold "Pee Wee" Joseph, Sr.   *
Aucoin, Angeline "Bedoots" Vitale
Aucoin, Rosemae Theriot   *
Babin, Audrey Lambert   *
Babin, Mildred, Molaison   *
Bascle, Eula Scott   *
Bell, Clinton Vincent "747"   *
Benoit, Audrey Ann  
Benoit, Joachim "Jock" Anthony, Jr.   *
Benoit, Lucille Degruise   *
Benoit, Milton, Sr.   *
Bergeron, Rita Hilda Eschete   *
Bergeron, Russell "Bobby" Joseph   *
Bernadou, Mary Evelina Sons   *
Billiot, Betty B.   *
Billiot, Judith Marlene   *
Billiot, Louis, Sr.   *
Blanchard, Jessie Duplantis   *
Blanchard, Royce J.   *
Boquet, Wills Morris, Sr.   *
Boudreaux, Evelyn Marie Picou   *
Bourg, Antoine Ayp "T-twan"   *
Bourg, Leona Chatagnier   *
Bourg, Lola Eymard   *
Bourg, Omer "Homer" Joseph   *
Bourgeois, Ellis Joseph   *
Breaux(Bijeaux), Walter   *
Breaux, Ernest J., Jr.   *
Breaux, George "Pop" Marc, Sr.   *
Brown, Helen Marie   *
Brown, Mildred "Nell" Spivey
Broussard, Clara Ethel Ellender   *
Brunet, Bobby Joe
Brunies, Vernice Marie Vizier   *
Buquet, Harry, Jr.   *
Buquet, Mary G. "Shorty" Duplantis   *
Burnham, Helen Favre Griffin   *
Callais, Beverly Ann Terrebonne
Callais, Peter Wade   *
Canter, John Anthony   *
Cenac, Betty Jo Morris   *
Chapman, Shelton Ray "Slim"
Cheramie, Jerry "J.J." Joseph, Jr.
Cochennic, Joffrey, Sr.
Coleman, Inez
Coleman, Roosevelt   *
Corso, Albino Frank   *
Cortez, Lois Chenier   *
Cox, Edwin "Eddie" Allen, Jr.   *
Crochet, Calvin "Sonny"   *
Crochet, Jacqueline "Jackie" Theresa Guidry   *
Curole, Johnny J.   *
Daigle, Roland J.   *
Danos, Clarence J. "Beb"   *
Darcey, Colden Adolphe   *
Dardar, Henry Joseph   *
Darsey, Elton Anthony   *
Domangue, Israe "Israel", Sr.   *
Doucet, Mildred "Git" Collins   *
Dougherty, Inez Fanguy   *
Dufrene, Frank   *
Dufrene, Monty
Dufrene, Randy J.
Dumas, Leo Paul   *
Duplantis, Betty Domangue   *
Dupre, Carroll Anthony   *
Eschete, Cecil Paul   *
Falgoust, Agatha "Agot" Rome   *
Falgout, Elfrey Marie Boudreaux   *
Farlow, Olevia "Noe"   *
Fazzio, Vincent Carlo   *
Feehan, Kenric Ernest, Jr.   *
Fischer, Edwin
Fisher, Jeanette Cossey   *
Folse, Eddie   *
Folse, James "Jim" Taylor   *
Forbes, Eunice "Mae"   *
Fortner, Katie B.   *
Freeman, Joseph "Papa Joe" Elisha   *
Galliano, Onise Lathrop   *
Gautreaux, Anna Mae Chiasson   *
Gill, Fay White   *
Giron, RoseMary Smith   *
Gisclair, Levinia "Mia"   *
Gobeil, Robert "Bob"   *
Grammer, Kyle J.   *
Gros, Dave J.   *
Guidry, Ariel Lynn  
Guidry, Edna "Tante Na" LeBlanc
Guidry, Linton J. "Sucre", Sr.   *
Guidry, Lois Broussard   *
Guillot, Lorraine   *
Haddad, Louella Marie Pellegrin
Haddad, Stephen "Steve"   *
Harmon, Violet Ellen
Harris, Clarence, Sr.
Hebert, Lt. Col. Andrew Patrick, Ret.   *
Hebert, Florence Gertrude Gautreaux   *
Hebert, Reed Joseph "Pop", Sr.   *
Hendon, Henry, Sr.   *
Henry, Calicia Kraemer   *
Holmes, Gary Lee "Boom"   *
Hutchings, James Ray "Jim"
Hymel, Edna   *
Jacobs, Catherine "Cat"   *
Jambon, Elvie Porche
Johnson, Ora "Rose" Jackson
Jones, John L.   *
Keller, Rosalie Marie Dufrene   *
King, L. J. "Pee Wee" James   *
Knight, Norman J.   *
Lafitte, Ronny   *
Lafont, Eustache "E. J.", Jr.   *
Lafont, Russell J.   *
Landry, Ruth Rita Guidry   *
Lapeyrouse, Walter Joseph
LeBlanc, Mae Duplantis   *
LeBlanc, Richard Paul   *
LeCompte, Betty Ann Hebert   *
LeCompte, Roy Joseph  
Ledet, Allison   *
Ledet, Brother Albert, S.C.   *
Little, Joseph James, Sr.   *
Long, Harry Raymond, Sr.   *
Loupe, Elaine M.   *
Lyons, Dorothy "Mama Neat" King   *
Madere, Charles "Cowboy" Edmond   *
Martinez, George E.   *
Matherne, Belle Theresa Chauvin   *
Matherne, Carroll P.   *
Matherne, Henry Paul   *
McClendon, Lenora Boquet   *
McGuyre, Elise Agnes Klingman   *
McKerall, Eileen Carter   *
Moreno, Aida Grundmann
Morgan, Richard Garth, Sr.   *
Muse, Corestine "Mama Tine"   *
Naquin, Alphonse A.   *
Naquin, Jaelin "J.J." Joseph   *
Newman, Theresa Breaux   *
Oden, Theresa A.
Ordogne, Clovis "T-Clo" Anthony, III
Ordogne, Gerdie Ordogne   *
Orgeron, Ida Bouffanie   *
Orgeron, Nelda Richard   *
Oubre, Patrick Ann Baker   *
Padel, Marie Magdalene Oubre   *
Perk, L. J. "Boo"   *
Phillips, Donna Ann   *
Pierce, Edith Duet   *
Pitre, Gerald   *
Pitre, Milfred L.   *
Pitre, Norman J. "Poonie"   *
Plaisance, Warren "W.P." J., Jr.   *
Poche, Alexander "A. J."   *
Poche, Garland James   *
Porche, Clark A., Sr.   *
Porche, Marcia Rhodes   *
Quebedeaux, Linda   *
Rasberry, Ray A.   *
Rebstock, Roger "Jay"   *
Remont, Elma Plaissance
Rick, Mitchell Gene, Jr.   *
Rivet, James "J. Fred" Frederick   *
Robertson, Darrielle Aravia   *
Robinson, Donald Richard, Sr.   *
Roddie, Jacob "Mr. Jake" Astor
Rodrigue, Claude
Rodriguez, Rodney, Sr.
Rogers, Elizabeth Mary Bourg   *
Samanie, Bryan Joseph   *
Sauce, Thomas Michael "Peanut", Sr.   *
Schrader, Audrey Marie Pitre   *
Sherman, Clarence "De", Jr.   *
Skains, Anthony Dwayne "Wayne"   *
Smith, John "Johnny" Mack   *
Smith, Mary Lee Babin   *
Smith, Dr. Robert Scott
Smith, Southern
St. Vgine, Ramon Louis
Stevens, Louise Z.   *
Tassin, Raymond Joseph   *
Theriot, Emelina "E.J." Joseph, Jr.   *
Thibodeaux, Lionel   *
Tolbert, Calvin Scoby   *
Torregano, Shirley "Shake"   *
Toups, Willa Mae "Billie" Simmons
Triche, Irene Pitre   *
Williams, Cornelius, Sr.   *
Williams, Brenda Sue Love
Williams, Edward Charles   *
Williams, Freddie, Jr.
Williams, Margaret   *
Willis, Jerry Allen   *
Young, Mamie Reason   *

Additional Note:
Because of the size of the obituary file and to assure proper search of the entire file,
the obituary file for November 2008 has been divided into three sections:
Section1--1 November through 10 November
Section 2--11 November  through 20 November
Section 3--21 November  through 30 November
Click on the section above to browse the file of interest

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