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"The Daily Comet", Thibodaux, Lafourche Parish, La.
"Houma Courier", Houma, Terrebonne Parish, La.
October 2008

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Please Note:   As of  1 August, 2007, Obituaries from the Comet and Courier Newspapers are identical
The names below are in alphabetical order, not by date of obituary.
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Name Photo
Achee, Mary Gussie
Achee', Richard "Dickie" Anthony, Jr.
Allen, Timothy "Mamut"
Allison, Clarabelle Tower "Penny"
Asch, Elsie Ann Luke Garrison
Aucoin, David "Buddy"
Aucoin, Mary Mae
Authement, Blanche
Aycock, Robert "Bobby" Paul
Babin, Adam A.
Baio, Mable Mary Jumonville
Barrios, Henry "Hank", Jr.  
Beadle, Alva Waguespack  
Bergeron, Bernice Babin
Bergeron, Robert Anthony
Billiot, Lawrence J.
Billiot, Selvina Marie
Bonvillain, Deborah "Debbie" Ann Daigle
Blanchard, Beatrice "BB" Lirette
Blanchard, Sophie Pellegrin
Boudreaux, Annie May "Grandmother"
Boudreaux, Christopher
Boudreaux, Joseph "Paran" Julius
Boudreaux, John  
Bouvier, Mary Catherine Pellegrin
Breaux, Sterling P.  
Brien, David Gerard
Brown, Eugene D., Jr.
Bruce, Adeline H.
Bruce, Kristy Gisclair
Brunet, Maurice Joseph
Brunies, Gary William
Caillet, Maybelle Baudoin
Callender, Patricia Lynn Wiggins Gott  
Celestin, Mary Frances Prevost
Celestine, Helen Verry
Chabert, Wiley A., Sr.
Charpentier, Elfer V., Sr.
Chatman, Miller
Cheramie, Lorena Barrios
Chiasson, Roland
Chouest, Edison S., Sr.
Clement, Renol "Pop" Joseph
Conrad, Lily Mae Simoneaux
Corser, James L.
Cost, Lucille London
Daigle, Jeanne Adelle Marcel  
Dardar, Loney Joseph, Sr.
Davidson, Opal Neal
Davaine, Edgar "Pop"  
Deroche, Roland "Ribbit", Sr.
Dimak, Anthony Peter "Pete", Jr.
Doucet, Jimmy N., Sr.
Downing, Arlington "Cap", Jr.  
Dufrene, Carl Joseph  
Dufrene, Norma Elizabeth
Duncan, Weldon "Pee Wee" F.
Elliott, Russel Norman
Eschete, Kerry James "Kknukka"
Falls, Kimberly Keller  
Folse, James "Jim" Taylor
Folse, Reed J.
Foret, Murphy J.
Freeman, Joy Elizabeth  
Fremin, Edward "Ed", Jr.
Fremin, Louise "Toot" Marie Chiasson
Friloux, Winfield Joseph, Sr.
Gaudet, Catherine "Kitty" Boudreaux
Gautreaux, Casey Elizabeth
Gautreaux, Virgie Marie Labit
Geiger, Selma Sue Chapman
Graham, Margaret Corinne  
Granier, Herman  
Green, Theresa Mary Berel
Gregoire, Marjorie "Margie" Josephine Lodrigue
Gros, Alfred "Bob-bee"
Gros, Louis Joseph, Sr.  
Guidry, Junius "Polo" M.
Guillot, Marcella Elisia "Marcy" Pintado
Hadrick, Evelyn B.
Hall, Deborah Davis
Hargis, Sylvia Daigle
Hebert, Ben Joseph
Hebert, Dolores Marie Lapeyrouse
Hebert, Hazel Stevens
Hebert, Marie "Grum" Hartman
Hebert, Preston Joseph  
Henderson, William Anthony, Jr.  
Herpin, Marjorie Ann Marmande
Holder, L. M.
Horton, Stephanie Williams
Jackson, Wesley
James, Ferman, Jr.
Johnlouis, Victor Adam
Johnson, Ernest "Puckie", Sr.
Johnson, Rykia Shantell
Jones, McKinley, III  
Juneau, Lon Merlin
Name Photo
Knoblock, Pearl Buquet
Kraemer, Irene
Labat, Isabel "Bel"
Lachico, Jessie Joseph
Landry, Lynda "Dianne" Hicks
Landry, Whitney "Nonc Nick"
Laurent, Simeon J.
LeBoeuf, Florence Duthu
LeBouef, Mary Marie Guy
LeCompte, Irene Dupre
Ledet, Jason P.
Lewis, Ferdinand  
Liechty, Nicole McClain
Lirette, Samson J., Jr.  
Loupe, Dolores Darapau
Loupe, Marlene Pellegrin  
Mack, Clarence "Papa Mack"
Marange, Darrel Wayne
Marcello, Jacob Lee
Martinez, Craig Anthony
Matherne, Geraldine "Lynn"
Matranga, Geraldine Foret
Matthews, Robert Curtis
McCaa, Rutha Lee  
Messina, Deacon Nick Anthony, Sr.
Miller, Edward "Joe"
Mitchell, William "Mike"
Morgan, Stanford Scott  
Moses, Alton
Moxley, Owen W., Jr.
Naquin, Mary Beth Arceneaux
Newchurch, Adam "Gil" Gilmore, Jr.
Nugent, Robert Oliver
Nygaard, Shaelynn Claire
Ordoyne, Sheila A.
Ordoyne, Wilton Anthony
Patterson, Chris
Parkman, William Dennis "Denny"
Patterson, Edith Joseph
Percle, Duffy John, Sr.
Percle, Joan Marie
Picou, Georgie Breaux  
Picou, Justin Scott
Pierce, Dale Joseph
Pierce, Edgar Joseph
Pinell, Brian Paul
Pitre, Albert Pierre "T-Neg"
Pitre, Bruce J., Jr.
Pitre, Carl "Boogie"
Pitre, Olive "Nookie" Sonnier
Plummer, Constance "Lil Connie"
Poindexter, A'Coreyon Alantaz
Porche, Emma Lou Smith
Porche, Kayden Michael
Portier, Junius J., Sr.
Portier, Louise Avet
Portier, Theresa Thibodeaux
Ramirez, Robin Chauvin  
Ringold, Clarence "Cheeky"
Rivet, Rita "Mel Mel" Billiot  
Robinson, Lawrence
Robinson, Lucien  
Robinson, Paul C.
Rodrigue, Alvin J.  
Rodrigue, Claire Simon
Rodrigue, Mercy Gros
Rogers, Elgin Conley "E. C."
Rousseau, Willimae Kraemer
Royal, Laura P.
Savoie, Benjamin "Bennie" Paul "Shorty Buck"
Schaumburg, Margie Wibel
Sevin, Blanche Raymond
Seward, Shining Star Cathy Marie
Shelby, Joel
Smith, Joseph "Bubba"
Sonier, Carolyn Hebert
Sterling, Dorothy Mae  
Stoufflet, Josephine "JoJo" Marie Martin
Stoves, Clifton "Poncho"
Swift, Glaydeen
Talbot, Barry, Sr.
Taylor, Dorothy Mae Coleman
Thibodeaux, Willis J.
Usea, Garland "Slick"
Verdun, Diddion Perque  
Verdin, Wilda Marie "Tant Da" Dion  
Vermeire, Kevin "Verm"
Voisin, Shirley Duplantis
Volken, Lawrence D. "Paw Larry"
Washington, Reshad Alton
White, Dennis "Bobby"
Whitney, Adeline Peterson
Williams, Rev. Leroy
Williams, Simon "Lil Simon", Jr.
Winter, Paula Marie "Sunshine" Morace
Wise, Harrison "Dark Eye"
Worley, Helen Lewis
Young, Thelma Washington
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Section 2--11 October  through 20 October
Section 3--21 October  through 31 October
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