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Thibodaux, Comet, Thibodaux, Lafourche, La.
Houma Courier, Houma, Terrebonne, La.
September 2007

Please Note:
As of  1 August, 2007,
Obituaries from the Comet and Courier Newspapers are identical
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Last modified: 27 March 2008

The names below are in alphabetical order, not by date of obituary.

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Adams, Frank L.   *
Alario, Rita H. "Moma Rita"   *
Arceneaux, Martha Lee Weaver   *
Ayo, Libby Landry   *
Batulis, Walter John
Bergeron, Eva C.   *
Bergeron, Peter F., Jr.
Bergeron, Rita Marie Pellegrin   *
Bergeron, Rose Mary Buquet   *
Bernard, Trysten Joseph
Berthelot, Carol Ann "Cookie"
Biondo, Andrew Charles
Blanchard, Patricia Anne Uselton Mason   *
Bonvillian, Robert Paul   *
Bonnette, Br. Hubert, C.C.
Boudreaux, Harold, "Hank" J., Sr.   *
Boudreaux, Newton Edwars   *
Bourgeois, Irvin Joseph, Sr.   *
Bourgeois, Leslie Ann   *
Bradley, Martha Nelson   *
Breaux, Hugh Francis "Punkin"   *
Brien, Iris Savoie   *
Brooks, Jerome W. "Bubba"   *
Brown, Charles "Chuck" Eugene, III   *
Brown. George Paul, Jr.   *
Brumley, William "Bill", Jr.   *
Brunet, Freddie Joseph
Brunet, Regina Dardar
Busscher, Jessica Rodrigue   *
Button, Nettie Chaivin   *
Cancienne, Paul Joseph "Captain"
Carter, Ruth
Cheramie, Betty LaBiche   *
Chiasson, Jeffery J.   *
Chiasson, Ruth Adams   *
Clemmons, Jerry
Coats, Patrick Henry, Sr.
Coffman, Florence Rita LeBlanc   *
Cole, Jack   *
Coleman, Clarence "Redbird"   *
Cooper, Barbara Ann
Crosby, Hubert "Chpper", Sr.
Crosby, Malvina "Mama Ness" V.
Cummings, Celestila Lynn   *
Daigle, Rev. H. C. Paul   *
Davenport, Hayden Paul   *
Dean, Joseph "Boo" Lester   *
DeHart, Earl Adam   *
Delaume, Ella Mae   *
Deshotel, Wayne "Pee Wee"
Domangue, Dawn Elizabeth
Duet, Hazel B.   *
Duplantis, Pauline Neil   *
Dupre, Albert Joseph   *
Dupre, Anna Mae Leonard Bergeron   *
Dupre, Wilton Joseph, Jr.   *
Dupuy, Lois A
Ellis, James "Bosie", Jr.   *
Filce, Hazel Marcel   *
Folse, Jules G.   *
Fonseca, Mona Dufrene   *
Foreman, Hazel Marie
Foret, Joseph Nathan, Jr.
Freeman, Marie Antoinette "Manette" Caillouet
Frisard, Agatha "Dens" Evola

Galliano, Yvonne Doucet
Gautreaux, Aline Dufrene   *
Gautreaux, Kathryn "Kathy" King   *
George, Henry D., Sr.   *
Givens, Joseph, Sr.   *
Granier, Myrthee Rodrigue   *
Griffin, Anthony Paul   *
Gros, Whitney A.
Guidroz, Ernest Jean   *
Guidry, Betsie Ann Guidroz   *
Guidry, Verna Marie
Hall, Lowel E.
Hanes, Ernest "Gene"   *
Hanks, Rev. Charles Efram   *
Hawkins, Almeader Jackson   *
Hawkins, Marion   *
Hebert, Althea Adelaide Maher   *
Hebert, Hilda Marie
Hebert, Troy "TJ", II
Henry, David Paul   *
Hight, Donald L.
Himel, Adam J., Jr.   *
Himel, Thelma "Mickey" Use'   *
James, Diana M.   *
Jester, Raymond Charles   *
Johnson, Yvonne B.   *
Jupiter, James "Blue"   *
Kappel, Joan E.   *
Lacy, Mary "Boss"   *
Lake, Sgt. 1st Class Harold H., IV
Landry, Keith B.
LeBoeuf, Robert "Bobby"   *
LeBouef, Arie "T-Cap", Sr.
LeCompte, Alton Wilfred   *
Lefort, Ronald Francis
Lirette, Magnus Joseph   *
Loflin, Bill
Loupe, Ted Joseph
Louviere, Dallas Joseph, Sr.   *
Mader, Pauline Marchese
McDaniel, Judy Ann
McMaster, Col. Leland "Robo-Cop"   *
Miller, Hope S.
Moore, Bobby Wayne   *
Moreau, Joel J.   *
Morgan, Cleone Samanie   *
Morrison, Ole Blanco   *
Murphy, Elizabeth "Ma"   *
Musso, Azelda Babin   *
Norman, Shawn, Jr.
Parfait, James Paul, Sr.   *
Pellegrin, Armand Joseph   *
Peltier, Doris Marie Crochet   *
Perez, Alice Landry   *
Perry, Louise Bernadette   *
Picou, Eva Mary Pitre   *
Picou, Oliver Anthony   *
Pitre, Evelyn Gros   *
Pizzolato, Cheryl Ann   *
Rivet, Alex Joseph, Jr. III   *
Primeaux, Dudley, Jr.
Porche, Arthur Leslie
Pye, Dr. Lloyd A. Pye, Sr., O.D.

Rivet, Beverly Bourgeois "Honey"   *
Robichaux, Diane Margaret
Robinson, Willis "Bill" Paul
Ross, Tony "B.G."   *
Rousse, Bessie St. Pierre   *
Scott, Libby Boudreaux   *
Short, Maude D.   *
Smith, Evelyn "Granny" Reed   *
Smith, Willard Gardner
Souther, Lee Erling   *
Stelly, Neddie Guillory   *
Stricker, Joan Duvernay
Taub, Anthony "Tony"
Thibodaux, Kathy "Kat" Marie   *
Toups, Eddie Joseph   *
Tran, David   *
Triche, Julia Marie Perez   *
Triche, Myra   *
Trosclair, Ray J.   *
Walker, Clifford, Sr.   *
Ward, Freddie "Caggie" Nolan
Watson, Eugene Joseph, Sr.   *
Weber, Mary R. "Marie"   *
Williams, Maxine Funderburk   *
Woods, Mary D. "Mama"   *
Woods, Lorraine Walker   *
Zeringue, Annie Collins Craver  ;  *

Additional Note:
Because of the size of the obituary file and to assure proper search of the entire file,
the obituary file for September 2007 has been divided into three sections:
Section1--1 September through 10 September
Section 2--11 September  through 20 September
Section 3--21 September  through 30 September
Click on the section above to browse the file of interest

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