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"The Daily Comet", Thibodaux, Lafourche Parish, La.
April 2007

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The names below are in alphabetical order, not by date of obituary.
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Name Photo
Adams, Catherine "Carrie" Gilliano
Adams, Clothilde Mire
Adams, Nancy Carolyn Lovley
Adams, Ra'Niha Nikol  
Albert, Janet Louise Loupe
Andras, Nellie Mary
Aucoin, Aniya Nicole  
Aucoin, Terry Paul "Cuz" "Weasel"  
Authement, Margaret "Mar Mae" McIntire
Babin, Alcee Paul
Babin, Donald "See Poose" James
Bailey, Wayne
Banks, Lillie Mae
Barrilleaux, Meagan Leah "Toonie"
Bass, Rosalie W.
Bates, Elsie Verdos
Benoit, Elwood
Bergeron, Azora Marie Portier
Bielkiewicz, Wava D.
Blake, Bertha
Boudreaux, Julian "Tut"  
Boudreaux, Roland Anthony
Bourg, Lethia Pellegrin
Brady, Elward Thomas, Jr.
Breaux, Donald Alcide
Bridges, Cleon E. "Trey", III  
Brown, Nolan Joseph
Brunies, Richard Henry, Jr.
Buquet, James Joseph, Jr.
Cancienne, Earline Estay Foret
Cargo, Dontrell  
Carmichael, Ursula Miller
Carter, Charles  *  
Carter, William "Bill" N.
Chaisson, Morgan John
Champagne, Julia Lirette
Charles, Norris Lee  
Chatagnier, Marjorie Hebert
Chaisson, Morgan
Chauvin, Bert Joseph, Jr.
Chiasson, Lillian A.   
Chiasson, Teddy "Ted" Joseph, Jr.  
Chouest, Dana Marie
Clement, Adam P.
Cola, Naymon
Comeaux, Nancy Dorothy "Dot"  
Cortez, Howard "Blue-Moon"
Cortez, Kevin Joseph
Crandle, Neoma "Newt"
Curtis Scrimpshire
Daigle, Alma "Pete" Aucoin
DeHart, Wilber, Sr.
Delco, Nicholas "Doogie"
Delger, Jason Lee
Deris, Timothy "Fickle" Carl, Jr.
Deroche, Carlton "Wrench" Joseph, Sr.
Dubea, Ourlie Matherne Folse
Duet, Scotty
Duffy, Martha Brango  
Ellis, John Brewster, Sr.
Ellison, Samuel "Bobby" Joseph, Jr.
Endsley, Robert Dean
Falgoust, Thelma Granier  
Falterman, Mary
Farrell, Anne Blackwell
Feet, Brett Michael  
Feet, Joanna "Jo" Elizabeth
Folse, Horace Anthony
Gaines, Ivan Tillman, Jr.
Gaudet, Brenden "Bean" James
Gautreaux, Dolores Grubbe
Gilfour, Roy "T-June"
Granier, Mitchel James
Griffin, Christopher Russell
Griffin, Katina Lyn
Guidroz, Annie P.
Guidry, Argentine Chiasson
Guidry, Clara "Te-Toot" Marie Rougee
Guidry, Geraldine "Gerry" Belles
Harris, Ruth
Hebert, Adam
Hebert, Brenda H.
Hebert, Gaylen "Leroy"
Hebert, Michael Paul
Hennigan, Annie Modicut  
Hernandez, Lena Politz Meyer
Hobson, Charles Ray, Sr.  
Huber, Loretta Chauvin  
Huffaker, Sarah Mae James
Hutchinson, Virginia "Jenny" Ann
Hymel, Leola Pollet  
Jackson, Mamie
Jarrett, Clyde Abraham   
Jones, Frank, Sr.  
Kelly, Bertha Marie Dion
Kimball, Mary W.
Kirby, Rod
Name Photo
Koontz, Victoria "Vickie" Bergeron
Kreamer, Paulette "Polly" T.
Lagarde, Troy Anthony
Landry, Mildred O.
Lapeyrouse, Father Gustave M. "Gus"
Larousse, Elise C.  
LeBlanc, Addison Rae  
LeBlanc, Kennedy Leann  
LeBoeuf, Beulah Boudreaux
LeBoeuf, Carrie R.
LeBlanc, Michael "Mike", Sr.
LeCompte, Hazel Marie Boudreaux
Ledet, Marie Josephine Babin
Ledet, William "Bill", Sr.  
Lindley, Elizabeth Katherine Wagner
Lindsay, Robert Clifton, Jr.  
Livas, Calvin
Livas, Ruth Brown
Lodrigue, Antoine Nolan
Loresco, Rev. Alfredo F., O.P.
Lorraine, Frank J.
Marcel, Kevin J.
Maronge, Blanche Falgout
Mart, Helen
Martin, Harris "Man" Joseph
Martinez, Allen Francis
Mason, Charamaine Hayes
Matherne, Arnold J.
Mattei, Patricia "Pat" Mary Foret
Messer, Joel "Joey" Rufus  
Miles, Rosa Lee Singleton
Mire, Louis Joseph  
Mitchell, David Ray
Mitchell, David W.
Moore, Robert "Bob" Charles
Morrison, Sterling Joseph, Sr.
Navarre, Ernest Joseph
Nixon, LeRoss   
Nutter, William "Bill" Ira
Ordoyne, Noah Paul, Sr.
Patterson, Darriona  
Pearson, Harold "Ray", Sr.  
Pellegrin, Ernest Joseph
Pepper, Kelcie Rene
Perkins, Harold "Phillip"
Pitre, Hazel Marie Authement
Pitre, Russell J.  
Plaisance, Anthony "Bobby", Jr.
Poincot, Brenda  
Poindexter, Lorie Ann
Porche, Pearl Marie Guidry
Porter, Arnolia Stoves< /a>  
Prejean, Clay John
Price, Ronnie, Sr.  
Prosperie, Alvin "Bull Giant" Joseph
Reynolds, Grace Murphrey
Richardel, Clarence Joseph  
Roberson, Edward "Pops", Sr.
Robertson, Earl
Robichaux, Albert Denis "Al", Jr.  
Robichaux, Allen "Poppa" Peter, Sr.
Robichaux, Elaine Folse
Robichaux, Irene Verret
Rodrigue, Antoinette Ada Aucoin
Rodrigue, Ernest "Naness"  
Roger, Peter "Pete" Paul
Rogers, Dale Michael
Rome, Olive Marie Larousse
Romine, Olga Pitre
Roussell, James Curtis, Sr.
Safley, Nicole Elizabeth
Sanford, Arthur "Sugarbear"  
Savoie, Elton "Coon" Vivcent  
Savoie, Hazel Callais
Scott, Marilyn "Alice" Robinson
Scrimpshire, Curtis Randy
Simoneaux, Elizabeth Dupuis
Smith, Rose Dell
Smith, Tilda P.
Southall, John  
Steinkampf, Alice Cenac
Stove, Louis E., Sr.
Tastet, Eula Naquin
Taylor, Ruth Eileen  
Thibodaux, John Whitney
Thibodeaux, Gail S.
Triche, Larry J.  
Trosclair, Pearl Naquin  
Verdin, Kobie Adam
Verdin, Kyndal Lee
Vinet, Raymond Charles, Sr.
Walker, Ruby
Westley, Raymond, Jr.
Williams, Albert Larry, Sr.
Williams, Elnora "El"
Williams, Ernest "Mannie" Junior
Worthington, William Bryne, Sr.
Additional Note:
Because of the size of the obituary file and to assure proper search of the entire file, the obituary file has been divided into three sections:
Section1 1--1 April  through 10 April
Section 2--11 April through 20 April
Section 3--21 April through 30 April
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