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"The Daily Comet", Thibodaux, Lafourche Parish, La.
February 2007

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The names below are in alphabetical order, not by date of obituary.
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Name Photo
Adams, Dorothy "Dot" Chauvin  
Adams, Juan "Spunky"  
Alexander, Murray Simon
Arcement, Lucille P.  
Ardoin, Eva L.  
Armond, Julie Denise Marcel  
Ayo, Steve "Fat Face"  
Aysenne, Percy J.  
Babin, Frances Rita Bourgeois
Babin, Kathleen Ann Juenke  
Badeaux, Yvonne J.  
Barbier, Celima Dugas
Baronne, Anthony "Tony"  
Barrilleaux, Kenneth A., Sr.  
Barrio, Lillie Mae Joseph  
Barrios, Anita Thibodaux  
Battise, Emma "Snookie" Louise Blanchard
Benoit, Lynn, Sr.  
Bergeron, Pearl T.
Bergeron, Virginia "Virgie" LeBlanc  
Billiot, Betty Taylor  
Blanchard, Dorothy Margaret Waguespack  
Bolden, Sarah Clay  
Boudreaux, Carl James  
Boudreaux, Daisy Daigle  
Boudreaux, Louise Guillot
Boudreaux, Mabel Vicknair  
Bourg, Patsy Mary Brunet  
Bourgeois, Joseph N., Jr.
Boutte, Anna Trosclair "Trosy"
Bownds, Bertile Dufrene  
Breaux, Velma Matherne  
Brossette, Wilburn "Gene"  
Broussard, Renee' "Tu Tu" Caillouet  
Brown, Joseph, Sr.  
Buquet, Eve Marie  
Burcalow, Leon Lawrence  
Burson, Loyd  
Carter, Irma Holmes  
Carter, Saul, III
Causey, Dorothy Verdun  
Cavalier, Elsie P.  
Chauvin, Herman Charles  
Cheramie, Louella  
Cheramie, Ronald "Ronnie", Jr.  
Chiasson, Connie Adams  
Chiasson, Nolia Morvant  
Coates, Kandee Denise  
Coleman, Irvin Clarence
Coler, Walter "Ship, Moon", Jr.  
Conrad, Ann Martin  
Cuneo, Yvonne P.
Daggs, Leonce "Lee Lee", Jr.  
Danos, May Guidry  
Dardar, Beverly "Taunt Lou" Crochet  
Delaume, Gertie Richard  
Davis, Lucy  
Degruise, Theresa Landry  
Dennis, Michael Anthony  
Deshotel, Diana Eve  
Domangue, Jerry J., Jr.
Domingue, Earline Arceneaux
Douglas, Doretha Williams "Mama Bay"
Douglas, Geraldine  
Duet, Beulah M.  
Duet, Clarice "T-Cla  
Duffy, Edward, Jr.  
Dufrene, Alma F.  
Dufrene, Harris Joseph, Sr.
Dufrene, Ieve Paul  
Dupre, Cora Eve Dupre  
Dupre, Trinity James  
Enfinger, Patricia P.
Eschete, Thelma Bridget Sevin  
Euston, Jack W.  
Eymard, Velma Bruce  
Foret, David P., Sr.  
Foret, Sherry Nicole  
Foster, Eloise "Mother"  
Gaudet, Lena F.  
Gravois, James K. "Jimbo", Sr.
Gremillion, Hubert A., Sr.  
Gros, Betty Price  
Guidry, Hazel Beulah Mayeaux  
Harris, Kenneth "Buck" Wayne, Sr.  
Hatten, Helen Susan  
Hebert, Elmo Joseph
Hebert, Peggy Ann  
Henry, Christopher "Chris" Paul  
Howard, Benina Cisneros  
Hughes, Bernice Patterson  
Name Photo
Hunter, Joycelyn Beebe  
Hutchinson, Stella Deroche  
Jefferson, JoAnn Reed  
Johnson, Anita Ann Odomes  
Johnson, Glorious Marie
Johnson, Leander "Lee" Guillory  
Johnson, Patrick E.  
Kenny, Oliver  
Killion, Henry "Hank" Walton  
Kraemer, Kermit "Zeke", Sr.  
Kraemer, Oliver J.
Kreamer, Herbert Francis
Landry, David Wayne  
LeBlanc, Vivian Orgeron
LeBoeuf, Reynold "Buck" Joseph  
Ledet, Earl "Bud", Sr.  
Ledet, Maurie J.  
Ledet, Sister Alberta (Mildred Marie)
Louviere, Henry  
Maisog, Carmen Domingo  
Malbrouge, Travis  
Malhiet, Agnes Hidalgo  
Marshall, Ida Mae Cully  
Mays, George E.  
Mazarac, Wilbert J., Jr.  
McBride, Marion Daniels  
Metcalf, Reginald James  
Mire, Thomas J., Jr.  
Molaison, Floyd "Mag"  
Morris, Ezikel, Jr.  
Morvant, Betty Templet  
Munson, James "Shine" Louis, Jr.
Myles, A. J.  
Navy, Mary Francis Thompson  
Olivier, Earl Joseph  
Orgeron, Maudine Thomas  
Palencia, Lorina Louise Cantrelle  
Pellegrin, Donald James, Jr.  
Pellegrin, Royal "Roy" Joseph  
Pharagood, Elvert Leonard "LiL' Bean"
Pipes, Florence Gifford Glenny  
Pitre, Donald J.  
Pitre, Krystal Breaux  
Pounders, Mabel Pauline  
Rees, Evangeline "Van" Hoffmann  
Reulet, Beatrice Rome  
Richard, Melvin "Mike", Sr.  
Robert, Lawrence "Chicken" Frank, Sr.
Robichaux, Joyal "Tony" Anthony, Sr.
Robinson, Nathan  
Robinson, Ruby Viola
Rodrigue, Lucille Naquin  
Rogers, Freddie, Sr.
Sapia, Fay Pitre  
Savoie, Herbert Joseph  
Serigny, Lester "Smiley"
Serigny, Lois Griffin  
Sevin, Hilda LeBouef  
Sevin, Tilman Wilfred, Sr.  
Singleton, Theresa Reynolds Nichols  
Smith, Elnora Reado  
Smith, Ruby Kathryn Donnaud  
Smith, Ruthie Mae "Betty"  
Soudelier, Paul B. "Bee"  
Sparks, Clifton L.  
Spell, Carrie Falgout  
Springman, Della LeCompte  
St. Pierre, Lillian "T-Yan" C.  
Stagni, Elizabeth "Betty" Lee Beary
Stoker, Barbara Cohn
Stone, Glen Ellen Stokes  
Sullivan, William Curtis "Sully"  
Swan, Emanuel "Shorty", Sr.  
Tabor, Jayenese Marie  
Tabor, Sidney Joseph  
Theriot, Joy Marie  
Thibodeaux, Natasha Lynn  
Thibodeaux, Yolande "Teenie" Benoit  
Thomas, Edward  
Trahan, Verna Josephine LeBoeuf  
Triche, O'Neal P.  
Turner, Gail Ann "Pee Wee"  
Voisin, Vivian "Vee Vee" Margaret Boudreaux  
Wattigney, Remes William  
Webre, Cecelia Marse
Webre, Eda Oubre  
Wheeler, Reginald Orr  
White, Flossie Lirette  
Williams, Johnny "Few Clothes"
Williams, Theodore A. "Winkey", Sr.  
Zeringue, Paul Joseph "P.J.", Jr.  
Additional Note:
Because of the size of the obituary file and to assure proper search of the entire file, the obituary file has been divided into three sections:
Section 1-- 1 February  through 10 February
Section 2--11 February through 20 February
Section 3--21 February through 28 February
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