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"The Daily Comet", Thibodaux, Lafourche Parish, La.
January 2007

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The names below are in alphabetical order, not by date of obituary.
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Name Photo
Allen, Tommy Hugh  
Anderson, Elsie Mae Buquet  
Armand, Jackie Marie  
Authement, Amelia Exposito  
Baney, Anna May  
Barrios, Russell John, Sr.  
Belanger, Arnold  
Benich, Ann  
Benoit, Carroll "Caro"  
Bergeron, AliceMae Gaudet  
Bihm, Johnnie T.
Blanchard, Adam Nix "Donkey", Sr.  
Boudloche, Sam Maurice  
Boudreaux, John J. "Johnny", Sr.  
Bourgeois, Juanita Use'  
Broussard, George Leslie, Jr.  
Brunet, Eddie "Bubba" Andrew, Jr.  
Buggage, James "Junie Boy", Jr.  
Burnham, Barbara  
Carter, Edward "Chinch"  
Carter, Ransom "Buck"  
Casenave, Paul K.  
Cavalier, Billie Anne Landry  
Caver, Charles, Sr.  
Cenac, Patricia "Patty" Ryan  
Chaisson, Etheldreada "Deedie" Chauvin  
Charles, Joseph "Pharaoh" "Big Joe", Sr.  
Cheramie, Cecelia Marie  
Cheramie, Ronald "Ronnie", Jr.  
Chiasson, Jimmie Paul  
Clement, Harold David
Cooks, William, Jr.  
Courteaux, Kirby Pierre, Sr.  
Crochet, James Alfred "Peanut", Sr.  
Crosby, Marie Guidry  
Crump, Katie L. Angeles  
Daggs, Terrell Donell, Sr.  
Daigle, Audrey Babin  
Dardar, Holly M.  
Davis, Anges  
Dickerson, Walter, Sr.  
Dies, Augustine F.  
Domangue, Louann "Louie"  
DuBois, Louis Joseph  
Dufrene, Kevin James, Sr.  
Dugas, Fred O.  
Edmonson, Russel Baylis  
Esponge, Estelle "Stella"  
Eymard, Ledie Gisclair  
Fakier, William C.  
Falgoust, Mathew Paul  
Fertitta, Joseph "Jay"  
Figgs, Cleda M.  
Ford, Velma Detillier  
Foret, Annie Walterine Defelice  
Foret, Inez B.  
Fournier, Mona Martin  
Franklin, Mabel Perio  
Gasery, Robert Lee "Trim"  
Gauthier, Joseph S.  
Gautier, Cecile White  
Giroir, Anna Ray Pichauffe  
Grabert, Elma Babin  
Gros, Clincy Whitney  
Hanks, Logan Gerard  
Harris, Rev Elie, Jr.  
Harris, Oliver  
Harris, Roland  
Hayward, Willie  
Hebert, Alvin P.  
Hebert, George "Pee Wee"  
Howard, Mathilde Antoinette Moore  
Hughes, Sheirran  
Ivy, Tony  
Jackson, Lou Birda Lovely Griffin  
James, Elmina Mary Suire  
Johnson, Albert "Goon"  
Johnson, Freedie Anderson  
Johnson, Lawrence, Sr.  
Johnson, Lois Rita Toups  
Johnson, Moses  
Jones, Thomas Le "Tommy"  
King, Pamela Marie  
Knight, Maudine "Jo" Gathings  
Knobloch, Ruby Ledet  
Labat, Nelson Paul  
Labit, Sammy Joseph  
Name Photo
Landry, Beverly Wean  
Landry, Jerry T.  
Landry, Johnny "Moochie"  
Lawson, Earlma Eva Price  
Lawson, Yvonne  
LeBlanc, Philip Joseph, Sr.  
LeBouef, Nancy Sagona  
Ledet, Calvin Joseph  
Lee, Jarret "Heavy"  
Lemoine, Helen M.  
Levron, Timothy "Timmy" Joseph  
Lodrigue, Joseph "Joe" Sidney  
Loftus, Lloyd Thomas  
Mahler, Claude Joseph, Sr.  
Marquette, Roland Joseph, Sr.  
Martin, Charles Ray  
Melancon, Kenneth Joseph  
Melancon, Raymond Harold  
Menuet, Elizabeth Mary  
Mitchell, Lula Neoma  
Molitor, Cinda "Cindy" Fontenot  
Morvant, Nicolas "Nick"  
Mosely, Anthony Bernard  
Naquin, Corey "C-Murder" Joseph  
Neil, Tiffany Marie Rhodes  
Nicholas, Anna Lee Kraemer  
Nicol, Luella Verret  
Ogle, Dave, III  
Ordogne, Leona Theresa  
Parfait, Helen "BaBa"  
Pitre, Cecile Rita Berthelot  
Pollet, Virginia G.  
Portier, Allie Josephine Trahan  
Prejean, Lillie Roussel  
Prevost, Augusta H.  
Rauch, Timothy "Tim" Andrew  
Reynolds, Le Don "L.D."  
Rhodes, Camille Joseph "Yom"  
Richard, Gillis, Jr.  
Richards, Alfred Freeman  
Robertson, Emma Mae  
Robichaux, Albert "But" Joseph  
Roddy, Cecila "Sis" Mary Prejeant  
Rodrigue, Emile Joseph  
Rogers, Eunice Domangue  
Serigny, James Joseph  
Shaffer, Margaret Krumbhaar  
Shaver, Marian "Pete" Rollins de la Bretonne  
Shows, Herbert "Herb  
Skidmore, Mildred Breaux  
Smith, Asilee McKay  
Smith, Deborah Marie  
Smith, Herman Bernell  
Smith, James Edward  
Smith, Melissa Renee  
Snyder, George N., II  
Soule', Esma Lee  
St. Amant, Alex, Sr.  
St. Germain, Marguerite Landry  
.Stephany, Alvin P., Sr.  
Stewart, Herman "PA", Sr.  
Tabor, Roland "Roy"  
Thibodaux, Joseph M.  
Thomas, Ellena Bilello  
Tinkes, Lorene "Dixie"  
Tivet, Joseph "Joe"  
Toups, Donnie  
Toups, Emma Marie  
Toups, Jimmie J.  
Toups, Karl Phillip  
Toups, Marie E.  
Toups, Sandy "Pap" Michael  
Trahan, Beatrice "Bea" Crochet  
Tran, Hung The  
Verdin, Mollie Verret  
Vito, Nancy Marie  
Weimer, Robert A.  
White, Carla Hansen  
White, Mark D.  
Williams, James "Jimmy" Stephen, Sr.  
Williams, Louis "Kool Aid", Sr.  
Williams, Patrick James  
Yule, Willie M.  
Zannis, James  
Zeringue, Dennis A.  
Zeringue, Ralph David, Sr.  
Zimmerman, Alma Zbinden  
Additional Note:
Because of the size of the obituary file and to assure proper search of the entire file, the obituary file has been divided into three sections:
Section1 1--1 January  through 10 January
Section 2--11 January through 20 January
Section 3--21 January through 31 January
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