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"The Daily Comet", Thibodaux, Lafourche Parish, La.
November 2006

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The names below are in alphabetical order, not by date of obituary.
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Name Photo
Abril, Luz Maria Hernandez
Aldridge, Evelyn Scott  
Badeaux, Mae Gros  
Bailey, Ervin Joseph "T-Man"  
Battiste, Richard "Richie" Vernon, Jr.  
Bergeron, Carroll "Carou" Joseph  
Bernard, Wallace "Poppa June" Z., Jr.  
Bolden, Clarence  
Boudreaux, Maurice Joseph, Sr.  
Bourg, Geneva "Nell" Champagne  
Boyd, Richmond, Sr.  
Bridges, Ruby Lee "Polly" Yates Sanders  
Brown, Randolph "Raymond"  
Buras, Cara Lee Parks  
Burden, Ronald  
Callahan, Carrie B.  
Cenac, Eva Dover  
Chaisson, Carol Ann  
Chauvin, Curtis J .  
Chauvin, Lydie C.
Chauvin, Tommy, Sr.  
Click, Garnet Champagne  
Coleman, Luberta
Comardelle, Doris B.  
Corser, Viola "Vi"  
Coupel, Inez Dupuis Ponville  
Creppell, Elloa Mae "Mae-Mae"  
Crochet, Quinn Michael  
Crosby, Ebdon Joseph  
Daigle, Velma Samanie  
DeSilvey, Ella Pellegrin Falgout  
DeYeide, Daniel David  
DuBois, John Alces  
Dugruise, Hensley Charles  
Dupont, Edward James  
Dupre, Theresa "Me On" White  
Esteve, David M.  
Fonseca, Bobbie Lee Porche  
Frazer, Eugenie Hull  
Frickey, Abraham "A. J." Jimmie  
Gaubert, Flora Mae Benoit  
Gaubert, Leo Paul  
Gautreaux, Helena Thibodeaux  
Giroir, Everett Anthony, Jr.  
Grant, Christopher John  
Griffin, Charles "C. J."  
Guidroz, Harold Charles, Jr.  
Guidry, Carl "Butch"  
Guidry, Mary Degate  
Hadley, Leola Plant  
Hawes, Loretta Lawrence  
Haydel, Emelda Olivier  
Henry, Oneill Joseph "Tootsie"  
Hetzer, Margaret Brown  
Hill, Rev. Grant  
Horan, Flossie "Flo" Coco Falgoust  
James, Stanford, Sr.  
Jordan, Clarence "Wine"
LaFleur, Estellina Crochet  
Lagarde, Charles S., Jr.  
Lagarde, Joseph  
Laiche, Herbert "Joe" Joseph  
Lamkins, Jacqueline Francis  
Name Photo
Landeche, Margie  
Landry, O'Neil "Boy" Joseph
LeBlanc, Diana Marks  
Ledet, Patty Jean Hebert  
Leeper, James Malone, Sr.  
LeFort, Paul Blaise  
Lirette, Lester "Black", Sr.
Lundgren, Arden K. "Dean"  
Lyons, Veronica Dupre  
Manuel, Irma Davis  
Matherne, Blanche Babin  
Mayon, Katie Sue Carter  
Meyer, Arnold Remy "Poppa", Sr.  
Michel, Dudley Joseph, Sr.  
Michel, Warren "Bootsy", Sr.  
Morris, Medora Burrow  
Naquin, Alice McCarthy  
Naquin, Percy Joseph  
Nelson, Gary Burton  
Ordogne, Lillie Zeringue  
Parks, Mike J.
Pellegrin, Jack Anthony
Perrer, Elma "T-Ma" Matherne  
Pitre, Emily  
Pitre, Gustave "Gus" J.  
Plaisance, Karen Marie  
Poindexter, Junius "Jo Jo"  
Price, Cora Gaudet  
Price, Craig Joseph  
Rainey, Trenity Ja'Nye  
Rhodes, Eula Theresa Hebert  
Robichaux, Larry Joseph "Paw Paw Chaux", Sr.
Robinson, Audrey George  
Rogers, George Paul
Rogers, Leroy "T. P."  
Roundtree, Alton J. "Checker Board", Sr.
Rousse, Valforus "Val"  
Scott, Leroy Joseph, Jr.  
Scott, Ronald "Ronnie"
Serigny, Rose May Callais  
Short, Irma Brown  
Small, Mary Lee Nixon  
Smith, Nevada Francois  
Songe, Maybelle "Mitty" Dupre  
Spencer, Joe "Po-Joe"  
St. Pierre, Antoinette "Toni"  
Stafford, Mekhai Josiah  
Stagni, Rose Lee Hoffmann  
Swanner, Norman Ernest  
Terrebonne, Mark Edward  
Thibodeaux, Evelina "Evelyn" Collins  
Thibodeaux, Thelma Bergeron  
Thomassie, Douglas "Paw Paw Tee" Joseph, Sr.  
Toups, Judy Cuneo  
Toussaint, Gertie Mae
Trahan, Harriet Robichaux  
Trahan, Ira J.  
Vegas, Francois "Frank"  
Verdin, Sam "Junior", Jr.  
Waguespack, Nolan Joseph, Sr.
Williams, Debra Perio
Wilson, John "Big John", Sr.  
Additional Note:
Because of the size of the obituary file and to assure proper search of the entire file, the obituary file for November 2006 has been divided into three sections:
Section1 1--1 November  through 10 November
Section 2--11 November through 20 November
Section 3--21 November through 30 November
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