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February 2006

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Last modified: 28 March 2008

The names below are in alphabetical order, not by date of obituary.

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Those names that include photos are followed by an *.
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Angeron, Clara P.
Aucoin, Jeremy Shane  *
Authement, Gail Carlos
Authement, Nicephone "Toot"  *
Babin, Joseph "Doo"
Babin, Joseph "J.C."
Barbier, Anthony Joseph, Jr.
Barlow, Robert Taylor
Bernard, Blair, Jr.
Blanchard, Rita Clement
Blanchard, Rosalie Rotolo  *
Bonvillain, Ollie Boudreaux
Boquet, Lawrence Joseph, Sr.  *
Boudreaux, Clement Edward, III
Boudreaux, Nolan Adams  *
Bourgeois, Bernice Hebert
Breaux, Dean Patrick
Brewerton, Rev. Peter H.
Bruce, Jamie G.  *
Bush, Billie Deason
Bychurch, Alvin J. "T-Al"
Callahan, Nora Marie
Cantrelle, Emile "Blue", Jr.  *
Celestin, Onetia Mae Garner  *
Cheramie, Oleus Bobby  *
Chiasson, Eulalie "Toot" Badeaux
Cormier, Blake  *
Cressionie, Billy A., Sr.
Cunningham, Joseph Celestin, Jr.  *
Dardar, Dennis Paul  *
Davaine, Barbara LeBoeuf
Delaune, Alvin, Sr.
Domangue, Mamie Hebert
Dufrene, Calvin L., Sr.
Duncan, Shaniyah Faith  *
Ellis, Lawrence
Fricks, Velma Knight
Gibbens, Mildred  *
Gilbert, Enid Rita Champagne
Gisclair, Adelaide "Toot" Bruce
Gisclair, Norman, Sr.  *
Gonzales, Joan Ann  *
Grabert, Marjorie Fry  *
Grant, John "Judge", Jr.  *
Gregoire, Reynold "Greg" Anthony  *
Gros, Anne Amelia  *
Gros, Melvin P., Sr.
Guidry, Louella Pellegrin
Guidry, Neil J.
Guidry, Ted "Red" Russell
Guillot, Theresa Ann  *
Hartman, Edison Peter, III  *
Harrison, William L. "Smokey"  *
Harvey, John
Hatch, Daniel David
Haydel, Gordon Joseph
Hebert, Alitia Thibodaux  *
Hebert, Cora C.
Hebert,  Sue
Himel,  Sidney Joseph  *
Hitt, Donald L.  *
Holmes, Dewey
Hotard, Amanda May  *
Hotard, Jerry John  *
Johnson, Isabelle T.
Johnson, Cam'ryn Latrice
Kennedy, Charles Terry, Sr.
Labit, Davis J.  *
Lawson, Jeremiah  *
Lawson, Troy Michael  *
LeBlanc, Mable Trosclair
LeBouef, Harold M. "Cowboy"
Ledet, Dorothy Edna Rials
LeDuff, Earnest T. "Bay", Sr.  *
Legendre, Gertie Babin
LeJeune, Clara Lydia Frey
Lewis, Rosemary E.  *
Luke, Travis James
Mahler, Carlotta Durocher
Matis, Margaret "Margo" Bolden  *
McDonald, Carleen Blanchard  *
Melancon, Nathan A.
Mizell, Ferline "Toot"
Monier, Beatrice Champagne  *
Morrell, Maj. Gen. Jimmy R.
Morris, Kim A.
Ordogne, Clemence Melancon  *
Ordoyne, Laura Tauzin
Percle, Corbett J.
Rebstock, Lorraine "Boogie"
Reulet, Joseph "Roe"
Rhodes, Clarence Popee"
Robichaux, Mable  *
Robinson, Alvin "Vin"  *
Roger, Una Lirette
Runkles, Larry Wayne  *
Shelby, Gloria Mae  *
Simoneaux, Darby Joseph. Jr.
Smith, Wesley, Sr.
Songe, Henrietta Thibodaux Bernard  *
Starnes, Marguerite Elaine Harwell  *
Tardo, Marion  *
Terrebonne, Locade Marie Guilbeau
Thibodaux, Gillis P.  *
Thibodaux, Gladys Melancon
Thibodeaux, Leola Blanchard  *
Travirca, Forrest Anthony, Jr.
Toups, Fermin "Flea" Eugene, Jr.  *
Trosclair, Bessie Agatha Roger  *
Tucker, Derwood Carl
Tyson, Ola Mae
Williams, Freddie, Jr.
Young, Curtis O'Neal  *

Additional Note:
Because of the size of the obituary file and to assure proper search of the entire file,
the obituary file for February 2006 has been divided into three sections:
Section1--1 February through 10 February
Section 2--11 February through 20 February
Section 3--21 February through  28 February
Click on the section above to browse the file of interest

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