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LaFourche Parish Obituary Records

"The Daily Comet", Thibodaux, Lafourche Parish, La.
September 2003

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Adams, Hugh Sr.
Allen, Jaheim
Allen, Joseph Sr.
Almaraz, John Jr.
Arabie, Ethel Danos
Arcement, Clothilde
Barbier, Ferdie Sr.
Barrios, Elmo
Baye, Leon
Bergeron, Bradly
Billiot, Jason
Blanchard, Melodie
Boudoin, Rita
Boudreaux, Dolores
Boudreaux, Druis Jr.
Bourgeois, Mildred
Brace, Thelma
Caire, Sidney Jr.
Cancienne, Lloyd Sr.
Carlos, Dolly
Chassion, Nelis
Cheramie, Aglonie
Cheramie, Tilman
Cherry, John
Clement, Burgess Sr.
Clement, Lorraine
Clement, Roy
Comeaux, Marion
Curole, Mary
Currie, Nellie
Daigle, Anna
Daigle, Hazel
Daigs, Clifford Sr.
Danos, Peggy
Dantin, Eunice
Dempster, Benjamin
Duet, Oris
Duplechian, Marie
Dupre', Henry
Evans, Israel Jr.
Falgout, Ray Sr.
Fields, Patrick
Freeman, Lawson Jr.
Gaubert, Edward
Grabert, Lawrence
Gravois, Mildred
Harding, McKinley Sr.
Hebert, Eris
Hymel, O'Niel
Johnson, Lucille
Kiger, Lucy
Kulhanek, Betty
Lafont, Nettie
Lagrange, Wilma
Landry, Eliza
Lapeyrouse, Sybil
LeBlanc, James
Lee, Bryan
Lee, Irma
Lirette, Bruce
Lirette, Darel
Lirette, Roy
Marcello, Benny
Martin, Mona
Martinez, Narcis
Matherne, Aline
Matherne, Ethel
Matherne, Loyce
Melancon, Herman
Mitchell, Jody
Moore, Gilbert Sr.
Moore, Inez
Neal, Joseph
Norris, Arlene
Orgeron, Sidney
Papa, Vincent Jr.
Plaisance, Emile Jr.
Poche, Alden
Porche, Herbert Jr.
Prejean, Aline
Price, Milton Sr.
Purdy, Alcide
Ratcliff, Aubrey Jr.
Redhage, Anne
Robertson, Leonard Sr.
Robinson, Leroy Sr.
Rodrigue, Rose
Rogers, Harold
Rogers, Stanislaus
Rotolo, Virginia
Saia, Joseph Sr.
Sanders, Earl Sr.
Savoie, Norman Jr.
Seely, Odette
Simon, Rosa
Skorogod, Leopold
Smith, Agnes
Smith, Jim
Sullivan, Kernel
Tabor, Melba
Talbot, Douglass Sr.
Thibodeaux, Edith
Thompson, Tommie
Torres, Louis
Toups, Andrea
Toups, Carroll
Toups, Charles
Toups, Harry S. Jr.
Verdin, Ernest Sr.
Waguespack, Exse
Williams, Donnie Sr.
Williams, Russell
Wolfe, Constance
Young, Lyndell


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