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"The Daily Comet", Thibodaux, Lafourche Parish, La.
March 2002

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Adams, Antoinette
Addy, Bobeia
Alexander, Vivian
Arcement, Freddie
Authement, Houston
Babin, Claudette
Babin, Susan
Badeaux, Louis
Barras, Timothy
Bates, Thomas
Belanger, Joyce
Benoit, Robert
Bergeron, Jesse
Bergeron, Marian
Blanchard, Alfred Sr.
Blanchard, Kathleen
Bolden, George
Bonham, Ronald
Boudreaux, Jimmy
Bourg, Annabelle
Bourg, Mary
Bourg, Nolan
Bourgeois, Ocelia
Brunet, Ada
Caillet, Syl Sr.
Carrere, Anthony Sr.
Carter, Wallace
Cedotal, Hayward
Chaisson, Clarence Jr.
Chiasson, Sidney
Clark, Buford
Clement, Susan
Collins, Tom Sr.
Davis, Calvin Sr.
DeLozier, Wayne
Deroche, Joseph
Domangue, Junest
Dufrene, Ena
Dugruise, Rita
Dunn, Dolores
Duplechin, Amy
Dupre, L.J. Sr.
English, Marie
Eschete, Gerline
Eschete, Mae
Fabiano, Anna
Falcon, Michael
Farace, Samuel Sr.
Foret, Mathilde
Fremin, Clarence
George, Pearl
Giroir, Francis
Grabert, Gertrude
Gravois, Earl Sr.
Griffin, Bernadine
Grigsby, Mae
Guidry, Joan
Guidry, Lily
Guidry, Luby
Hayes, Ethel
Hebert, Bessie
Hebert, Ivery Jr.
Herndon, Glen
Himel, Roy
Hogan, Eunice
Hunter, Eno
Hutchinson, Janice
Joffrion, Matthew
Kliebert, Lois M.
LeBlanc, Elsie
LeBoeuf, Paul
LeCompte, Leonce
Lee, Margaret
Leger, Dometile
Lina, Gloria
Lirette, Leona
Lirette, Rodney
Lotz, Martha
Madiar, Philip
Martin, Edward
McBride, Joyce
Moore, Michael
Nation, Edward
Nelton, Kasi
Ogden, Louise
Orgeron, Miriam
Palmieri, George
Peeler, Dolores
Perk, Dennis
Picou, Jeanette
Pitre, Neil
Pitre, Odette
Pitre, Paul
Popps, Theresa
Porche, Leland
Porche, Mary
Potasnik, Ruby
Prince, Lelia
Punch, Irene
Quick, Herbert Sr.
Rathel, Terry
Richard, Renald Jr.
Rink, Michael
Robertson, Margaret
Robichaux, Edven
Robinson, Beulah
Rodrigue, Marion
Rogers, Rae Lynn
Rome, Louise
Ruiz, Tura
Sasser, Susan
Savoy, Norma
Schafer, Clarence
Schexsnayder, Rosie
Senac, Ewellyn
Sewire, Bertha
Smith, Alvin
Steger, Justin
Sweatman, David
Tabor, Medward Sr.
Tabor, Vanny
Talbot, James
Teeters, Charlotte
Terranoya, Mary
Theriot, Louis Sr.
Thibodaux, Alcide
Thibodeaux, Catherine
Thibodeaux, Francis Sr.
Torres, Catherine
Trahan, Lena
Van Buren, Chester
Verdin, Elmire
Wantlin, Louise
Wells, Lilly
White, Lorenza
Wiggins, Alex
Williams, Troy
Wilson, Ivy Sr.
Wilson, Jean
Zeringue, Wallis Jr.


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