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"The Daily Comet", Thibodaux, Lafourche Parish, La.
October 2001

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Adams, Jane
Adams, Orena
Ammons, Beverly
Arceneaux, Evest
Atkins, Hester
Authement, Russell
Babin, Irvin
Badeaux, Albert
Becnel, Josephine
Belanger, Davis
Bergeron, Earl
Blanchard, Hilda
Blazio, Clamcy
Boudreaux Jr., Victor
Boudreaux, Cecile
Boudreaux, Norman
Bourg Sr., Otis
Bourgeois, Ella
Brazan, Adrienne
Breaux, Kimberly
Breaux, Shirley
Brown, Beulah
Brown, Emma
Bruce Jr., Joseph
Brumfield, Edward
Burton, Margaret
Byers, Yvonne
Cartozzo, Josephine
Chaisson, Casey
Chaisson, Jarred
Chaisson, Justin
Champagne, Blanche
Chauffe II, Curtis
Cheramie, Jeanette
Cheramie, Leonise
Cinquemani, Leola
Clement, Lloyd
Clouse, Albert
Comerford, Hannah
Conn, Olice
Crosby, Bazalise
Cuneo, Norman
Danos, Dean
Dardar, Anna
Dardar, Faith
Deloretta, Oscar
Dugas, Doris
Dupre, Houston
Dupre, Norris
Durocher Sr., Freddie
Dyer, Bernice
Eberling, Jeannie
Evans, James
Eymard, Lorraine
Fanara, Donna
Farlow Sr., Freddie
Farlow, Joseph
Folse, Ora
Foret Jr., Leroy
Franklin, Emma
Gisclair, Joseph
Grabert, Noelie
Guilbeau, Rosite
Guillermo, Rosalinda
Guillot, Gilbert
Harris, William
Haydel, Michael
Hebert, Alvin
Henderson, Eazley
Hennerichs, Walter
Hidalgo Jr., Curby
Hymel Sr., Roland
Jeanise, Asa
Jolley, Homer
Joseph, Elizabeth
Kearns, Thomas
Kerner, Heaven
Kilpatrick Sr., Willis
Lacoste Sr., Elward
Landry, Priscilla
LeBlanc, Albert
LeBlanc, Johnathan
LeBoeuf, Frank
Lee, Thelma
Lee, Andrew
Legendre Jr., Oneil
Legendre Sr., Ray
Luquette Sr., Edwin
Mars, Anita
Martin, Forest
Matherne, Evans
Matthews, Harry
McQueen, Rebecca
Morvant, Clemmie
Oubre, Verlene
Parfait, Bessie
Parfait, Irene
Parfait, Julius
Pecanty, Joanne
Percle, John
Persons, Ellen
Plaisance, Taylor
Portier, Wilton
Prentice, Dotty
Ramey, David
Randall, Leo
Richard, Lucy
Richard, Michael
Robichaux, Anna
Robichaux, Louise
Rodrigue, Gerald
Schaff, Eliska
Schifani, Salvador
Serigny, Conrad
Simoneaux, Virginia
Sinor, Howard
Steed Jr., Arthur
Talbert Sr., Irvin
Terrebonne, Larry
Theriot, Barbara
Theriot, Norris
Thibodaux, Amay
Thibodaux, Ulysse
Thibodeaux, Rosa
Thomas, Florence
Toups, Clarence
Toups, Terrill
Turner Sr., Harold
Tyler, Leonard
Vice, Thaddeus
Waguespack Sr., George
Waguespack, Yvonne
Walker, Daron
Zeringue, Eugene P.


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