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"The Daily Comet", Thibodaux, Lafourche Parish, La.
May 2001

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Andras, Darril
Armstrong Jr., John
Autin Jr., Horace J.
Aysenne, Willie
Babin, Junius
Baye, Dolores
Belanger, Shalon
Bell Jr., Willie
Belvin, Lena
Benoit, Corrine
Blanchard, Ann
Blanchard, Enola
Blanchard, Eugene
Block, Ferd
Boudreaux, Mary
Boudreaux, Niese
Boudreaux, Rose
Bourg Sr., Irvin
Bourg, Joseph
Bourgeois Sr., Charles
Bradley Sr., Earl
Breaux, Elson
Brunet, Bernice
Brunet, Gary
Brunet, Norris
Bunz, Anna
Carter, Marion
Champagne, Elsie
Cheramie, Alice
Cheramie, Emel
Chiasson, Noelie
Chiasson, Paul
Clements, Michael
Cortez, Daniel
Cortez, Fabby
Cortez, Velma
Croy, Andrew
Cuneo, Catherine
Curry, Beverly
Danos, J. Maurice
Davis, John
Davis, Lucille
Delas Jr., Charles
Delcambre, Percy
DeRoche, Willard
Dillenkoffer, Mona
Doucet, Letitia
Downlearn, Roland
Dubois Sr., Gilbert
Ducasse, Agnes
Dufrene Sr., Abel
Dufrene, Jerry
Dufrene, Junior
Dufrene, Wallace
Dupre, Anita
Dupre, Lucy
Ellender, Ray
Encalade, Anna
Estes, Bobbie
Fatchett, Maria
Fields Sr., Thomas
Folse, Raymond
Fonseca, Michael
Frederick Jr., Francis
Frickley, Ernest
Gaudet, Bridget
Goudeau, Claire
Gravois, Ernest
Guidry, Kimberly
Halford, Shawn
Harris, Albert
Hebert, Antonia
Hebert, Elsie
Hebert, Mabel
Hennety, Anna
Hernadez, Roy
Hill, Harrold
Hill, Mary
Hood Jr., Chester
Hornsby, Jerome
Jacks, Theresa
Jones Jr., Nathaniel
Joseph Sr., Fred
Junot Sr., Hewitt
Kane, Donna
Kern Jr., Lloyd
Kern, Lorraine
King, Alice
Kinsler, Loretta
LaGrange, Reba
Landry, Lee
Landry, Rose
LeBlanc, Pearl
LeBlanc, Wilson
LeBoeuf Sr., Robert
LeBoeuf, Pearl
Lee, Jesty

Liner, Myrle
Liner, Roberta
Lirette, Nelson
Loup, Andrew
Lovell, Eula
Lyons, Cecile
Mandeville, George
Marcel Jr., Gerald
Marmande Jr., John
Martinez Jr., Anthony
Mason, Evelyn
Milano, Maude
Miles, Leona
Millet, Doris
Millien, Dorothy
Neil Sr., Clarence
Orgeron, Bessie
Oubre, Eve
Percy Sr., Charles
Perkins, Mary
Plaisance, Jace
Plaisance, Lenest
Pogue, Johnnie
Price, Donald
Punch Jr., Roman
Rhodes, Anthony
Rodrigue, Edward
Rome, Marjorie
Rouge, John
Samanie, Beatrice
Sanamo, Chester
Sassoni, John
Schmill, Odette
Sevin, Bertha
Shannon, Barbara
Sigur, Dorothy
Smith, Mamie
Theriot, Mildred
Thibodeaux Sr., Milton
Tregle, Edwin
Uzee, Larry
Verrett, Josephine
Vice, Lorena
Wedge, Dennie
Williams, Samuel
Woods, Selina
Young, Erma


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