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LaFourche Parish Obituary Records

"The Daily Comet", Thibodaux, Lafourche Parish, La.
February 2000

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Adams, Clement
Barrio, Joyce
Benoit, Vernon
Bernard, Julie
Blanchard, Huey
Blanchard, Patricia
Bollinger, Mabel
Borne, Lawrence
Boudreaux, Elma
Boudreaux, Lizzie
Bourgeois, Loretta
Burdwell, Katherine
Callais, Annie
Calloway, Sammie
Cantrelle Jr., Bobby
Castille, Walter
Castine Jr., Leonard
Cerreto Sr., Rocco
Chambers, Thelma
Champagne, Odette
Champion, Gail
Charles, Edna
Cheramie, Antoine
Cheramie, Eno
Chiasson, Rene
Cortez, Cleveland
Danos, Darrell
Danos, Lolita
Delaune, Milton
Diaz, Juanita
Dick, Dawn
Dickerson, Catherine
Dorsey, Dora
Doucet, Dorothy
Dufrene, Roy
Dumas, Mary
Durham, Mary
Durocher, Gilbert
Eserman, Shirley
Felts, Nearlie
Folse Jr., Nelson
Foret Jr., Henry
Foret, Gerald
Foret, Julie
Frazier, Thelma
Freeman Sr., Leroy
Griffin, Reed
Guidry, Louise
Guillot, Beulah
Harris, Janet
Hebert, Adeline
Henry, Lilly
Hidalgo, Lilymae
Hubbard, Howard
Johnson, Gertrude
Johnson, Lionel
Johnson, Lloyd
Johnson, Thurston
Jones, Helen
King Sr., Brenton
LeBoeuf, Jimmie
Lefort, Lelia
Legendre, Josephine
Luke, Claire
Mabe, Tammy
Mandhare, Keshav
Matherne, Alice
Matherne, Gladys
Mokhtarnejad, Behzad
Naquin, Joseph
Naquin, Mary
Neville, Hestell
Perrillioux, Felecia
Perronne, Irene
Pertuit Sr., Samuel
Pertuit, Alma
Pitre, Ralph
Plaisance, Aline
Reed Jr., Ernest
Reed, Carrie
Richard Sr., Raymond
Richardson, R.C.
Rose, Hazie
Rose, Jamarie
Rose, J'Lynn
Roundtree, Mary
Rousse Sr., Tillman
Savoie, Rose
Sevin, Agatha
Sevin, Lois
Sewire, James
Shelvy, Olivia
Skidmore, Gerald
Southall Jr., Obbie
Southall, Clarice
Stafford, George
Stender, Roberta
Strong, Quenten
Tastet, Earl
Templet, Marie
Thibodaux, Dennis
Thibodaux, Mae
Thomas, Adele
Townsend, Larry
Tucker, Wanda
Victor, Edna
Watkins, Rose Marie
Zeringue, Albert


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