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LaFourche Parish Obituary Records

"The Daily Comet", Thibodaux, Lafourche Parish, La.
January 2000

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Adams, Albert
Adams, Lucille
Angelette, Olivier
Avonda, Frank
Baber Sr., Garland
Babin, Cleveland
Barnes Sr., Randolph
Barrilleaux, Alice
Barrios, Larry
Baugh, Lutie
Becnel, Adele
Bell, Vivian
Benoit, Jada
Berard, Marjorie
Bienvenu, Stephanie
Billiot, Frank
Blanchard, Dorothy
Borne, Edward
Boudreaux, Emmie
Boudreaux, Hobie
Boudreaux, Janice
Boudreaux, Junius
Boudreaux, Lizzie
Boudreaux, Ryan
Bourgeois, Viola
Breaux, Clemille
Breaux, Joyce
Brunet Jr., Armand
Campbell, Mary
Cheramie, Beulah
Cheramie, Victor
Clark, John
Coleman, Rayfield
Constrantiche, Peggy
Cortez, Leon
Crosby, Erlyn
Danos, Anthony
DuBois, Nelson
Duet, Errol
Duet, Morris
Dupre, L.J.
Easterlin, Charles
Fernandez, Raymond
Fischer, Linda
Fisher III, Richard
Fitch, Gary
Gaspard, Kathy
Gaudet, Alvin
Gauthreaux, Eddie
Geiling, Theresa
Gervais, Thomas
Gisclair, Mozana
Green, Emily
Griffin, Joseph
Gros Sr., Aaron
Gros, Roland
Guidry, Justin
Guillot, Nobie
Haga, Barbara
Hebert, Mildred
Hebert, Roy
Hennessee Sr., James
Himel, Elizabeth
Hitch, Estelle
Holloway Sr., Gus
Holly Sr., Spurgeon
Klieber, William
Knight, Ernest
LaFleur Sr., Tilman
Lagarde, Gabriel
Landry, Dolores
Landry, Ulger
LaRose, Wilma
Larousse, Desire
LeBlanc, Frederick
LeBlanc, Lula
LeBouef, Lillian
LeBouef, Mable
Legendre Sr., O'Neil
Lombas, Loula
Luke, Claire
Martin, Alexie
Martin, Willard
Maucele, Nicholas
Melancon, Cecilia
Melancon, Gabriella
Melancon, Tatum
Mitchell, Charles
Patterson, Leona
Pelotto, Larry
Pertuit, John
Pierce, Francis
Pierce, Howard
Pitre, Morris
Plaisance, Edgar
Prean, Leonardo
Prosper, Louis
Ratliff Sr., Willard
Reed, Vashonta
Reulet, Lloyd
Robichaux Sr., John
Robinson, Herman
Rodrigue, Lucy
Roth Jr., Benjamin
Samanie Sr., Julius
Sorensen, Lloyd
Souza, Thomas
Theriot, George
Thomas Sr., Harold
Toups Sr., Donald
Toups Sr., Pershing
Toups, Viola
Trahan, Lois
Valentine, Joyce
Voisin, Wilbert
Waguespack, Eloise
Williams, Clarence
Williams, Hazel
Williams, Rosenia


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