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The Daily Comet, Thibodaux, Lafourche Parish, La.

November 1999

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Louis Lavedan is the file manager for Terrebonne and Lafourche Parishes. If you have any files to contribute please e-mail Louis
  Last modified: 26 January 2011

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  The names below are in alphabetical order, not by date of obituary.
Ambacher, Hazel
Babin, Irene
Batiste, Eddie
Beadle, Bret
Belanger, Lillian
Bell, Heather
Bella, Peter
Bergeron Sr., Collins
Bergeron, Murvin
Blanchard, Lena
Bolden, Edward
Boudreau, Kurtley
Boudreaux, James
Boudreaux, Ruby
Boudreaux, Vivian
Boudreaux, Yvonne
Bourgeois, Melvin
Boyd, Bessie
Breaux Jr., Brian
Bruce, Gundlyn
Candies, Glenn
Cedotal, Nolan
Chandler Jr., Patrick
Charpentier, Paul
Cheramie, Michael
Chighizola, Lillie
Constant, Walter
Cooks, Gwendolyn
Crosby, Louis
Culotta, Annie
Danos, Edward
Delancy, Chance
Delaune Sr., Jessie
Delaune, Breea
Dick, Upton
Esteve Jr., Tillman
Every Sr., Willie
Fanguy, Antoinette
Foley, Lucille
Gaubert Sr., Harold
Gaudet, Anna
Gautreaux, Annie
George, Anna
Granier, Warren
Griffin, Lula
Gros Sr., Emile
Gros, Hilda
Guidroz, Celestine
Guidry, Thomas
Hartman, Ira
Hebert Sr., Clyde
Holly Sr., Isaac
Hunter, Sophie
Istre, Stephen
Jambon, Neva
Jenkins Jr., Richard
Jones, Johndes
Kelley, John
Lacomb Jr., Edval
Laque, Mildred
LaRose, Pauline
Lasseigne Jr., Nolan
LeBlanc Jr., Lester
LeBlanc, Henry
LeBlanc, Richard
Levron Sr., Franklin
Lewis, Laura
Maronge, Clemille
Matherne, Marie
Meaux, Irene
Merritt, Maxine
Meyn, Malcolm
Milliman, Barbara
Molaison, Gail
Moser, Elizabeth
Naccio, Tammy
Naquin Jr., Wilson
Naquin, Kirby
Nolan, Robert
Oden, Mary
Oliver, Murphy
Peltier, Gerald
Perry, M.C.
Peterson, Michael
Pierce, Lillian
Pippen, Betty
Plaisance, Forest
Poindexter, Shirley
Prejean Jr., Scott
Queen Jr., Louis
Rodenkirch, Joseph
Rodriguez, Richard
Sherman, Audrey
Simon, Maria
Simoneaux Sr., Raymond
Stein, Marguerite
Strickland, William
Tabor, Jeanette
Toups, Beulah
Tregle Jr., Landry
Trull, Earl
Turner, Celeste
Vegas, Helen
Verret Sr., Peter
Waguespack, Conelia
Whyte, Joyce
Woodward, Shirley

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Get Involved! We are looking for people to donate transcriptions of cemeteries, deeds, censuses, Bible records, etc. If you have a parish file you'd like to donate to help other genealogists and the USGenWeb Archives Project, submit it to or contact the Lafourche and Terrebonne Parishes file manager Louis Lavedan. It only takes a few minutes a day and it can help so many people.

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