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The Daily Comet, Thibodaux, Lafourche Parish, La.

December 1995

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Louis Lavedan is the file manager for Terrebonne and Lafourche Parishes. If you have any files to contribute please e-mail Louis
  Last modified: 12 February 2011

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  The names below are in alphabetical order, not by date of obituary.
Allen, Elizabeth
Anderson, Rosa
Aupied, Fernand
Aysen, Lena
Babin, Romona
Baker, Delmas
Barrios, Anna
Beadle, Norman
Blanchard, Earl
Boudreaux, Andre
Boudreaux, Ronald
Boyles, James
Breaux Sr., Francis
Brunet Sr., Vernon
Buggage, Lawrence
Caillouet, Aaron
Callais, Kenneth
Cancienne, Marie
Chauvin, Eudora
Chauvin, Ursin
Cheramie, Josephine
Cheramie, Linzie
Chiasson Sr., Charles
Chouest, Abdon
Clement, Thelvina
Compeaux, Wister
Cornwell, Bessie
Cortez, Elaine
Cortez, Neil
Crosby, Ida
Crosby, Mike
Crowder, Beulah
Daigle, Evelyn
Danos, Anthony
Delatte, Milton
Dempster, Gillis
Diaz, Norman “Nookie”
Dillon, David
Dufrene, Dorothy
Durocher, Ruth
Evans Jr., Thomas
Fayette, Earl
Frazier, Patsy
Fremin, Mark
Frickey, Pauline
Galiano, Jeanne
Gaudet, Gertrude
Hall Jr., Charles
Harmon, Edward
Harvey, Wilbert
Hebert Jr., William
Hebert, Margaret
Hebert, Preston
Himel, Brooklynn
Kliebert, Gladys
Knoblock, Letitia
Labat, Adele
Landry, Gerald
Lawes, Henry
Lee, Steve
Lobue, Lizzie
Martinez, Eugenia
Matherne, Justilia
Myers, Ethel
Naquin, Sister Mary
Neal Sr., Lawrence
Ordoyne, Tillie
Ordoyne, Winnie
Orgeron Sr., James
Parfait Sr., Abraham
Philip, John
Pitre, Marie
Prevost, Laulie
Richard, Julie
Rivet Jr., Alex
Roberts, Craig
Robertson, Leonard
Rodrigue, Mrs. Sabin
Schexnayder, Denis
Self Sr., Marvin
Stanaland, Joyce
Stevens, Stewart
Tardo, Obie
Terrebonne, Wina
Thomas, Alice
Thomas, Malbert
Ussery, Hazel
Verdin, Rema
Vicknair, Estellina
Wenger, Esther
Williams, Oralene
Youngblood, John

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