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LaFourche Parish Obituary Records

"The Daily Comet", Thibodaux, Lafourche Parish, La.
September 1993

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All of these obituaries are in one file.  Click HERE to view available obituaries for September, 1993.
Acosta, Edwin L. "Dean"
Arcement, Armand, Jr.
Arcement, Noley Herman "King"
Arceneaux, Arabelle Lee
Arceneaux, Viola Dover
Armstrong, Harold Paul "Hap"
Arnondin, Ovide "Barker"
Aucoin, Anna Lee
Barlow, Chad Robert
Becnel, Joseph "Ray"
Belanger, Herbert Joseph
Boudreaux, Avit J.
Boudreaux, Bertha Hebert
Boudreaux, Guy J.
Boudreaux, Napoleon "Nap"
Bourg, Emily Adams
Braud, Elsie Clement
Breaux, Gilbert
Brown, Herbert, Sr.
Callais, Liska Cheramie
Callais, Oceana Guidry
Cavalier, Edmond "Tab"
Chauvet, Irene Savoie
Chauvin, Esperance Leroux
Cheramie, Alice Lefort
Cheramie, Volcar "Rue"
Chisley, Edna
Cinningham, Hilda Guillot
Collins, Noamy Dantin
Colwort, Rita Chaisson
Cook, Genevieve Sear
Cooks, Albertha De Boue
Crosby, Lindberg Joseph
Culotta, Joseph L., Sr.
Dardar, Thelma Jean Dardar
Ditucci, David Irving, Sr.
Duet, Almate "Plug"
Duet, Anna Gisclair
Duet, Preston Paul
Duvic, Noel C.
Every, Darryl Wayne "Speedy"
Folse, Elphege "Yump" Joseph
Folse, Howard "White" J., Sr.
Folse, Virginia Alice Miller
Gales, Dorothy Hogan
Gaspard, Chad Allen
Griffin, Cary
Griffin, Elvis J., Sr.
Gros, Levita Hebert
Guisroz, Marcelin "Marcie"
Hill, Ada Jurgens
Jones, Sonjietta M. Brown
Jorden, Irene Sharpe
Kiger, Joseph
Klingman, Alfred John
Knighr, Robert Joseph,Sr.
Landry, Antoinette Costanza
Landry, Inez Thibodaux
Lasseigne, Jeanne Julia
Matherne, Addles
Mayet, Katherine Anne Marcombe Yeats
Meaux, Danielle Grace
Morvant, Wilton "Red"
Petty, Susanne
Richard, Odette A.
Riverer, Anastize Pintado
Serigny, Lawrence Joseph, Jr.
Shaw, Eliska Williams
Simon, Anette Amedee
Sternfels, Noemie Himel
Tabor, Andrew W. "Ciro"
Taylor, Jewel
Terrebonne, Justilien
Thibodaux, Garland Paul
Tierce, Cleveland C.
Turner, James
Washington, Nan
Williams, Lawrence "Dealy", Sr.
Willoughby, Eric
Woods, Louis Allen
Zeringue, Irene Marie Boyer


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