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LaFourche Parish Obituary Records

"The Daily Comet", Thibodaux, Lafourche Parish, La.
December 1987

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All of these obituaries are in one file.  Click HERE to view available obituaries for to view obituary details for December, 1987.
Achord, L.V.
Adams, Herbert
Adams, Paul
Allemand, Alvin
Allemand, Annie
Allen, Leonard
Ballard, Christine
Barbier, Clifford
Barrios, Melvin
Blanchard, Angele
Borne, Joseph
Boudreaux, Agnes
Boudreaux, Billy
Boudreaux, Charlton
Bourgeois, Jules
Boveland, Wilson
Brunet, Sydney
Burdis, Tillman
Cavalier, Anthony
Cavalier, Marie
Charlet, Alfred
Charpentier, Myrtle
Cheatham, Ruth
Chiasson, May
Comeaux, Julie
Constransitch, V.
Daigle, Freddie
Danos, Torris
Davis, Freddie
Duet, Joseph
Duet, Lena
Dunbar, Thomas
Esteve, George
Falgout, Aline
Flanders, Robert
Fletcher, Thomas
Folse, Eddie
Fonseca, Alidore
Franklin, Thelma
Galliano, Euphemie
Gaudet, Pearl
Giroir, Earline
Gisclair, Sidney
Grant, Ella Mae
Griffin, Maria
Guillot, Paul
Hebert, Mary
Hebert, Victoria
Hood, Mamie
Hymel, Eve
Jefferson, James
Johnson, Frances
Jones, James
Joseph, Mary Ann
Lafont, Jackin
Landry, Arcelie
Landry, James
Landry, Joseph
Landry, Philomene
LeBlanc, Greta
Ledet, Benit
Ledet, Forrest
Legendre, Clarence
Legendre, Notilia
Martin, Lucille
Massenburg, Viola
McFarland, Regina
Melancon, Viola
Milek, Andrew
Mire, Elma
Morris, Charlie
Naquin, Alfred
Neal, Shelia
Olivier, Annette
Orgeron, Peter
Peyregne, Paul
Pierce, Horace
Pitre, Charles
Powell Jr., Dr. Thomas
Rebstock, Darwin
Rhodes, Mary
Richardson, Chester
Rodrigue, Robert
Ross, John
Senner, Mary
Silverberg, Mary Elizabeth Mayer
Simoneaux, Aurelia
Simoneaux, Louise
Smith, Nita
Smothers, Iseola
Soderstrum, Agatha
Sonier, Galathea
Stevens, Leona
Striplin, Elizabeth
Taylor, Dr. Joe Gray
Thibodaux, Nellie
Trahan, Lillian
Triche, Ovile
Troxclair, Laurent
Uggen, Kriss
Vegas, Gloria
Venible, Lawrence
Washington, Louise
Wendt, Georgia
Williams, Carrie


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