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Brannin, Mattie - Crow, Col. W. C - 1874 1 K Jan 2013 Missy Ivey
Derosier - Cormier 1868 (Image part A) 72 K Jun 2000 Al DeRosier
Derosier - Cormier 1868 (Image part B) 98 K Jun 2000 Al DeRosier
Derosier - Fontenot 1899  244 K Jul 2000 Al DeRosier
Dugas, Pierre - Vallet, Valerie - 1879 2 K Jul 2007 PV Dugas
Durand, Theresa - Patin, Maurice - 1904 2 K Oct 2006 Audrey Hopper
Guidry, Corinne - St. Clair, Walter - 1904 2 K Oct 2006 Audrey Hopper
Guidry, Nomie - Kelly, William - 1873 1 K Jan 2013 Missy Ivey
Landry Marriage - 1827 2 K Sep 1997 Lou Landry
Martin, Anna - Samson, J. C. - 1904 2 K Feb 2006 Audrey Hopper
McBride, Cornelia - Mouton, Edgar - 1874 1 K Jan 2013 Missy Ivey
Monnier, Emelie P. - Faulk, Israel Jacob - 1873 1 K Jan 2013 Missy Ivey
Shaw, James Stokes - Lyons, Mary Serena - 1843     Sharon Shaw
Smith, Helen - Morris, Junius - 1902 2 K Oct 2008 Deborah Bobs
Young, Electra - Hinz, Max C. - 1904 2 K Feb 2006 Audrey Hopper


We are looking for any historical documents, articles, photos, etc. Everyone is urged to donate transcriptions of Lafayette Parish bible records, cemeteries, court records, old newspaper articles, biographies of residents, old letters, census data, obituaries, family histories, parish histories, military records, old photographs, etc.

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