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News Records
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File Name Date Submitter
J. H. Pirkle - Letter to the Editor (telling of a trip home) Feb. 2007 Candace Gravelle
Masonic Lodges Sep. 1997 Greggory E. Davies
Hotel Advertisement - 1866 May 2004 Timothy Hudson
Election Results - 1866 May 2004 Timothy Hudson
Horrible Murder - 1866 Apr 2005 Lora Peppers
Death of Lieut. Butts - 1866 Apr 2005 Lora Peppers
Twelve Year Old Boy Hangs Himself - 1867 Apr 2005 Lora Peppers
Accidental Shooting of Elbert Perry - 1871 Apr 2005 Lora Peppers
Double Homicide at Vienna - 1872 Apr 2005 Lora Peppers
Assassination of W. B. McDonald Remains a Mystery - 1873 Apr 2005 Lora Peppers
Mysterious Murder in Vienna - 1875 Apr 2005 Lora Peppers
G. W. Barnard Killed - 1878 Apr 2005 Lora Peppers
Phillip McClendon Killed by His Brother-in-law Gentry - 1879 Apr 2005 Lora Peppers
Died for Shame - 1886 Jul 2005 Anonymous
George McKee Kills Charles M. Coyle - 1888 Apr 2005 Lora Peppers
His Corpse Found - 1895 Jul 2005 Anonymous
Locals - 16 Jan 1913 Mar 2003 B. Jo Branch
Fashion's Fancies - 3 Apr 1913 Mar 2003 B. Jo Branch
Locals - 1 May 1913 Mar 2003 B. Jo Branch
Locals - 8 May 1913 Mar 2003 B. Jo Branch
Locals - 30 May 1918 Jul 2003 Sharon K. Ray
John H. Bonner and Miss Lucratia E. Grambling, 1915 Jul 2005 Anonymous
Dr. W. S. Jones to Baton Rouge, LA Jul 2003 Sharon K. Ray
No Indictments for Attack Upon Woman - 1925 Jul 2005 Anonymous
Lenord Adcock killed by Limb Dec 2004 Sharon K. Ray
Husband and Wife Die on Same Day - 1930 (Carpenter) Jul 2005 Anonymous
Fourteen Arrested on Liquor Charges -1931 Jul 2004 Tracey Jackson
Tank Blast Injures Six Employees - 1933 Jul 2004 Tracey Jackson
E. L. Bailey - Family Reunion - 1935 Mar 2003 Sharon K. Ray
Vehicle Accident - T. J. Hinton - 1935 Mar 2003 Sharon K. Ray
Oklahoma Couple, Pioneers, Married 71 Years - 1938 (B. F. Pearce) Jul 2005 Anonymous
Married Since 1867, Couple Never Separated on Christmas (Pearce) Jul 2005 Anonymous
Brutal Attack: Adams, W.W. - 1939 Dec 2004 Sharon K. Ray
Plans Complete for historical occasion - 1939 Aug 2004 Tracey Jackson
J. Henry Jones Witnesses Buildingof Jonesboro - 1939    
Vinson Family Reunion, 1939 Dec 2004 Sharon K. Ray
Stinsons Bicycle Trip to New Orleans (1940) Jun 1999 Greggory E. Davies
Ordination of Bill Tolar Jul 2003 Sharon K. Ray
Illness of T. L. Walker Jul 2003 Sharon K. Ray
Vienna Newspaper May 2004 Timothy Hudson
Candidate: Waldrip, Cecil B., 1950 Dec 2004 Sharon K. Ray
Librarian Assistant Named (1960)Mary Alice Aldy Dec 2004 Sharon K. Ray
Professors at NLU, Winn (1965)Hanna, Prince, Rolen Dec 1998 Greggory E. Davies


We are looking for any historical documents, articles, photos, etc. Everyone is urged to donate transcriptions of Jackson Parish bible records, cemeteries, court records, old newspaper articles, biographies of residents, old letters, census data, obituaries, family histories, parish histories, military records, old photographs, etc.

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