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Military Records


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Civil War: Confederate Pensioners 2 K Sep 2001 Michael Drewett
200 Grant Men Subject to WWI Draft Call 8 K Apr 2000 Peggy C. Beaubouef
John Anty Civil War Pension Application 11 K June 1998 Gaytha Thompson
Colfax Riot Report 9 K Feb. 1998 Greggory E. Davies
Confederate Letters 13 K Sept. 1997 Greggory E. Davies
Confederate Soldiers Reunion-1886 2 K Mar 1999 Greggory E. Davies
Korean Conflict (1951-57) Casualties 1 K June 1998 Gaytha Thompson
Ernest M. Lemoine
Now Prisoner In Osaka Camp, Japan
3 K July 1999 Evelyn Corbett Cunningham
Memories of the Confederacy 3 K Sept. 1997 Greggory E. Davies
Cpl. Joe Morantine Is Sharp Shooter-1950
2 K July 1999 Evelyn Corbett Cunningham
New Veterans Memorial 2 K July 1998 Kay Thompson Brown
WWI Civilian Draft Registrations 3 K Mar. 1998 Gaytha Thompson

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