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Law and Order Records




A Horrible Fratricide,
Henry D. Preuette1916

Mar 2000

Al Vinson
Arrested for Murder of
N. Jolley-1920

Apr. 1998

Gaytha Thompson
Collier's Grocery Store
Robbed Last Week-End - 1939
July 1999 Evelyn Corbett Cunningham
Monroe Bratton Killed-1928

Apr. 1998

Gaytha Thompson
Bell vs Johnson-1898
Constable Sale

Apr. 1998

Gaytha Thompson
Calvin Dunn Charged
With Murder-1952
Apr. 1998 Greggory E. Davies
Lewis Melton and Brady Masey
Jail Break - 1939
July 1999 Evelyn Corbett Cunningham
Carrie Pritchard Kills Sam Ford-1910 Feb. 1999 Houston Tracy, Jr
Grant Parish Law Officers Slain-1936
W.L.Nugent/D.L. Brunson
Feb. 1998 Greggory E. Davies
Gun Duel at Georgetown-1934
June 1998 Greggory E. Davies
Gypsy Woman Sentenced-1920

Apr. 1998

Gaytha Thompson
Horse Thief Shot-1898

Apr. 1998

Gaytha Thompson
Illegal Still Uncovered
by Grant Officials-1970

June 1998

Kay Thompson Brown
Frank Sharbino Poisoned - 1939

July 1999

Evelyn Corbett Cunningham
Shooting At Curry's Gin
Montgomery-1885 (Wheeler-Roper)
Feb. 1998 Greggory E. Davies
Shooting At Verda-1908
George F. Poole/James Scott
July 1999 Greggory E. Davies
Shooting of Jesse Bonnett-1898 Feb. 1999 Houston Tracy, Jr
Shooting At St. Maurice-1882
C. J. Dall
Feb. 1998 Greggory E. Davies
Sunday Gunman's 4 Victims
Buried in Montgomery Rites-1990
July 1998 Kay Thompson Brown
Trooper J. N. Pollard Killed-1956 Apr. 1998 Greggory E. Davies
Williams-Ham Fight-1888 Mar. 1998 Gaytha Thompson


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