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Grant Parish History

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Filename Date Submitter
Grant Parish History
History of Grant Parish Oct 1997 Greggory E. Davies
A Grant Parish History Jul 1998 Gaytha Thompson
A Short History of Grant Parish Jun 1998 Kay Thompson Brown
Creation of Grant Parish Jun 1998 Kay Thompson Brown
Grant Parish History Affected U.S. Jun 1998 Gaytha Thompson
History of the Area Oct 1997 Greggory E. Davies
General History
A History of the Colfax Riot    
Letter From R. W. Horn-1887 Mar. 1998 Gaytha Thompson
Letter From Montgomery-1876 Apr. 1998 Gaytha Thompson
Jury Venire 1894 Mar 1998 Greggory E. Davies
Montgomery Officials-1950 Mar 1998 Greggory E. Davies
Colfax Riot and Parish History Apr 2008 Greggory E. Davies
Murders 1866-1874 Mar 1998 Greggory E. Davies
Murders 1868 Mar 1998 Greggory E. Davies
Murders West/Kimbrel Mar 1998 Greggory E. Davies
The Riot Tree Jul 1998 Gaytha Thompson
Verda Pioneers Built Spacious HomesJun 1998 Kay Thompson Brown
Business History
Montgomery May Get Paper Plant Jul 1998 Kay Thompson Brown
New Brick Building Colfax-1914 Apr 1998 Gaytha Thompson
Pickle Factory at Montgomery-1929 Apr 1998 Gaytha Thompson
Wayne Theater Opens in Colfax-1943 Apr 1998 Gaytha Thompson
Hargis Feb 2002 Quincy Hargis
Arnold Bernstein Sep 2001 Mike Miller
D. W. Bird Sep 2001 Mike Miller
David I. Payne, M. D. Sep 2001 Mike Miller
James Jefferson O'Quinn Sep 2001 Mike Miller
Nathaniel Moreland Brian Sep 2001 Mike Miller
Thomas Chauncey Bush Sep 2001 Mike Miller
William Thomas Murray Sep 2001 Mike Miller
Charles Brunson Smith Aug 2001 Belford E. Carver
Claude Chelette Sep 2000 Tammy Hayes
Carter Mar 1998 Gaytha Thompson
Futrell Jul 1998 Gloria Futrell Bingham
Harpter/Tyson/Oglesby Jun 1998 Kathleen H. McConathy
King Jun 1998 Bill King
King Mar 1998 Bill King
Preuett's, Carr's, Mann's, and Morgans Jul 1998 Jerry E. Davis Jr.
Slayter Jul 1998 Debbie Bryant
Thompson Jul 1998 Gaytha Thompson
Vinson Mar 1998 Virgil Vinson
Vinson Aug 1998 Virgil Vinson Jr
Walker Jul 1998 Bob Valentine
Nugent Aug 2000 Grady mcFarland
James Edward Tyson Aug 2000 Grady mcFarland
William Tyson Aug 2000 Grady mcFarland
Tyson Family Sep 2000 Grady mcFarland
Historic Places
Breezy Hill Artillery Range Mar 2003 Michael May
Camp Livingiston Mar 2003 Michael May
Gingerbread House of Seven Gables Jun 1998 Kay Thompson Brown
Hargis Home Jun 1998 Kay Thompson Brown
Johnson Home At Verda Jun 1998 Kay Thompson Brown
St. Maurice Plantation Winn Parish Jul 1998 Gaytha Thompson
Post Offices
Colfax RFD, Route No. 1-1901 Jun 1998 Kay Thompson Brown
Futrell Post Office Re-established-1906 Jun 1998 Kay Thompson Brown
1865 U. S. Direct Tax Nov 1997 Greggory E. Davies


We are looking for any historical documents, articles, photos, etc. Everyone is urged to donate transcriptions of Grant Parish bible records, cemeteries, court records, old newspaper articles, biographies of residents, old letters, census data, obituaries, family histories, parish histories, military records, old photographs, etc.

The USGenWeb has provided an easy to use form for submitting a RECORD of any type to the Louisiana GenWeb Archives. It will be forwarded to me for the Grant Archives. You can still submit a free form text document if you choose not to use the form provided. Click here to go to the FORMS page or send your formatted documents, according to the GUIDELINES below, to Bryant Walker if you would like to contribute to the Grant Parish Archive Project.

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