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File Name Date Submitter
Hon. Thomas Scott Adams Dec. 1997 Mike Miller
Edward P. Andrews Feb. 1999 Mike Miller
Owen Langworthy Bennett Aug 2001 Mike Miller
Erastus Francis Brian Aug 2001 Mike Miller
Centenary College Aug 2001 Mike Miller
T. Jones Cross Aug 2001 Mike Miller
Jesse Alexander Davis Aug 2001 Mike Miller
Joseph Clarence Decuir Aug 2001 Mike Miller
Amedee Constant Delambre Jan. 2000 Mike Miller
W.L. Dickson, MD Feb. 1999 Suzanne Shoemaker
Levi Doughty May 1999 Joe Doughty
Penick Haswell Dupuy, A. B. Aug 2001 Mike Miller
Edwin Elgin Evan Aug 2001 Mike Miller
E. Pegram Flower Aug 2001 Mike Miller
Richard H. Flower Aug 2001 Mike Miller
The Freeman Family Mar 2000 Mike Miller
A. Gayden, M.D. Mar 2000 Mike Miller
I. G. Gayden, Esq. Mar 2000 Mike Miller
Autobiography of William Harrell Feb. 1999 Shannon Smyrl
Charles A. Holcombe Apr. 1998 Mike Miller
John V. Hughes Feb. 1999 Suzanne Shoemaker
Ashby P. Irwin Aug 2001 Mike Miller
John Welch Jones Apr. 1998 Mike Miller
Junius Wallace Jones Apr. 1998 Mike Miller
Philip Huff Jones, MD Apr. 1998 Mike Miller
Thomas Sambola Jones Aug 2001 Mike Miller
William Carruth Jones Aug 2001 Mike Miller
Jesse Worthy Lea, M. D Aug 2001 Mike Miller
Thomas Muse Ligon Aug 2001 Mike Miller
Miss M. B. McCalmont Dec. 1997 Mike Miller
John McKowen, M. D. Aug 2001 Mike Miller
Thomas C. McKowen Dec. 1997 Mike Miller
Charles McVea Apr. 1998 Mike Miller
D. T. Merrick Dec. 1997 Mike Miller
Caroline E. Merrick Apr. 1998 Mike Miller
Dr. Thomas Lilley Mills Oct. 1998 Sherry Sanford
Charles L. Munson Aug 2001 Mike Miller
G.J. Norwood Feb. 1999 Mike Miller
Isaiah D. Norwood Feb. 1999 Mike Miller
Capt. S.J. Norwood Feb. 1999 Mike Miller
Ruffin Baker Paine, M. D. Aug 2001 Mike Miller
Harry S. Perkins Feb. 1999 Mike Miller
Mede Hubbard Phelps, MD Apr. 1998 Mike Miller
William Henry Pipes, M. D Aug 2001 Mike Miller
Edward O. Powers, MD Apr. 1998 Mike Miller
Captain John Y. Reily July 1998 Mike Miller
William B. Reily Apr. 1998 Mike Miller
James C. Roberts, MD July 1998 Mike Miller
Bennette N. Sewell, MD Apr. 1998 Mike Miller
Captain Thomas Silliman Oct. 1998 Claude B. Slaton
Glenn J. Smith, MD July 1998 Mike Miller
Edward J. Sowar Sept. 1998 Mike Miller
Hon. John H. Stone Feb. 1999 Mike Miller
Joseph L. Street July 1998 Mike Miller
Benjamin Brown Taylor Aug 2001 Mike Miller
J. Warren Taylor Feb. 1999 Mike Miller
Enoch McLain Toler, M. D Aug 2001 Mike Miller
Samuel Guy Tomb Sept. 1998 Claude B. Slaton
Isaac Townsend Feb. 1999 Mike Miller
James A. Ventriss Apr. 1998 Mike Miller
Isaac Dickson Wall Aug 2001 Mike Miller
Hon. D.J. Wedge Feb. 1999 Mike Miller
J. Hayes White Feb. 1999 Mike Miller
Mrs. A. M. Woodward Jan. 2000 Mike Miller
Dr. J.D. Worthy Feb. 1999 Mike Miller


We are looking for any historical documents, articles, photos, etc. Everyone is urged to donate transcriptions of Catahoula Parish bible records, cemeteries, court records, old newspaper articles, biographies of residents, old letters, census data, obituaries, family histories, parish histories, military records, old photographs, etc.

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