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Marriage Records

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Aldrich, J. F.

S. E. Evans

Oct 1999
Joy Moore

Aldridge, Isham

Casa Dove

Oct 1999
Joy Moore

Bugg, Nace Jr.

Belle Handson

Oct 1999
Mary Turner

Carter marriages


Apr 2007
Clara Cornell

Cooper, Tom

Lindsey Stevens

Aug 2002
Pat King

Cox, C. C.

Ira Maxey

Jun 2002
Charles Cox

Foster, James Monroe

Lizzie Gibson

May 2002
Pat King

Harkins, Alvah Wilburn

Minnie Ola Goodwin

Aug 2001
Don Russell

Hatter, Dump

Octavie Bugg

Oct 1999
Mary Turner

Holmes marriages


Apr 2007
Clara Cornell

Martin, Calvin

Sueemma Bugg

Oct 1999
Mary Turner

Martin, Govenor

M. Maggie Jacob

Oct 1999
Mary Turner

Martin, Wesley

Cassie Oliver

Oct 1999
Mary Turner

McEachern, James Neal

Harriett V. Tinsley

Jun 2002
Debbie Braden

McMahan, M. P.

Mary M. Teutesch

Oct 1999
Joy Moore

Norton, Ardis Odessa

Prather, Eunice M.

Jun 2022
Meredith Clapper

O'Bannon, Dawson

Franky Harris

Feb 2000
Becky Campbell
Orr, Sydney L.
Barnette Pixley
Dec 2005
Candace (Teal) Gravelle

Patton, C. S. L.

Kate Henry

Jun 2006
Karen Garrett

Prather, John West

Mrs. Joe S. Shivers (McKinley)

Jun 2022
Meredith Clapper
Jul 2007

Rowe , E. H.

Lucy A. Waller

Aug 2000
Pat King

Smith, James A. J.

Rosiana Cupp

Jul 2002
Debra Phillips

Smith, W. J.

Nancy Adkins

Jul 2002
Debra Phillips

Whittington, Elvy

Winnie Green

Aug 2002
Pat King
Aug 2007

Wise, J. N.

Martha C. Haynes

Jan 2006
Dot Wirth

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