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Friendship Virtual Cemetery

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Virtual Cemeteries!

Visit the tombstone of the person listed below and verify your information. Simply click on the name and the picture will appear! These pictures were submitted by faithful Claiborne Parish Archives patrons. Each file is about 50-70K. The images here may be downloaded or copied for personal use...but cannot be used or reproduced for commercial purposes. For any questions or comments, please contact Marc Hollingsworth

Friendship Virtual Cemetery

Cemetery Sign
Cemetery Overview
-----, David
-----, Gladney
-----, Myrtle
Alexander, Eloise M. (FHM)
Auttonberry, Burtrum
Auttonberry, Lillian B.
Auttonberry, Ransom
Auttonberry, Victoria
Barker, Betty Neal
Barker, Preston E.
Beene, Ann Elizabeth
Beene, Eudora E.
Beene, J. D.
Beene, James Joseph
Beene, James M.
Beene, Rilla B. Watters
Blackburn, Prena Sims
Blackburn, Thomas
Blackwell, Andrew H.
Brodnax, J. H.
Brodnax, Susan D. Harkins
Brodnax, Walter L.
Bullard, Lorene Goss
Burnett, Emma Shockley
Burnett, Infants
Burnett, James Edgar
Burnett, John Dempsey
Burnett, John H.
Burnett, Marion Emerald
Burnett, Narcissus P.
Burnett, Willis Day
Camp, Fannie A. Watters
Collier, Clarence Darden
Collier, Cuthbert
Collier, Delia S.
Collier, Estelle Pride
Collier, William Vance
Copeland, Sarah
Copeland, W. S.
Crouch, Frank B.
Crouch, Isaphine
Crump, C. E.
Crump, Curdie Love
Curry, Clary S.
Curry, Jno. W.
Curry, Milo C.
Darden, Effie Hollis
--Plot Marker
Darden, Frank M.
--Plot Marker
Darden, Mollie
--Plot Marker
Davis, Bertie J.
Davis, Howard Gail
DeLaney, Infant Son
DeLaney, Joyce Lee
DeLaney, Myrtis May
DeLoach, Fannie May
DeLoach, Infant Son
DeLoach, Isabell Elizabeth
DeLoach, John E.
DeLoach, Lelon T.
DeLoach, Pearl Williamson
DeLoach, W. E.
DeLoach, William W.
Dunn, John M.
Duty, Egan V.
Engram, James
Entrekin, Elizabeth
Escoval, John C.
Escoval, Jura Alvah
Escoval, Zena Tucker
Goss, Tibbie O.
Gray, Audna DeLoach
Green, Barbara Babs Wood
Green, Edna Maud
Green, Emma
Green, Ethel Rasberry
Green, George W.
Green, Gertie E.
Green, Helena B.
Green, Infant
Green, Infant
Green, Infant
Green, Infant
Green, Infant
Green, Infant
Green, Infant
Green, James A.
Green, Jimmy C.
Green, Lennorah
Green, Monroe F.
Green, Peuedder Top--Bottom
Green, R. B.
Green, Sarah F.
Greer, Jessie Carl
Hammontree, Floyce Maddox
Hammontree, Marvin
Hampton, Avis A. Maddox
Hampton, Bobby Joe
Hampton, Johnny J.
Hardaway, Cecil
Hardaway, Frances E.
Hardin, Hugh C., Sr.
Hardin, Jewell
Hardin, Jewell G.
Harkins, Bettie
Harkins, Docia
Harkins, Gladys
Harkins, Hany
Harkins, Infant Daughter
Harkins, Infant Son
Harkins, Infant Son
Harkins, Isaac
Harkins, J. P.
Harkins, Maggie Meeks
Harkins, Merle
Harkins, Ruth M.
Harkins, William G.
Hartsell, A. B.
Hartsell, Corbin G.
Hartsell, Daughter
Hartsell, Ethel T.
Hartsell, Grady Olen
Hartsell, Lillie
Hartsell, Lin E.
Hartsell, Ulan U.
Hickman, Albert G.
Hickman, Amanda L.
Hickman, Catherine Jennings
Hickman, Charles W.
Hickman, Ida Grant
Hickman, J. E., Jr.
Hickman, James Alden
Hickman, John Edgar
Hickman, Kenneth (FHM)
Hickman, Martha S. (FHM)
Hickman, Meadors J. (FHM)
Hickman, S. D.
Hickman, Seth Josiah
Hickman, William
Hines, James Corbin
Hines, John Bernice
Hines, Lucy Green
Hines, Reuben T.
Hudson, Billy J.
Hudson, Thomas
Hunt, Charles A.
Hunt, Cleotus
Hunt, Ella J.
Hunt, Infant Son
Hunt, Infant Son
Hunt, Jefferson Daniel
Hunt, Jonas S. Top--Bottom
Hunt, Lola D.
Hunt, Lonnie
Hunt, Mattie Dot
Hunt, Mattie E.
Hunt, Mattie Odom
Hunt, Ovie A.
Hunt, Thomas Aylmer
Hunt, Thomas J.
Hunt, William Levy
Jarrell, Georgie
Jarrell, Infant Babe
Jarrell, Joe
Jarrell, Lela
Jarrell, Walter
Jarrell, Walter Lay
Kendrick, Barnie B.
Kendrick, Barnie Melton
Kendrick, Zora Mae
Kirkpatrick, Annie Mary
Kirkpatrick, Carl Porter
Kirkpatrick, James D.
Kirkpatrick, Rachel E.
Maddox, Cargill
Maddox, Clyde
Maddox, Cora L.
Maddox, Dorris W.
Maddox, Elzar C.
Maddox, Erline
Maddox, Ewing
Maddox, Gladys Louise Steel
Maddox, Glen W.
Maddox, Glenn W.
Maddox, Grace D.
Maddox, Hugh
Maddox, Jabe W.
Maddox, Jabe W. Jr.
Maddox, Jennie C.
Maddox, Jim E.
Maddox, Joe E.
Maddox, Lewis Benjamin "Diddle"
Maddox, Lucy Amanda Hines
Maddox, Oneta C.
Maddox, Samuel Reed, Sr.
Maddox, Susie Mae
Maddox, Zula B.
McElroy, Emaline Reeder
McWilliams, A. C.
McWilliams, H. A. L.
McWilliams, N. E.
Meadows, Addie Dell
Meadows, J. P.
Meadows, Julia
Meadows, May
Meadows, Simeon Joseph
Meadows, Temperance Daniel
Meeks, A. J.
Meeks, Claudy
Meeks, Eliza Jane Buford
Meeks, Johnnie L.
Meeks, Lillian E.
Meeks, Martha Elmira Goree
Meeks, Nacy
Mills, Malinda A.
Moore, D. A.
Naremore, Bettie
--Plot Marker
Naremore, Infant Son
Naremore, Isaac Leo
Naremore, James L.
Naremore, Jennie Neel
Naremore, John
--Plot Marker
Naremore, Will Oakes
Neel, Annis
Neel, B. R.
Neel, Infant
Neel, Infant Babe
Neel, Infant Babe
Neel, James E.
Neel, Lena May Kirkpatrick
Neel, Loy Macon
Neel, Martha A.
Neel, Mary Ann
Neel, Maurene
Neel, Nodie
Neel, Thomas F.
Neel, W. L.
Obier, David W.
Obier, Nancy
Owen, A. L.
Owen, D. G.
Owen, M. E. DeLoach
Patrick, James Joshua
Patrick, Joshua J.
Patrick, Mahala S.
Patrick, Susanah T.
Patrick, Willy Greene
Peters, E. E.
Phillips, Charles
Phillips, Charles M.
Phillips, David
Phillips, David M.
Phillips, Evie
Phillips, Hattie Inez
Phillips, Joseph Coy
Phillips, Lucinda Womack
Phillips, Mattie
Phillips, Nettie
Phillips, Ola Webb
Phillips, Robert "Bob"
Phillips, Ruben Carlos
Phillips, William "Billy"
Prather, Elizabeth Glaze
Prather, Joseph
Rankin, Emma L.
Rankin, John M.
Reeder, Infant Daughter
Reeder, John
Reeder, Mattie E.
Reeder, Sallie D. Kirkpatrick
Reeder, Willie
Rinicker, Martha H.
Rinicker, Robert Lee
Rinicker, Travis
Rinicker, Willie Lee
Robison, Helen R.
Robison, Metsa C.
Rowe, Elizabeth
Rowe, Joseph S., Jr.
Rowe, Willie R.
Scaltritti, Doris
Scaltritti, Primo
Seegers, Infant
Seegers, Mattie Williamson
Short, J. E.
Short, Mollie F.
Smith, Angie R.
Smith, Curtis
Smith, Eugene
Smith, Jesse
Stanberry, Alma Deloach
Stanberry, Hugh A. Jr.
Stanberry, Hugh Albert Sr.
Starnes, C. K.
Talley, George W.
Talley, Infant
Talley, Infant
Talley, Infant
Talley, Katie A. Ruple
Talley, Nancy E. Maffett
Temple, Archibald N.
Temple, Charles Walter
Temple, Infant Son
Temple, Lena Estelle Maddox
Traylor, Catherine L.
Tucker, Addie Copeland
Tucker, Henry
Tucker, Lena
Tucker, Rubin C.
Waller, Alfred J.
Waller, Anna
Waller, Emily Shamblin
Waller, George G.
Waller, J. D.
Waller, Julian Guy
Waller, Malindia Smith
Waller, Narcissus
Waller, Olive
Waller, Theodore
Waller, W. N.
Wallis, Cora M.
Wallis, Frank C.
Wallis, J. T.
Wallis, Nancy C.
Warren, Irene
Watters, B. J.
Watters, Burwell A.
Watters, Frances Amos
Watters, Geo. W., Dr.
Watters, Helen Ray
Watters, J. T.
Watters, Jodie
Watters, Mollie M.
Webb, Beulah Brodnax
Whitington, A. J.
Whitington, W. Y.
Whittier, David
Whittier, Mildred
Whittington, Annie Lee
Whittington, Elvy
Whittington, Isaac
Whittington, L.
Whittington, Lee
Whittington, Mary Francis Crump
Whittington, Mary J.
Whittington, Neal
Whittington, Odell
Whittington, Pink
Williamson, Cloteal Hunt
Win, Infant Daughter
Winn, Laura Mae
Winn, Lenora
Winn, Lewis J.
Winn, Matt
Winn, Nardell
Wistrand, Monada J. (FHM)
Wright, C. W.

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