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Hall/Ivy Cemetery, 3590 Jerri Lane, Shreveport, Caddo Parish, Louisiana
This cemetery is out in the country, but still carries a Shreveport Address. It is located at the corner of Jerri lane and Barnes Road.

There are 27 markers in this cemetery. However, 8 are only field stone markers with no names or dates. 8 are markers that just say infant on them.
It is a private cemetery surrounded by a sturdy fence and is kept locked at all times. The information was personally gathered on November 27, 1998, by me, Carole Ann Hall-Zoebel and my Uncle, G. C. Hall, Jr. you may contact us at

The additional information about the family is provided my me, during my family research for the past several years. I am the great granddaughter of Alexander Franklin Hall and Willie Ann Shadowens/Chaudoin, buried in this cemetery. And G.C. Hall,Jr. is the grandson of Alexander Franklin Hall and Willie Ann Shadowens/Chaudoin. G.C. Hall, Jr. grew up visiting his grandfather, who's property is near this location, was 16 at the time of his death, and remembers him well. Jack Hallo another grandson of Alexander Hall still lives in the area and has the keys to the cemetery. It is kept locked , if you are a family member and will contact me I can arrange for you to get into the cemetery. 

Note: the name Shadowens, was the name given to the children at school by their teacher, it was actually Chaudoin and they were of French ancestry, but the way they pronounced the name, the teacher spelled it Shadowens.
Starting at the gate entrance:
1. Elizabeth Studdard-Davis, born 11 March 1838, died 5 Aug 1903
She was the wife of Nathan Davis and grandmother of Willie Ann Shadowens/Chaudoin
She is the daughter of William and Rinny Studdard
It is unknown if Nathan Davis is buried in this cemetery. There are some graves marked only with fieldstones, and one of those may be his. His death date is unknown at this time. 
2. Mary Ann Davis-Shadowens/Chaudoin, born 13 June 1856 and died 15 Aug, 1903,
She is the daughter of Elizabeth Studdard-Davis( listed above) and Nathan Davis.
She was the wife of Samuel H. Shadowens/Chaudoin. They were married on 28 December 1868, in Panola, County, Texas. In his application for pension, dated Dec 9 1899, he claimed to have been born in 1838, in Panola County Texas. There is a stone marker next to Mary Ann, this may be his. But the marker if it was wooden is long since gone. He claimed on his application for pension, that he suffered from dropsy, acquired in the spring of 1862 at Corinth Miss. He was in the CSA hospital for the entire war. He was in the CSA enlisting in 1861, WC 16th Reg. Louisiana Vol. Co of Preston Pond. He was the owner of Survey A696, Panola County Doc. Land Grand Anson/Jones. Mary Ann Davis-Shadownes/Chaudoin and Samuel H. Shadowens/Chaudoin had 5 children: Willie Ann, Elizabeth, Henry, James E. and Coffee D. Shadowens/Chaudoin.
3. Rock ( may be Samuel H. Shadowens/Chaudoin born 1838 Panola County Texas, died after 1899_____________this rock is next to the grave of Mary Ann Davis-Shadowens/Chaudoin. If there was a wooden marker it has long ago deteriorated.)
4. Coffee Davis, born 24 Feb. 1832, died 27 July 1902, he is the son of Jonathan R. Davis and Parthana (maiden name unknown) he was born in Georgia.
5. Nancy Studdard-Davis, born 16 June 1840 died 1906. Her marker is broken and only the death year 1906 was readable. She is the daughter of William and Rinny (maiden name unknown) Studdard, and the sister of Elizabeth Studdard-Davis, listed above. Coffee and Nancy married 9 Sept. 1855, Caddo Parish, Louisiana. 
6. Double Marker: Alexander Franklin Hall and Willie Ann Shadowens/Chaudoin-Hall

Alexander Franklin Hall born 15 Feb 1860, in Rusk County Texas, died 1 May 1933, in Panola County, Texas. Note: the tombstone is marked 1861,and was placed by family members for Alexander in the 1950's, but when we found his mother's death information in the Rusk County courthouse, we found that he was actually born in 1860. He was the only child of Major William Hall,( buried at the CSA cemetery in Keatchie, Desoto Parish, La.), and Amanda Bryant. His mother died of pneumonia, shortly after his birth(buried in Rusk County Texas) and his father died from wounds he acquired in the Battle of Mansfield, Louisiana, in 1864. 
Alexander married Willie Ann Shadowens on the 2 Jan 1884, Bethany, Caddo Parish, Louisiana. She had just turned 13 in Dec of 1883.

Willie Ann Shadowens/Chaudoin, born 26 Dec 1870 ,died 24 April 1902, according to records in the census in 1900, she had given birth to 10 children and 6 were living. She is the daughter of Samuel H. Shadowens/Chaudoin, and Mary Ann Davis (buried in this cemetery). Willie Ann's son Grover C. Hall, Sr., her eldest child, believes she died of an allergic reaction to wild honey or perhaps a bee sting. She was pregnant. He was there when she died and as an adult told his son Grover C. Hall, Jr. about her death. G.C. Hall, Jr. told me the story. Willie Ann had 10 children.The children are listed in the family bible and 3 died as infants are not named. The children are: Grover Cleveland Hall, Sr., Earl Clifton Hall, John Oland Hall, Joseph Henry Hall, Rennie Hall, Thomas Edward Hall, Samuel Bryant Hall.

Note: Rennie and Thomas Edward are buried in this cemetery.

Infant Markers: Next to the double marker of Alexander Franklin Hall and Willie Ann Shadowens/Chaudoin are 8 markers just listed infant. There are two markers with children's names and dates on them: The two are #7 and #8 listed below. In the 1900 census Willie Ann claimed to have had 10 children and 6 living at that time. But perhaps she had one other infant that was not listed, or this may be the infant of one of Alexander's other wives.
7. Rennie Hall, baby girl, born and died Aug 1893,
8. Thomas Edward Hall, born 15 Jan 1895 , died 19 Oct. 1902.
From Bible records these are the children of Alexander and Willie Ann. Thomas Edward died from a childhood accident. He was hit in the head, either falling off a flying jenny or running into it when it was going around. He lived for several months and his last words are recorded in the family bible, by his father. He died only a few months after his mother. Alexander and Willie Ann had 6 children who would live to adulthood.
Grover, Earl, John, Joseph, and Sam
Just below the Marker of Alexander and Willie Ann is the marker of Alexander's second wife:
9. Julia L. Bloxom-Hall, born 11 Sept, 1881, died 17 June 1914.
Married 24 July 1904, listed in Bible, but not location of marriage. Julia died of T.B.
Julia and Alexander had 5 children: Leon, Alex, Mary Birdie, Ethel Eugenia, and Tinie.
Next to Julia's marker is that of one of her children.
10. Tinie Lee Hall, baby girl, born 7 June, 1914, died 31 Oct. 1914.
Alexander would marry a third time to the younger sister of his first wife:
Elizabeth Susan "Betty" Shadowens/Chaudoin, born 22 Apr 1872, died 6 Feb. 1943
She is not buried in this cemetery: Betty is buried at Providence Cemetery, Caddo Parish, Louisiana, next to her family.
Alexander married Betty on 2 Sept 1914. We are unaware that they had any children that lived, passed infancy.
11-18, There are 7 burials of adults marked only by fieldstone at the head and foot, and 1 smaller marked with fieldstones, which might be a child. 8 field stone markers in all. Another family member said that these might have at one time had wooden markers, this was originally called Ivy cemetery, and those could be some of the Ivy family. But I have been unable to substantiate any names for the Field stone markers. There are no markers by these stones. Wooden markers would have deteriorated by this time, due to the climate in the area, if there were Wooden Markers, it is hard to say. I found no evidence of wood, when I was examining the fieldstone markers.
Another story is that these were Gypsy burials, again just a story. I would love to know who else is buried there.
19. There is also a marker placed for Major William Hall, born Jan 20, 1829, North Carolina, died 15 April, 1864, Battle of Mansfield, Desoto Parish, La., of the CSA in this cemetery. He is actually buried at the CSA cemetery in Keatchie, DeSoto Parish, La., Cemetery, but we placed a marker for him at both places. He is the father of Alexander Franklin Hall, buried in this cemetery. Major Hall's wife Amanda Bryant, born 1842, in Florida or Georgia, died Feb 1860,and is buried in Rusk County Texas, Near Tatum, Texas. Her death information is from the Rusk County Courthouse death records, it states that her death was Feb, 1860 and that she was born in Georgia.


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