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Caddo Parish Marriage Index - Scanned Images

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"B" Mariages submitted 8 Apr 2001 by Elaine Nagel
Babers- Bain Bainer- Ballis Ballouf- Barker
Barker- Bartlett Bartlett- Battle Battle- Beard
Beard- Belfry Belfry- Belton Belton- Bennett
Benoit- Bickham Bickham- Birge Birmingham- Blacksher
Blacksher- Bloomer Bloomer- Boisseau Boisseau- Booker
Booker- Bowden Bowden- Boynton Boynton- Bradford
Bradford- Brady Bragg- Brice Bricker- Brock
Brock- Brooke Brooke- Brown Brown 
Brown Brown Brown- Bryant
Bryant- Buhlaw Buie- Burke Burke- Burress
Buress- Butler Butler- Byers LastPage - Not Alphabetized
"C" Marriages submitted 10 May 2001 by Elaine Nagel
Cable- Caldwell Caldwell- Campbell `s Campbell- Carlton
Carlton- Carter Carter-  Carter- Cates
Cates- Chandler Chandler- Cheaton Chelette- Christian
Christian- Clark Clark- Clay Clay- Cochran
Cochran- Cole Cole- Coleman Coleman- Colles
Collie- Collins Collins- Conley Conley- Cook
Cook- Cooper Cooper- Cottonreiter Cottonridder- Crawford
Crawford- Crocker Crockett- Crutchfield Critchfield- Cutliff
LastPage - Not Alphabetized    
"D" Marriages submitted 6 Jun 2001 by Elaine Nagel
Dabney- Daniels Daniels- Davidson Davidson- Davis
Davis  Davis Davis- DeAngelis
Dear- Dent Denton- Dickinson Dickson- Dinneson
Ditmer- Donnell Donnelly- Dougherty Dougherty- Draper
Draper- Duke Duke- Duprey Dupuy- Duncan
LastPage - Not Alphabetized    
"E" Marriages submitted 1 July 2001 by Elaine Nagel
Eads- Edward Edwards  Edwards- Elkins
Elkins- Ely Ely- Esters Estes- Evans
Evans- Ezel  LastPage - Not Alphabetized  
"F" Marriages submitted 1 July 2001 by Elaine Nagel
Fabello- Fee Feinstein- Finch Fincher- Fleaks
Fleep- Floyd Floyd- Ford Ford- Fortman
Fortner- Foxworth Frainey- Frazier Frazier- Freeman
French- Fully Fulton- Fusselman Lastpage - not alphabetized
"G" Marriages submitted Nov 2002 by Elaine Nagel
Gadden - Gablin Gamblin -Garrels Garrett -Gay
Gay - Gerald Geralde - Gibson Gibson - Gill
Gilliam - Ginlee Gipson - Godfrey Godfrey - Goodman
Goodrich - Graham Graham - Grant Grantham - Gray
Grayson - Green Green Green - Griffin
Griffin - Guilliam Guilloutet - Gryder  
"H" Marriages submitted 6 Jan 2006 by Elaine Nagel
Haig - Hall Hall Hall - Hamilton
Hamilton - Hammonds  Hammons - Hardaman Hardberger - Harkrider
Harley - Harris  Harris (pg 1) Harris (pg 2)
Harris - Harrison Harrison - Hatcher Hatcher - Hawood
Hawse - Hays Hays - Hebert Hector - Henderson
Henderson - Hendricks Hendrickson - Herring Herring - Hicox
Hide - Hill Hill Hill - Hodge
Hodge - Holliday Hollingsworth - Holmes Holmes - Hooper
Hoover - Hough Houghton - Howe Howell - Hudson
Hudson - Hull Hullaby - Hunter Hunter - Hyams
Hyde - Hynson and names not alphabetized    
"I" Marriages submitted 6 Feb 2006 by Elaine Nagel
Idem - Ivins Ivins - Ivy end of index  
"J" Marriages submitted June 2006 by Elaine Nagel
Jack-Jackson Jackson (Page 1) Jackson (Page 2)
Jackson (Page 3) Jackson-Jacobs Jacobs-James
James-Jefferson Jefferson-Jeter Jeter-Johnson
Johnson Johnson (Page 2) Johnson (Page 3)
Johnson (Page 4) Johnson (Page 5) Johnson (Page 6)
Johnson (Page 7) Johnson (Page 8) Johnson-Jolly
Jones (Page 1) Jones (Page 2) Jones (Page 3)
Jones (Page 4) Jones (Page 5) Jones-Jordan
Jordan-Justice Names not alphabetized.  
"K" Marriages submitted August 2006 by Elaine Nagel
Kaempfer-Kelly Kelly-Kennedy Kennedy-King
King-Kipton Kirby-Knox Knox-Names not Alphabetized 
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