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News Records




March 21, 1892 Jan 2000 Brenda W. Hudson
December 26, 1895 Jan 2000 Brenda W. Hudson
June 4, 1931 Jan 2000 Brenda W. Hudson
Vanorsdel Family Story - August 1, 1867 Feb 2001 Clifton D. Cardin
Adger Ellison - April 27, 1886 Mar 2002 Don Brownlee
"Albert Barnett Shoots Himself" - April 4, 1910 Dec 1999 Lora Peppers
"Deadman Identified as J. W. McClellan" - August 20, 1910 Dec 1999 Lora Peppers
"Walter McDaniels Shot After Hitting Patrolman With Hatchet" - August 19, 1910 Dec 1999 Lora Peppers
"Roby Child Killed, 3 Other Family Members Injured by Train" - November 8, 1910 Dec 1999 Lora Peppers
"Charles "Red" Jordan Takes Own Life" - March 14, 1910 Oct 2000 Lora Peppers
"14 Year Old Garner Doyle Accidentally Shoots Himself" - July 29, 1910 Dec 1999 Lora Peppers
"Dennis Boyd Hung for Murder of David Haas" - May 16, 1886 Oct 2000 Lora Peppers
"Murder in Shreveport" - November 4, 1868 Oct 2000 Lora Peppers
"HOMICIDE IN BOSSIER PARISH- Ford Edwards Shoots and Kills Ernest Wyche" - September 2, 1882 May 2000 Lora Peppers
"D. C. Hutchins Lynched" - May 18, 1883 Oct 2000 Lora Peppers
"LYNCHED, The Last Act of the Jones and Hill Tragedy" - May 29, 1874 May 2000 Lora Peppers
"Henry Lemons Dies From Exposure After Being Stranded in Flood" - February 25, 1882 May 2000 Lora Peppers
"Thomas E. Mercer Murdered" - September 3, 1875 Jul 2000 Lora Peppers
"D. Charles Mims Kills James Wooley and James McClanahan" - June 10, 1871 May 2000 Lora Peppers
"Sam Nicholls Killed by Train" - September 18, 1886 Oct 2000 Lora Peppers
"W. J. Northcutt Shoots and Kills A. L. O'Neal" - June 2, 1883 Oct 2000 Lora Peppers
"Playful Scuffle Turns Angry, Giles Taintor Dies" - August 23, 1873 May 2000 Lora Peppers
"Fred Tally kills E. B. Huff" - November 22, 1866 Mar 2004 Lora Peppers
"Capt. S. M. Thomas Kills Hugh Dickson" - April 22, 1881 Oct 2000 Lora Peppers
"John Thompson Kills Robert Jennings" = September 2, 1871 May 2000 Lora Peppers
"J. A. Williamson Shoots and Kills John Justice in Self Defense" - January 27, 1883 Oct 2000 Lora Peppers
"Thomas Winn Shot" - August 31, 1877 Aug 2000 Lora Peppers


We are looking for any historical documents, articles, photos, etc. Everyone is urged to donate transcriptions of Bossier Parish bible records, cemeteries, court records, old newspaper articles, biographies of residents, old letters, census data, obituaries, family histories, parish histories, military records, old photographs, etc.

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