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Crowley Signal 1901

List of grand and petit jurors drawn for the criminal court of the 18th Judicial District Court, in and for the parish of Acadia, state of Louisiana commencing April 15, 1901.
Signed: C.L. Crippen, A.J. Mauboules, C.L. Cahoules, B.M. Lambert, J.S. Arceneaux
Jury Commissioners.
R.T. Clark - Clerk of Court
Witnesses: Fred F. Arceneaux, W.F. Brooks.
Grand Jury Monday, April 15, 1901
Ward 1 A.S. Chappuis, Emile Daboval, Jr.
Ward 2 E.S. Legnion, Isaac Hayes.
Ward 3 M.A. Harmon, Homer Barousse, Jr., Henry Goss, Henry Redlick, J.E. Daigle, Jackson Chachere.
Ward 4 Jules Menou, D. McCollough.
Ward 5 Paul Fremeaux, Dupre LeBlanc.
Ward 6 H.W. Lackey, J.D. Belton, B.F. Carper, G.S.Norton, W.M. Marshall, W.A. Lyons.
Petit Jury Monday, April 22, 1901
Ward 1 Serman Cornette, David Levy, Antoine Sonier, Beauregard Besse , Honore Sonnier.
Ward 2 Edgar Meche, T.J. Robinson.
Ward 3 T.A. Potts, Adolph Miller, Theogene Richard, Samuel K. Hornsby, W.L. Stagg
Ward 4 A.E. Lee, Clemile Doucet, Jean Gay, John Martin, Paul Trump
Ward 5 Cyprien Guidry, P.C. Smith, Tilib Vincent, Hebert Landry Jr., Willie Post
Ward 6 John A. Gould, Nathaniel Faulk, J.J. Bradley, H.R. Silvernail, Henry Loewer, Robert Fairley, Lastie Smith, J.R. Roller
Petit Jury Monday, April 29, 1901
Ward 1 Raymond Richard, Joseph Stelly,  Sosthene Broussard, Ursin Caruthers,  Gesnar Breaux,  Jules Gilbert, Abner Hoffpauir
Ward 2 Elridge Welsh, Clifton Milligan, Wilfred Johnson, Charles Melancon
Ward 3 James Stakes, C.O. Hundley, John N. Young, J.A. Bergeron,  Plenny Prud’homme, Joseph O. Comeaux
Ward 4 Solomon Laughlin, John Morgan
Ward 5 Jules jardel, W.S. Gault,  E. Maignaud, C.B. Vogan, John P. Fruge, Theogene Leger,  Frank Hinkle
Ward 6 R.K.Harmon, George Door, E.B. Christian, Will Lewis


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