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Crowley Signal May 3, 1902

The Grand Jury after five days of ardous toil made their final report to Judge DeBallion Friday morning. In their report four true bills were returned.
The following were dismissed for lack of evidence to justify an indictment:
Charles S. Capers horsestealing
W.A. Chachere obtaining money under false pretenses
Emile Sonnier slander.
The jury recommended that the prisoners sent to the county jail for misdemeanor be made to work the public roads and suggested that an iron fence be put around the jail.
The following prisoners were arraigned before Judge DeBallion and entered pleas of guilty to the charges preferred against them:
Simean Broussard disturbing the peace of a public assembly.
Almond Morgan disturbing the peace of a public assembly and carrying a concealed weapon.
Ben Perill obtaining money under false prestenses..
Ooston Floolde carrying concealed weapons.
Crowley Signal May 10, 1902
Heavy Fines Imposed on Pistol Toters
Case of Rayon vs. Webb was decided in favor of the Plaintiff.
The first thing after convening court last Saturday Judge DeBaillion had the following prisoners, who have been convicted at this term of court brought before him, and sentenced them as follows:
Simeon Broussard disturbing a peaceful assembly, 6 months in jail or fine of $50.
Baptiste Payne larceny and breaking and entering at night, 15 years in the penitentiary.
Buddy Cole larceny and breaking and entering at nighte, 15 years in the penitentiary.
Ben Perrill obtaining money under false prenteses, 6 months in jail.
Baston Flood carrying concealed weapons, fined $100. or 3 months in jail.
Cyprien Harrison carrying concealed weapons, fined $100. or 3 months in jail.
Edward Higginbotham disturbing a peaceful assembly, fined $100 or 9 months in jail.
Willis Higginbotham disturbing a peaceful assembly, fined $100 or 9 months in jail.
Estelle Hickman petit larceny, 3 months in parish jail.
Almond Dupuis carrying concealed weapons, find $100.
________ Cofell assault and battery, 6 months in jail.
Euluse Comeaux killing a cow, 6 months in jail.
Numa Comeaux killing a cow, 6 months in jail.
George F. Cofell 6 months in jail or fine of $50.
As the present term of District Court draws to a close matters begin to become more interesting.
Tuesday morning Jose Baptiste, the condemned murder of Alcee Theophile, colored, was brought into court and given the death sentence. The prisoner seems now to be reconciled to his fate. During the trying ordeal he was compelled to face Tuesday he appeared calm and resigned and did not once lose his composure. Even after he was taken back to his cell in the jail he had no complaint to make. His conduct was in marked contrast to his manner the day the case was finished. Then he was defiant and harsh in his criticisms of the verdict of the jury.
Although Baptiste has about despaired of his life the attorneys in the case are more optimistic. Tuesday the law firm of Story and Pugh were added to his counsel. A motion for a new trial was made.


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