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Crowley Signal May 9, 1930

Thirty five True Bills Are Returned by Grand Jury. Jury also returns 37 No True Bills in Report to District Court on Friday. The grand jury, has been session here in the court house since Monday morning.
Herbert Johnson wounding short of maiming.
Adam Rutledge obtaining goods under false prestenses.
John Rugledge disturbing peace.
Eddie Monroe carrying concealed weapon.
Gustave Gallett assault with a dangerous weapon.
Charlie Thompson larceny.
Moble Baptiste possessing intoxicating liquor for sale.
Bubber Nipson disturbing the peace
Robert Roller, et als larceny of auto parts.
Cleobule Breaux carrying concealed weapon.
Claude Breaux carrying a concealed weapon and assault with dangerous weapon.
Oneal Richard assault and battery.
Aurelien Lavergne selling intoxicating liquor.
Isaac Holloway assault and battery.
Theo. Broussard non support.
Aaron Fisher wounding short of maiming.
Peter Douglas shooting with intent to kill.
Louvain Rogers stabbing with intent to kill.
Saul Thibodeaux confidence game.
Ernest Pellerin breaking an entering in day time.
Abner Johnson forgery.
Dudley Bergeron cutting and stabbing with intent to kill.
Jack Louvier larency.
Maurice Ardoin, et als cutting and stabbing with intent to kill.
Thomas E. Mixon carnal knowledge.
Joseph Cormier, et als manslaughter.
Fergus Comeaux and Joseph Cormier cutting and stabbing with intent to murder.
Joseph Thomas murder of a woman.
Isaac Holloway, et als disturbing the peace.
Jack Bruner driving while under the influence of liquor.
Ashley Welch recklessly operating automobile while intoxicated.
J.B. Hoffpauir recklessly operating automobile.
G.I. Golden recklessly operating automobile while intoxicated.
Ashley Welch recklessly operating auto and injury.
Mrs. Henry David assault and battery.
Lezime Trahan larcency.
Travis Burke operating car while intoxicating.
J.S. Higginbotham libel and slander.
Abraham Turney carnal knowledge.
Doreston Fruge larceny of a hog.
Willie Ortego and Basile Fontenot striking and stabbing with intent to kill.
Oscar Hebert embezzlement.
Ovey Bergeaux striking with intent to kill.
Gabriel Thibodeaux cutting with intent to kill.
Eugene McClelland striking with intent to kill.
Maurice Lejeune striking with intent to kill.
Aras Benoit assault with a dangerous weapon.
Cleveland Comeaux striking with intent to kill.
Amar Henry assault and battery.
Otto Loewer assault and battery.
Isaac Holloway malicious mischief.
J.H. White giving worthless check.
Clopas Simon removing property while under chattel mortgage.
Corey Benoit assault with a dangerous weapon.
Corey Benoit carrying a concealed weapon.
Corey Benoit et als disturbing the peace at a private home.
John Guillory assault with a dangerous weapon with intent to kill.
Dallas Guidry carnal knowledge.
Norris James breaking and entering in the night with the intent to rape.
Budy Prather obstructing natural drain.
Mrs. Adolphe Lejeune slander.
Gabriel Daigle disturbing a peaceable assembly.
Ovey Toups larceny.
Simeance Allemand carnal knowledge.
Martin Thibodeaux beating board bill.


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