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Crowley Signal April 27, 1901 & May 4 and 11, 1901

A Number of Cases Disposed of During the Week
Thursday’s Session
Thompson & Co. V Robinson Judgment of the lower court amended
Elms V Crowley State Bank Refixed for May 25
State V Sidney O’Pry Plead guilty of assault & Battery, bond 25. To return April 29
State V Pascal Barne Fixed for April 22
State V J. Walter White  
State V  Robert Baptiste  
State V John Bell  
State V Emma Thomas R. Smith appointed attorney for the defendant
State V James Kennedy  
State V Thelismare Blanchard Motions to quash. Bond fixed at $250.
State V Sullivan & Huse Thomas R. Smith, J.G. Medlinka & J.E. Barry appointed attorney for Huse.
Informations filed against   T.J. Slutz, Edward Higginbotham, Laurent Olivier  
Walter White     Bond fixed at $1500.
John Bell     Bond fixed at $200.
John W. Pedigo V Geo. W. Hewett Judgment for the defendant, rejecting plaintiff’s demand.
J.B. Camors V Hurd Note of evidence opened
W.W. Duson V Geo. T. Eiland Judgment for the plaintiff.
State V Pascal Barne Motion to set aside forfeiture of bond filed.
Louis Mayor Broussard V Francois P. Breaux et al Fixed for April 29, 1901
Jules Menou V His application for naturalization Taken up, evidence opened and closed Judgment
 C.B. Vogan     Juror ordered for week of April 29 excused.
J.B. Camors V Hurd &Wright Note of evidence, closed argued and submitted
Eliza Mire V Mrs. Carolina Nicholson et al Default
Schlesinger & Bender V Jos. Shaffhausen Defaults confirmed, Judgment
Loeb Blum & Co V Jos. Shaffausen Defaults confirmed, Judgment
Moyse Bros. V Jos. Shaffausen Defaults confirmed, Judgment
W.H. Nicholson V C.L. Crippen Under Tutor; taken up, tried and submitted
Kaplan & Blum V Geo. W. Merritt Default confirmed
A.L. Chappuis V George Anding Default confirmed, Judgment
C.W. Wilkins     Information filed against
Mosart Bouge     Information filed against
Abraham Breaux     Information filed against
State V James W. Talley Fixed for April 26, 1901
State V Donat Breaux Motion to quash filed, submitted and overruled
A.E. Lee, Willie Posts, Lastie Smith, Adolph Miller, Nathaniel Faulk, J.J. Bradley, Paul Tramp, Antoine Sonnier, P.C. Smith, Tileb Vincent.
Attachment Order for     Jean Goz, Suman Cornett and Henry Loewer, Clements Doucet excused.
State V Hubert Baptist Motion to  quash venire filed.
State V Laurent Olivier Fixed for April 29, 1901
State V Edmond Higginbotham Fixed for April 29, 1901
State V Mazart Boyne Fixed for April 29, 1901
State V Erwin Lyons Fixed for April 30, 1901
State V Denot Breaux Resumed, argued and found not guilty
State V Eloiias Kershaw Taken up and tried; found guilty as charged in information.
Sheriff ordered to complete grand jury and drew M.A. Harmon and Henry Goss.
W.W. Duson V Geo. T. Eiland On motion of counsels, appeal granted to court of appeals; Bond $250. if suspension or devolution.
State V ____Gee!______ and Walter Huse Nolle pros. On motion of district attorney
Jury members
All members of grand jury being present, comes into court and through foreman makes report on a bill of in(formation)
State V Will Sullivan & Walter Huse True Bill
State V Home Meche Jury empaneled and case taken up. In paper of May 4th, the case was turned over to the jury this morning and up until 2:30 p.m. this afternoon they had arrived at no verdict. The following composed the jury: Raymond Richard, James Stakes, O.K. Harmon, Frank Hinkel, Elidge Welsh, Solomon Laughlin, W.S. Gault, Plenny Prud’homme, Jos. Comeaux, Will Lewis, Abner Hoffpauir, C.O. Hundley.
State V Stephen Senette Fixed for April 30, 1901
State V Frank Lewis Fixed for April 30, 1901
State V Willie Clark Information filed
State V Clifford Bros. Information filed
State V Abraham Breaux Information filed
Judge DeBallion  passed the following sentences upon those who have been convicted or plead guilty: Elodial Kushaw, carrying concealed weapons, $75. and costs; three months jail subject to road duty.  Same sentence for Laurent Higginbotham & Laurent Olivier. Abraham Breaux, $50. or thirty days.  Sidney O’Pry, $100. or six months.
A.C. Lormand V W.G. Smart et al Judgment of lower court affirmed
People’s State Bank V T.C. Chachere et al Judgment for plaintiff against defendants, Adam Chachere and T.C. Chachere for $200.35.
JUDGE PASSES SENTENCES   PAPER OF MAY 11, 1901 Judge DeBallion passed sentences on those who have been convicted this term:
James Bell     Larceny, 18 months in penitentiary.
Mozart Bonye     Larceny, 18 months in penitentiary.
Hubert Baptiste     Manslaughter, 15 years in penitentiary an $1.00 fine
Thelismare Blanchard     Larceny, 8 months in penitentiary.
Homer Meche     Shooting, etc., 2 years in penitentiary.
The Slutz Case     The motion in arrest of judgment was maintained
Joplin V Chachere Amended petition filed and allowed
State V John Bell Following jury empaneled: J.N. Young, Wilfred Johnson, J.O. Comeaux, Joseph Stelly, Jules Jardel; verdict of guilty was rendered.
J.B. Cansors & Co. V Hurd & Wright Judgment for the defendant.


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