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May 10, 1929

The grand jury completed its term and found 27 True Bills and 44 No True Bills.  The number of cases, especially felonies, investigated was declared in the report signed by A.A. Chappuis of Rayne, foreman, to be “unusually large, and this was deplored by jurors, who also scorned alleged efforts to intimidate witnesses or to spirit them away while the jurors were in session.  Further investigation of this matter by District Attorney James A. Gremillion was urged in the report.

The grand jury also investigated reports that certain cases had been compromised and while we are satisfied that such was the case, the evidence did not warrant true bills and we have also requested the D.A. to continue the investigation and file the necessary charges should his findings warrant such proceedings.

A side note included in the article makes note that “Although the grand jurors investigated a number of alleged violations of the state prohibition law, no indictments were returned, a survey of the true bills and no true bills accompanying this article shows.”


Felix Istre

Non-support T G Ordered to pay $15 monthly for 12 months or 90 days in jail. Paper of May 30, 1929.
Aras Hayes Non-support T    
Frank Mier Non-support T   Ordered to pay $25 monthly for 1 year or take a jail sentence. Paper of May 30, 1929.
Joseph LeBlanc Non-support T    
Pete Ledoux Possesion and transportation of liquor T   His case was investigated by the parish grand jury and who was not indicted, was first arrested by Deputy Sheriff Nugent of Crowley and Marshal John  C. Sittig of Iota.  It was said that at the time of his arrest he had 7 gallons of liquor in his car.  The federal agents later arrested him and after his indictment at Lake Charles he was arraigned before Commissioner Haskell of Lake Charles and bound over for trial at the next term of court in Lake Charles.
John Edwards of Branch, LA Possession and transportation of liquor     Case was similarly handled as Pete Ledoux’s when was failed to be indicted by Acadia grand jury.
John Higgonbotham of Branch, LA Possession and transportation of liquor     Case was similarly handled as Pete Ledoux’s when was failed to be indicted by Acadia grand jury.
Stephen Venable Possession and transportation of liquor     Case was similarly handled as Pete Ledoux’s when was failed to be indicted by Acadia grand jury.
Tom George of Crowley, LA Manufacture, sale and possession of liquor     He was apprehended by federal agents in the swamps of Hackberry Island.  Bond was set at $1500. double the usual amount; since this was his 4th offense adding the Jones law might be applied in the case.
Lessin Quebodeaux Sale and possession of liquor     He was sentenced by Judge Dawkins to serve 4 months in the Lake Charles jail and pay a fine of $500.
Alceed Boudreaux Cruelty to animal T    
Wilson Boudreaux Cruelty to animal T    
John Edward Selling intoxicating liquor T    
Louis Colman Carnal knowledge T    
John Higginbotham Selling intoxicating liquor T    
Isaac Lideu Carrying concealed weapon T    
Duaere LeBleu Selling intoxicating liquor T    
Ernest Pete Larceny T    
Stephen Venable Selling intoxicating liquor T    
Ledo Pete Selling intoxicating liquor T    
F. Poylard et al Embezzlement T    
Frank E. Miller Giving worthless check T    
Willie Morvant Carnal knowledge T    
Mrs. Frank Klump Slander T    
Curley Bubin Recklessly operating  automobile while intoxicated T    
Dominick Daigle Murder T    
Euphmore Thibodeaux Larceny T    
Floyd Briggs Abduction T    
Nelis Richard Assault and battery T    
N. Richard Non-support T    
Ovenious Margo Carnal knowledge T    
John Guidry Carnal knowledge T    
John Williams Disturbing the peace T    
Ernest Cesar (alias Ernest Bellard) Larceny T    
Alex Kibodeaux Non-support T    
Adam Scott Assault and battery T    
Lorin Hoyt Carnal knowledge T    
Jacques Jagneaux Assault and battery T    
Sam Thompson Assault and battery T    
Isaac Cormier Cutting with intent to kill T    
Octave LeBlanc Slander T    
J.C. Barousse Confidence game T    
Leoval Cormier Breaking and entering in the night time T    
Marcel Melancon Driving auto of another without owner’s permission T    
Aristille Mealancon Driving auto of another without owner’s permission T    
Mrs. Gabriel Baronet Selling intoxicating liquor T    


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