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Deeds & Bills of Sale
File Name Description Date Submitted Submitted By
m253-003.txt Bell, John to Thos. McIntire/Heirs, 1795, 1798
05-04-1998 Alice Gaines
blane195gdd.txt   Blane, Sarah (wife of Robert)  to David Grayham, 1801 3/8/2006 Patricia O'Connor
b420001.txt Bowles, Ignatius (heirs of) to Samuel Greenwell  1825   07-08-2003 Teddy Ronan   The Registry
brown220gdd.txt    Brown, Daniel to Richard Cook, 1804 3/8/2006 Patricia O'Connor
brown219gdd.txt  Brown, Daniel to Richard Cocke, 1804 3/8/2006 Patricia O'Connor
b656001.txt Bruner, Peter (heirs of)  to Lloyd Ray, 1811 02-06-2001 Anne Livingston
caldwell192gdd.txt Caldwell, William to Edward B. Gaither, 1804 3/8/2006 Patricia O'Connor
c516003.txt Camron (Cambron), Basil  to Abraham  McElroy, 1808 11-24-2000 Anne Livingston
c516002.txt Cambron, John  to Joseph Cambron, 1812 11-24-2000 Anne Livingston
c516002.txt  Cambron, William  to Roswell  Boarman, 1814 11-24-2000 Anne Livingston
c516002.txt Cambron, William to Caleb Mattingly, 1812 11-24-2000 Anne Livingston
c516002.txt Cambron, William to James Simpson, 1812 11-24-2000 Anne Livingston
caulk196gdd.txt Caulk, Eleanor, wife of Benjamin to Alexander Faulkner, 1802 3/8/2006 Patricia O'Connor
p620002.txt Couchman, Michael to Travis Coppage, 1807;  10-29-2000 Anne Livingston
c632002.txt Curtsinger, Koonrad to Jacob, Martin & Michal Curtsinger, 1804 11-24-2000 Anne Livingston
dowdal206gdd.txt Dowdal, John to Costin Beauchamp, 1804 3/8/2006 Patricia O'Connor
c516003.txt Ewing, Charles & Clement Riney to William Cambron, 1806 11-24-2000 Anne Livingston
Frowman, Jacob - McCarty, Thomas & Mary  [Polly Inman] April 20, 1830 02-10-2005
Judy Bailey
g6350001.txt Gardner, Nelson  to Roswell (Rosel), Nelson,  1842 04-30-2000 Barbara Terhune
gray191gdd.txt  Gray, Joseph to Bird Lawless, 1804 3/8/2006 Patricia O'Connor
grigsby207gdd.txt  Grigsby, Nathaniel to Joseph Willis, 1804 3/8/2006 Patricia O'Connor
snodgras487gdd.txt Gudgel, Mahlon & Charlotte (Snodgrass) to John & Margaret (Snodgrass) Stucker 6/18/2010 Barbara Mitchell
hardin201gdd.txt   Hardin, Benjamin (land deposition)  1803 2/24/2006 Patricia O'Connor
harrison205gdd.txt Harrison, Cuthbert to Richard Dickens, 1804 2/24/2006 Patricia O'Connor
h325001.txt Hodgskins to Sage, 1815 11-16-2000 Pat
james203gdd.txt James, Joseph to Thomas Mudd, 1804 2/24/2006 Patricia O'Connor
j525-001.txt Johnson, Joseph to James Bowling  to Elizabeth Doyle, Mar 29,1845 12-03-1997
landers198gdd.txt   Johnston, Charles to John Landers, 1804 3/8/2006 Patricia O'Connor
kirk194gdd.txt Kirk, Henry to Michael Eagin, 1804 2/24/2006 Patricia O'Connor
ryan221gdd.txt McElroy, Margaret (wife of James)  to James Ryan, 1804 3/7/2006 Patricia O'Connor
m253-003.txt McIntire, Thomas    to Matthew Walton & John Waller, 1798
05-04-1998 Alice Gaines
melton190gdd.txt   Melton, Thomas to William Mattingly, 1804 3/8/2006 Patricia O'Connor
miles199gdd.txt   Miles, Eleanor to Edward F. Miles - concerning slave named Rachael, 1804 3/8/2006 Patricia O'Connor
mudd222gdd.txt   Mudd, Thomas to Benjamin Pile, 1804 3/8/2006 Patricia O'Connor
obryan223gdd.txt  O'Bryan, Lewis to William Pottinger, 1804 3/8/2006 Patricia O'Connor
parker224gdd.txt   Parker, Richard (heirs of) to Thomas Hamilton asg. of Daniel James, exor of Philemon Richards 3/24/2006 Patricia O'Connor
p350001.txt Payton, Ephraim  to Aquilla Blandford, 1805 (Slave Transfer) 11-24-2000 Anne Livingston
p200001.txt Peak, Robert to William Pike, 1806 10-29-2000 Anne Livingston
p200001.txt Peak, Robert to heirs of Jacob Doom, 1806 10-29-2000 Anne Livingston
p620002.txt Pearce, Isaac to Anthony Kitchen, 1807 10-29-2000 Anne Livingston
prather202gdd.txt Prather, Henry - deposition regarding claims of Thomas McNeal, exor. of John Swan dec'd 1804 3/8/2006 Patricia O'Connor
purdy193gdd.txt    Purdy, John to David Grayham, 1804 2/24/2006 Patricia O'Connor
shepherd225gdd.txt  Shepherd, Adam to Uriah Gartin, 1804 3/7/2006 Patricia O'Connor
s152003.txt Sibort, Hilton, Barlow/Barton et al to Daniel Mitchell, 1816P   10-29-2000 Anne Livingston
s530001.txt Smith, Basil  to: Lucy Cambron (wife of Basil Cambron) - slave transferal of Anne 10-18-2000 Anne Livingston
s530001.txt Smith, Basil to: Tracey. Jarboe - slave transferal of Nathan 10-18-2000 Anne Livingston
s530001.txt Smith, Basil to: Edward C Smith - slave transferal of Nathan 10-18-2000 Anne Livingston
s530001.txt Smith, Basil to: Matthew Smith - slave transferal of Mark 10-18-2000 Anne Livingston
snelling200gdd.txt   Snelling, Hugh  - emancipation of Anthony,  1803 3/7/2006 Patricia O'Connor
s152003.txt Spink, Ignatius to William Moody 1810 10-29-2000 Anne Livingston
s152001.txt Spinks, Ignatius - heirs appoint William Spinks power of attorney, 1806 11-24-2000 Anne Livingston
c516002.txt Stallings, Joseph to Durham Brunts, 1816  11-24-2000 Anne Livingston
m253-002.txt Waller, John  to Thos. McIntire's Heirs, 1795 05-19-1998 Alice Gaines
yates189gdd.txt   Yates, Charles to Ezekiel Young, 1804 3/8/2006 Patricia O'Connor

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