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Spencer County was formed in 1824 from Bullitt, Jefferson and Shelby Counties

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File Name
Date Submitted
Submitted By
ashby216gwl.txt Ashby, Beady (Obediah) , 1828 09/07/06 Patricia O'Connor
b630-002.txt Beard, Alexander, Will Administrators, 1843 11-08-1997 Polly MenendezThe Registry
beaucham164gwl.txt Beauchamp, Isaac, 1825 07/07/06 Anne LivingstonThe Registry
b530001.txt Bennett, Bazil, 1840 08-16-2006 Anne LivingstonThe Registry
botts165gwl.txt Botts, Seth, 1827 07/07/06 Anne LivingstonThe Registry
b550001.txt Bowman, Charles, 1845 09-30-2000 Anne LivingstonThe Registry
boyle192gwl.txt Boyle, Henry, - guardianship of dau. Seletia, 1847 7-17-2006 Patricia O'Connor
bridges196gwl.txt Bridges, James, 1847, estate sale 7-17-2006 Patricia O'Connor
bridges195gwl.txt Bridges, James estate, guardianship of children, 1847 7-17-2006 Patricia O'Connor
b634001.txt Bridwell, Isaac, Guardianship of  daughters, 1836 08-12-2001 Anne LivingstonThe Registry
bridwell289gwl.txt Bridwell, Presley, will, 1832 11-20-06 Anne LivingstonThe Registry
b622001.txt Briscoe, George C., 1826 02-02-2002 Anne LivingstonThe Registry
b5622002.txt Briscoe, John M., 1826 estate allotment to son George C Briscoe. 02-02-2002 Anne LivingstonThe Registry
briscoe209gwl.txt Briscoe, John M., 1824  estate allotment to John M. Briscoe Jr. 08-09-06 Anne LivingstonThe Registry
brown152gwl.txt Brown, Joseph, 1834 04/07/06 Elizabeth RiveraThe Registry
budd168gwl.txt Budd, John, 1836 07/07/06 Anne LivingstonThe Registry
b63300001.txt Burditt, Benjamin, 1828 09-20-2002 Anne LivingstonThe Registry
h632001.txt Cain, Mary, estate inventory, 1834 10-09-2000 Anne LivingstonThe Registry
carland204gwl.txt Carland, John, 1837 7-24-2006 Patricia O'Connor
clements166gwl.txt Clements, William, 1826 07/07/06 Anne LivingstonThe Registry
cochran163gwl.txt Cochran, Robert, 1824 07/07/06 Anne LivingstonThe Registry
c452001.txt Collings, Benjamin, Will, 1830 09-30-2000 Anne LivingstonThe Registry
c452002.txt Collings, Benjamin, Estate, 1830 04-08-2001 Anne LivingstonThe Registry
collings213gwl.txt Collings, Benjamin, Estate - dower division of slaves to wife Sarah, 1830 04-08-2001 Anne LivingstonThe Registry
cornell207gwl.txt Cornell, Elias, Estate Sale, 1837 7-24-2006 Patricia O'Connor
croake191gwl.txt Croake, Samuel,  Estate Sale, 1848 7-17-2006 Patricia O'Connor
c525-001.txt Cunningham, Francis, 1825 02-02-2002 Anne LivingstonThe Registry
davis199gwl.txt Davis, Jonathan, will, 1849 08-14-06 Patricia O'Connor
h632001.txt Davis, William 1834 - inventory of slaves 10-09-2000 Anne LivingstonThe Registry
deacon303gwl.txt Deacon, John 1839 - sale 11-20-06 Patricia O'Connor
deacon319gwl.txt Deacon,  Sarah - assignment of dower, 1836 11-20-06 Anne LivingstonThe Registry
dulin210gwl.txt Dulin, Edward - dower division of slaves to wife Mary, 1830 8-09-2006 Anne LivingstonThe Registry
f655001.txt Frohman, John, Will, 1841 10-01-2000 Anne LivingstonThe Registry
f655004.txt Froman, Katharine, Estate, 1849 02-02-2002 Anne LivingstonThe Registry
f655001.txt Froman, Joseph, Estate Appraisal, 1845 10-01-2000 Anne LivingstonThe Registry
gatton190gwl.txt Gatton, Samuel,  Estate Sale, 1847 7-17-2006 Patricia O'Connor
g416001.txt Gilbert, Stephen, Estate, 1839 08-12-2001 Anne LivingstonThe Registry
gillilan194gwl.txt Gilliland, William,  Appraisal & Sale, 1847 7-17-2006 Patricia O'Connor
gray290gwl.txt Gray, Joseph, will, 1837 7-17-2006 Elizabeth Rivera
h632001.txt Hardesty, Susan - dower division for the widow of Caleb Hardesty, 1844 10-09-2000 Anne LivingstonThe Registry
h322001.txt Hedges, John, Will, 1840 10-08-2000 Anne LivingstonThe Registry
h140001.txt Hopewell, John, Estate Account, 1840 09-30-2000 Anne LivingstonThe Registry
howser193gwl.txt Howser, Jacob, 1847 7-17-2006 Patricia O'Connor
hedges200gwl.txt Hedges, Mary, estate sale, 1848 08-14-06 Patricia O'Connor
howard320gwl.txt Howard, Samuel, estate sale, 1838 11-20-06 Patricia O'Connor
h220001.txt Hughs, William, Will, 1834 10-01-2000 Anne LivingstonThe Registry
j250001.txt Jackson, Frances, Will, 1840 10-01-2000 Anne LivingstonThe Registry
j400001.txt Jewel, Sr., William, Will, 1848 08-12-2001 Anne LivingstonThe Registry
jewell221gwl.txt Jewell, Sandford, Estate Sale, 1848 8-17-2006 Patricia O'Connor
jones197gwl.txt Jones, George, 1847 7-17-2006 Patricia O'Connor
j5200001.txt Jones, Mildred, Will, 1835 04-26-2002 Margie Garland
king225gwl.txt King, Thompson W. estate, 1848 8-17-2006 Patricia O'Connor
mccallis203gwl.txt McCallister, Robert, Estate Sale, 1847   7-24-2006 Patricia O'Connor
m262001.txt McCrocklin, Jesse,  Guardianship of   children. 1833 08-12-2001 Anne L
m262002.txt McCrocklin, Thomas, Guardianship of children. 1833 08-12-2001 Anne L
mcgee211gwl.txt McGee, Abijah, Estate, 1830 09-09-06 Anne LivingstonThe Registry
mcgrew224gwl.txt McGrew, James J. - estate appraisal  , 1848 8-27-2006 Patricia O'Connor
medcalf223gwl.txt Medcalf, Charles, will, 1849 8-27-2006 Patricia O'Connor
m460001.txt Miller, Aminidab, Estate, 1842 04-08-2001 Anne LivingstonThe Registry
m240001.txt Moxley, Danil, Estate, 1825 08-16-2001 Anne LivingstonThe Registry
myers297gwl.txt Myers, John, will, 1849 11-20-06 Patricia O'Connor
n550001.txt Newman, Henry, 1835 02-02-2002 Anne LivingstonThe Registry
n242-001.txt Nicholls, Sarah Frances Langsford, 1915 11-02-1998 DeAnna Fisher
p362-001.txt Patterson, Christopher, 1902 11-21-1998 Bettie Kain
phillips298gwl.txt Phillips, John, guardianship accounts, 1847 11-20-06 Patricia O'Connor
p630-001.txt Prewitt, Beverly, 1851 08-14-1997 Polly MenendezThe Registry
raymond301gwl.txt Raymond, William, 1840, guardian's accounts 11-20-06 Patricia O'Connor
raymond300gwl.txt Raymond, William, 1841, guardian's accounts 11-20-06 Patricia O'Connor
redman206gwl.txt Redman, John, estate settlement, 1837 7-24-2006 Patricia O'Connor
reynolds296gwl.txt Reynolds, Robert, estate sale, 1837 11-20-06 Patricia O'Connor
rogers295gwl.txt Rogers, Edward D., will,  1837 11-20-06 Patricia O'Connor
s300001.txt Scott, John 09-30-2000 Anne LivingstonThe Registry
shellbur201gwl.txt Shelburne, William,  inventory & sale, 1847 7-24-2006 Patricia O'Connor
smith293gwl.txt Smith, William, will, 1835 11-20-06 Patricia O'Connor
snider198gwl.txt Snider, Adam, Estate Sale, 1848 7-24-2006 Patricia O'Connor
stallard219gwl.txt Stallard, Nancy, estate, 1847 08-14-06 Patricia O'Connor
stark217gwl.txt Stark, Aaron, will - 1835 8-17-2006 Patricia O'Connor
stilwell218gwl.txt Stillwell, John - dower division for wife Eliza, 1847 8-17-2006 Patricia O'Connor
s350001.txt Stone, Edward, Land & Slave Division from estate, 1831 08-12-2001 Anne LivingstonThe Registry
strange299gwl.txt Strange, John,  will,  1841 11-20-06 Patricia O'Connor
terrell294gwl.txt Terrell, Micajah, guardianship, 1840 11-20-06 Patricia O'Connor
t512001.txt Thompson, Benjamin, estate, 1840 02-08-2001 Anne LivingstonThe Registry
t6550002.txt Thurman, Baze, 1841, Spencer Co, KY 04-26-2002
t6550003.txt Thurman, Nicholas,   Partial Inventory, 1854, Spencer Co, KY 04-26-2002
t6550001.txt, Thurman, Nicholas, 1854 04-26-2002
thurman.txt Thurman, Thomas L.
03-2004 Deborah Thurman Parks
t526001.txt Toncray, Wesley L., estate, 1839 02-02-2002 Anne LivingstonThe Registry
tucker202gwl.txt Tucker, Thomas - dower division to wife Elizabeth, 1848 08-14-06 Patricia O'Connor
turnham205gwl.txt Turnham, George - inventory & accounts, 1837 08-14-06 Patricia O'Connor
w2140001.txt Wakefield, Robert - guardian bond for heirs, 1851 10-06-2002 Anne LivingstonThe Registry
webb287gwl.txt Webb, Samuel, estate sale, 1841 11-20-06 Patricia O'Connor
weeks215gwl.txt Weeks, James - slave inventory, 1834 08-14-06 Anne LivingstonThe Registry
wells288gwl.txt Wells, Coleman E., will, 1860 11-12-2006 Chuck Wells
w420001.txt Wells, George (dec'd), hiring of slaves belonging to, 1846 09-30-2000 Anne LivingstonThe Registry
w230-001.txt West, James, 1842 11-07-1997 Polly A. MenendezThe Registry
w4300001.txt Willett, Griffith, 1836 04-26-2002
wood214gwl.txt Wood, Nathaniel, accounts, 1844 08-14-06 Anne LivingstonThe Registry
w300001.txt Wood, Nathaniel, will,  1844 10-01-2000 Anne LivingstonThe Registry

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