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Spencer County was formed in 1824 from Bullitt, Jefferson and Shelby Counties

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File Name
Date Submitted
Submitted By
bridwell210gmr.txt   All, Grayson  to Bridwell, Elizabeth  1827 02/21/2006 Patricia O'Connor
b6300001.txt Beard, Dr. J.D. & West, Susan E., 1846 11-08-1997 Polly A. MenendezThe Registry
stewart223gmr.txt Bennett, Reason to Stewart, Rebecca  1828 02/21/2006 Patricia O'Connor
b6350001.txt Breeden to Vaughn, 1841 08-04-1999 Phyllis HillThe Registry
knapp237gmr.txt  Budd, William  to Knapp, Mary  1827 03/7/2006 Patricia O'Connor
philpott203gmr.txt   Clements, Charles Overton  to Philpot, Susanna  1827 02/21/2006 Patricia O'Connor
crist518gmr.txt Collins, Reuben to Crist, Sarah   1824 10/09/2008 Conni Riley
king217gmr.txt   Croxton, Cornelius to King, Mary  1827 02/21/2006 Patricia O'Connor
hill204gmr.txt  Crutcher, Thomas to Hill, Nancy  1836 02/21/2006 Patricia O'Connor
rilen196gmr.txt Daniel, Robert to Rilen, Margaret E.  1827 02/21/2006 Patricia O'Connor
moss218gmr.txt    Davis, Jonathan to Moss, Mary  1827 02/21/2006 Patricia O'Connor
holmes219gmr.txt   Dawson, James to Holmes, Sarah  1827 02/21/2006 Patricia O'Connor
bennett220gmr.txt    Douglass, John to Bennet, Polly  1827 02/21/2006 Patricia O'Connor
glass205gmr.txt   Eggan, John to Glass, Jane  1836 02/21/2006 Patricia O'Connor
gray199gmr.txt   Ellis, Samuel to Gray, Elizabeth  1827 02/10/2006 Patricia O'Connor
calahan206gmr.txt  Hagerman, George to Calahan, Lavinia  1837 02/21/2006 Patricia O'Connor
h4000001.txt Hall to Carlin, 1847 09-28-1999 Brenda WoodsThe Registry
wells230gmr.txt Hughes, Elijah to Wells, Parmelia  1828 02/14/2006 Patricia O'Connor
young207gmr.txt  Hutchinson, Thomas to Young, Mary  1836 02/21/2006 Patricia O'Connor
j5250002.txt Johnson, J.T. & Cunningham, Beulah V., 1944 08-01-1999 Michelle Armstrong
sparks197gmr.txt   McGaughey, Willis to Sparks, Sally  1836 02/21/2006 Patricia O'Connor
crist519gmr.txt McGee, Enoch to Crist, Rebecca   1824 10/09/2008 Conni Riley
montgome224gmr.txt   Miller, Ezekiel to Montgomery, Patsey  1828 02/21/2006 Patricia O'Connor
graham225gmr.txt Mills, Jonathan. to Graham, Elizabeth  1828 02/15/2006 Patricia O'Connor
carrithe198gmr.txt Moore, Simeon to Carrithers, Jane  1827 02/10/2006 Patricia O'Connor
ritchey200gmr.txt   Patterson, James to Ritchey, Amanda 1836 02/21/2006 Patricia O'Connor
tichenor221gmr.txt   Pittinger, Smith to Tichenor, Eliza  1827 02/21/2006 Patricia O'Connor
stone208gmr.txt   Slaughter, Stephen F. to Stone, Nancy  1827 02/21/2006 Patricia O'Connor
gillilan209gmr.txt   Smith, Philip to Gilliland, Rachel  1827 02/21/2006 Patricia O'Connor
wakefiel211gmr.txt   Snider, William to Wakefield, Eleanor  1827 02/21/2006 Patricia O'Connor
hughes201gmr.txt  Stallard, Benjamin to Hughes, Nancy  1836 02/21/2006 Patricia O'Connor
steele226gmr.txt  Stansberry, Gallatin to Steele, Sally  1828 02/21/2006 Patricia O'Connor
s3500001.txt Stone, John & Beard, Mildred J., 1844 11-08-1997 Polly A. MenendezThe Registry
stone227gmr.txt Stone, John H. to Stone, Sally  1828 02/15/2006 Patricia O'Connor
bennet222gmr.txt   Stout, Elijah to Bennett, Lucy  1827 02/21/2006 Patricia O'Connor
boyle228gmr.txt Taylor, Junipher. to Boyle, Rebecca  1827 02/15/2006 Patricia O'Connor
wells229gmr.txt Tichenor, Moses. to Wells, Nancy  1828 02/15/2006 Patricia O'Connor
thurman212gmr.txt    Thurman, Thomas S. to Thurman, Germelia 1827 02/21/2006 Patricia O'Connor
cooper213gmr.txt   Tucker, Hazael to Cooper, Nancy J.  1826 02/21/2006 Patricia O'Connor
shaw214gmr.txt  Tucker, William  to Shaw, Anna  1827 02/21/2006 Patricia O'Connor
briscoe216gmr.txt    Wells, Haydon to Briscoe, Courtney  1827 02/21/2006 Patricia O'Connor
w2300002.txt West, James & Prewitt, Tabitha, 1824 11-07-1997 Polly A. MenendezThe Registry
jones215gmr.txt   Wigginton, Daniel to Jones, Jane  1836 02/21/2006 Patricia O'Connor
richey202gmr.txt    Woodford, John  to Richey, Lucinda  1837 02/21/2006 Patricia O'Connor
misc2.txt Misc. Marriages 09-23-2000 Pat Settle

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