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Simpson County was formed in 1819 from Allen, Logan and Warren Counties

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File Name Description Date Submitted
Submitted By
b634001.txt Hiram M. Bradley and Elizabeth J. Pearson, 1848-1951 06-21-1999
Walter Chisholm
bryantfa256gbb.txt Bryant Family Bible 3-2006 Mary Adams
c340001.txt Moses Caudill, 1796-1928 06-21-1999 Walter Chisholm
c250001.txt Chism Family Bible, 1790-1923 06-21-1999 Walter Chisholm
Colvin Family Bible
Nancy Howe
l510001.txt John W. Lamb & Martha R. Stevenson, 1814-1903 06-21-1990 Walter Chisholm
m625-001.txt Marcum & Hinton Family Bible Records 03-17-1999 Roy Markham
m266001.txt J. C. McCreary & Emma V. Bowles, 1849-1975 06-21-2000 Walter Chisholm
Pearson Family Bible 04-25-1998 Sue Pearson Carpenter
s346001.txt James Sadler Family Bible, 1855-1870 11-17-1999 Jerry Wilson

Simpson County, Kentucky Biography Index

File Name Description Date Submitted
Submitted By
1850indx.txt 1850 Census index 02-16-1999 S-K Publications
A-L names
1850 Simpson Co. Index A-L names
12-15-1998 Maria
M-Z names 1850 Simpson Co., Index M-Z names 12-15-1998 Maria
Pg 1a-12b 1850 Simpson Census (part 1 of 6) pg.1a-12b 09-04-1998 Maria
Pg 13a-25a 1850 Simpson Census (part 2 of 6) pg.13a-25a 09-04-1998 Maria
Pg 25b-37b 1850 Simpson Census (part 3 of 6) pg. 25b-37b 09-04-1998 Maria
Pg 38a-50a 1850 Simpson Census (part 4 of 6) pg. 28a-50a 09-04-1998 Maria
Pg 50b-62b 1850 Simpson Census (part 5 of 6) pg. 50b-62b 09-04-1998 Maria
Pg 63a-70a
1850 Simpson Census (part 6 of 6) pg. 63a-70a
09-04-1998 Maria

Church Records
File Name Description Date Submitted
Submitted By
mttaborindex.txt Index to Mt. Tabor Church Records 11-16-2001
Mark Hinton
mttabor.txt Mt. Tabor Church Records 11-16-2001
Mark Hinton

Death Certificates
File Name Description Date Submitted Submitted By
adams795gdt.txt Adams, Charles, 1933 1-23-2007 Sandra Adams-Schrieber
adams814gdt.txt Adams, Hubert, 1933 3-2-2007 Sandra Adams-Schrieber
adams797gdt.txt Adams, John Andrew, 1909 1-24-2007 Sandra Adams-Schrieber
adams776gdt.txt Adams, Miss Mary Ann 12-4-2006 Sandra Adams-Schrieber
adams798gdt.txt Adams, Nettie Ethel, 1962 1-24-2007 Sandra Adams-Schrieber
adams799gdt.txt Adams, Paul Franklin, 1962 1-24-2007 Sandra Adams-Schrieber
adams775gdt.txt Adams, William T., 1920 12-4-2006 Sandra Adams-Schrieber
gossett825gdt.txt Gossett, James R., 1920 2-27-2007 Sandra Adams-Schrieber
grace.txt Grace, Armenta Allace 12-2004
Jennifer West Brown
h535001.txt Hinton, Mrs. Emma Creacy, 1945 05-14-1997 Maria
hinton796gdt.txt Hinton, Rebecca, 1925 1-24-2007 Sandra Adams-Schrieber
Hinton, Silas, 1929 4-23-2007 Sandra Adams-Schrieber
r2000001.txt Rice, Charley, 1833 - 1911 03-25-2001 Brice
watson810gdt.txt Watson, Ehud, 1914 2-7-2007 Sandra Adams-Schrieber
watson811gdt.txt Watson, Eursel, 1922 2-7-2007 Sandra Adams-Schrieber
watson800gdt.txt Watson, Fred Lee, 1918 1-24-2007 Sandra Adams-Schrieber
wilmore777gdt.txt Wilmore, Etta Belle, 1947 12-4-2006 Sandra Adams-Schrieber

File Name Description Date Submitted Submitted By
jphoward.txt Howard, Joseph P. Civil War 11-23-2001 Michael Howard

File Name Description Date Submitted Submitted By
statecop433gnw.txt State Cop Slain, December 22, 1935 03/10/2006 Walter Chisolm
franklin434gnw.txt Franklin Hit by Fire, January 28, 1924 03/10/2006 Walter Chisolm

File Name Description Date Submitted Submitted By
bryant3402gob.txt Bryant, William Clay October 22, 1980 8-2006 Mary Adams
caryrubye.txt Cary, Rubye 01-2004 Sandi GorinThe Registry
chandler3624gob.txt Chandler, Christopher Allen, 2007 4-22007 John B. King
Gordon, Carlos, 2003
Sandi GorinThe Registry
hammons2936gob.txt Hammons, Warren Duff May 23, 2005 06-01-2005 Sandi GorinThe Registry
helm2874gob.txt Helm, Clara Lucas January 8, 1950 04-28-2005 Bob Law
Hunt, J.B., 1896
Sandi GorinThe Registry
jackson3376gob.txt Jackson, Kenneth Terry April 1, 2004 4-2006 Sandi GorinThe Registry
lucas2877gob.txt Lucas, Nathaniel Henry November 9, 1908 04-19-2005 Bob Law
Matthews, Bonnie Sue, 2004
Sandi GorinThe Registry
Pennington, Floyd G. March 10, 2005
Sandi GorinThe Registry
Polk, Lannie Bell
Nancy Trice
randle3197gob.txt Randle, Wyley E. August 30, 1911 10-26-2005 Candace (Teal) Gravelle

File Name Description Date Submitted Submitted By
bryantan1677gph.txt William C. and Gertrude Bryant 03/10/2006 Mary Adams
bryant310nph.txt William Clay Bryant 100th Birthday 4/27/2007 Mary Adams

Social Security Applications
File Name Description Date Submitted Submitted By
adams4gss.txt Adams, Emma Catherine 1-24-2007 Sandra Adams-Schrieber
adams5gss.txt Adams, Maude Oma 1-24-2007 Sandra Adams-Schrieber
watson6gss.txt Watson, Augusta 1-24-2007 Sandra Adams-Schrieber

File Name Description Date Submitted Submitted By
w230-001.txt West, Leonard Sr., 1840 03-26-1999 Ben West

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