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and miscellaneous death records

b620001.txt Brisco, James, 1804 2.26k 07/30/1999 Gwendolyn Plyler
b620002.txt Brooks, Paul, 1826 3.10k 09/03/1999 Lena
c265001.txt Cochran, Robert, 1824 2.22k 10/05/2000 Anne Livingston
clarkewill.txt Clarke, John , 1783 5.57k 04/23/2001 Pat
c462001.txt Clarke, John, 1783 (another version) 3.39k 09/20/2000 Anne Livingston
c462002.txt Clarke, Jesse, 1819 2.80k 05/05/2001 Anne Livingston
wood366gwl.txt Furnace, Thomas, regarding Lucy Wood 1.56k 08/10/2007 Patricia O'Connor
g400001.txt Gill, James, 1830 4.73k 04/29/2000 Gwendolyn Plyler
j520001.txt Jones, Armsted - Inventory & appraisal, 1852 2.90k 05/30/1999 Paige Ferguson Walk
j520002.txt Jones, Armsted - Estate sale, 1852 2.40k 05/31/1999 Paige Ferguson Walk
j520003.txt Jones, Armsted - Estate settlement, 1852/53/54 3.80k 05/31/1999 Paige Ferguson Walk
m265001.txt McCormack, John, 1814 3.07k 04/07/2000 Anne Livingston
m460002.txt Miller, Robert, Sr., 1830 5.28k 09/27/1999 David Miller
nation259gwl1.txt Nation, William, 1819 4.42k 10/29/2006 Anne Livingston
newman381gwl.txt Newman, Henry, 1817 Bill of Sale 4.00k 09/27/2007 Elizabeth Rivera
p200001.txt Page, Frances, 1872 2.80k 03/25/1998 Elizabeth Smith
pollard341glw1.txt Pollard, William 1.07k 12/02/2006 Patricia O'Connor
p630001.txt Prewitt (Prewet), Michael, 1798 3.00k 08/14/1997 Polly A. Menendez
p623001.txt Proctor, William, 1813 3.30k 03/25/1998 Elizabeth Smith
r260001.txt Razor, Paul, 1835 3.90k 10/30/1998 DeAnna Fisher
samuel140gwl1.txt Samuel, Robert, guardian for Reuben Bullard 2.80k 02/19/2006 Patricia O'Connor
pollard341gwl1.txt Scoggan, Charfles,  1.09k 12/02/2006 Patricia O'Connor
scroggan228gwl1.txt Scroggan, Infant heir of Charles, 1817 9.95k 09/10/2006 Patricia O'Connor
s536004.txt Snider, Joseph, Petition for dower, etc. 1874 1.89k 09/09/1999 Paige Ferguson Walk
stout258gwl1.txt Stout, James, 1799 13.28k 09/30/2006 Anne Livingston
w100001.txt Webb, William, 1817, Will & Estate 5.37k 04/08/2000 Anne Livingston
w420001.txt Wells, Carty, 1812 4.70k 10/31/1998 DeAnna Fisher
wells339gwl1.txt Wells, George, 1817 - Robinson Shelburn, guardianship for Jane Wells 1.13k 12/02/2006 Patricia O'Connor
wells379gwl.txt Wells, George, by Benjamin Stone, guardianship for Peyton & Patsy Wells 1.00k 09/27/2007 Patricia O'Connor
wells260gwl1.txt Wells, George, 1821 1.03k 10/29/2006 Anne Livingston
w420002.txt Wells, Hayden, 1848 10.4k 11/02/1998 DeAnna Fisher
w420003.txt Wells, Margaret (Bush), 1814 2.00k 10/31/1998 DeAnna Fisher
wells342gwl1.txt Wells, George, guardianship for Ann Wells 1.15k 12/02/2006 Patricia O'Connor
whitaker338gwl1.txt Whitaker, Aquilla, 1816 1.50k 12/02/2006 Patricia O'Connor

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