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Size Date Submitter
a450001.txt Allen , J. J., 1955 1.13k 12/03/2000 Marion Small
gob660bailey1.txt Bailey, Nell 914b 06/02/2004 Roger Mattingly The Registry
gob395bohn1.txt Bohn, Eloise Smith 992b 05/15/2004 Neal Byrge The Registry
gob183bolin1.txt Bolin, Victoria Inman 912b 05/02/2004 Neal Byrge The Registry
gob247carrier1.txt Carrier, Helen Frances Samples Ware  987b 05/06/2004 Neal Byrge The Registry
gob32conley1.txt Conley, Ada Jane Groves, 2003 2.26k 04/26/2004 Sandi Gorin The Registry
cowherd306gdt1.txt Coward, Colby - 1933 Death Cert. 1.00k 09/25/2005 Barbara McGee
cowherd3190gob1.txt Coward, Jefferson W. 800b 09/25/2005 Barbara McGee
cowherd3191gob1.txt Coward, Mary Jane 1.20k 09/25/2005 Barbara McGee
gob2227crutcher1.txt Crutcher, Vivian D., 2002 1.32k 01/05/2005 Sherri Hall The Registry
d140001.txt Duvall, John S., 1981 - Death Cert. 1.30k 10/28/1998 Beulah A. Franks
easley3667gob.txt Easley, W. R. (Bose)   PHOTO 1.39k 06/30/2007 Donna Nichols
figg249gdt.txt Figg, Martha E. 1.94k 07/02/2005 Linda Harbin-Grubbs 
gob662flack1.txt Flack, Bright 1.87k 06/02/2004 Roger Mattingly The Registry
gob659flack1.txt Flack, Gilbert 1.60k 06/02/2004 Roger Mattingly The Registry
flack238gdt1.txt Flack, James William (cert photo) 2.63k 06/28/2005 Roger Mattingly The Registry
gob1692gaines.txt Gaines, Mrs. Joseph A. 1.34k 10/03/2004 Sandi Gorin The Registry
lamkin4148gob.txt Lamkin, Nellie Viola March 19, 2008 1k Nov 2008 Robert McManaway
I400001.txt Lyle, Sarah Margaret (Glass), 1923 - Death Cert. 1.00k 05/08/1997 Maria TroutmanThe Registry
l50002.txt Lyon, Daniel, 1966 2.20k 02/28/1999 Hallie Martinson
l50001.txt Lyon, Mrs. Zena H., 1925 2.20k 02/21/1999 Hallie Martinson
gob119marshall1.txt Marshall, Cornelius Bernard 800b 04/27/2004 Neal Byrge The Registry
gob248mcginnis1.txt McGinnis, Louise Griffin  832b 05/06/2004 Neal Byrge The Registry
m324001.txt Mitchell, "Judge" Ralph Wilson, 1992 2.39k 08/27/2000 Kelly Courtney-Blizzard
m200001.txt Moss, Nancy C. (Hammack), 1997 1.90k 06/09/1998 Diana Flynn
owen8520gob.txt Owen, Dorothy, 2006 -- 02/13/2018 Sandi Gorin The Registry
gob902pitcock1.txt Pitcock, Evelyn J., 2004 1.44k 06/25/2004 Sandi Gorin The Registry
gob90purnell1.txt Purnell, Clara Bridges 1.11k 04/26/2004 Donald Murphy
risk4253gob.txt Risk,C. C., Jr. -- 6/8/2010 Sandra Kluge
s620002.txt Scearce, George S. - Death Notice, 1901 6.67k 09/19/1997 Polly A. Menendez
s230001.txt Scott , Anna Rosa 2002 1.45k 11/16/2003 Sherri HallThe Registry
s530001.txt Smith, Mrs. Mary E., 1902 2.24k 06/02/2000 John Price
sinclair7971gob.txt Sinclair, Virginia Irene, 1999 -- 1/28/2018 Sandi Gorin The Registry
gob929tipton1.txt Tipton, William Hoover "Billy", 2004 1.33k 06/25/2004 Donald Murphy
vance3974gob.txt Vance, Robert, November 1906 Obituary 1k May 2008 Kelly Courtney-Blizzard
wallace8194gob.txt Wallace, Marion Wayne, 2001 Obituary -- 5 Feb 2018 Sandi Gorin
obitmrsb508gnw.txt Young, Mrs. Bessie, 2009,Obituary -- 6/16/1982 Mark Stigers
w100001.txt Webb, James L., 1890 2.90k 05/23/1999 Penny Webb Boszor
whitt3455gob1.txt Whitt, Clifford, 1999 1.18k 11/23/2006 Tom Hembrey
gob397williams1 Williams, Florian May Lynch 969b 05/15/2004 Neal Byrge The Registry
w623001.txt Wright, Anna, 1999 1.80k 09/26/2000 Pat Settle

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