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Description Size Date Submitter
marr1792.txt Marriages, 1792-1800 42k 10/03/97 Shelby Publishing
b620003.txt Brooks, Paul to Corbin, Amanda, 1848 2.71k 09/03/99 Lena
b620004.txt Brooks, Paul to Corbin, Matilda, 1858 3.13k 09/03/99 Lena
c500001.txt Conn, John to Norman, Mary Polly, 1813 948b 02/15/01 Margaret Conn Taylor
d540001.txt Daniel-Gill, 1832 1.95k 08/08/99 Gwen Plyler
d120001.txt Davis Marriages, 1800-1830 1.9k 01/02/98 Phyllis Hill The Registry
g660001.txt Greer Marriages in Nelson & Shelby Cos., 1852-75 1.30k 09/19/00 Pat Settle
h322001.txt Hedges-Young, 1855 2.84k 05/20/99 Carol Foster
j525001.txt Johns(t)on Marriage Extracts,  1792 - 1833 9.4k 06/29/97 Lonnie Fink
j520001.txt Jones-Miller, 1840 1.6k 05/25/99 Paige Ferguson Walk
j520002.txt Jones Marriages, 1855-1868 2.9k 05/31/99 Paige Ferguson Walk
n400001.txt Neal Marriages in Nelson & Shelby Cos., 1854-76 2.62k 09/19/00 Pat Settle
m300001.txt Moody-Ross, 1821 2.28k 08/26/99 Lena
r200005.txt Ross-Haley, 1877 3.13k 08/26/99 Lena
r200006.txt Ross-Gee, 1836 2.99k 08/26/99 Lena
r200007.txt Ross-Hinton, 1815 2.05k 08/26/99 Lena
r200008.txt Ross-Lane, 1797 2.66k 08/26/99 Lena
r200009.txt Ross-Rogers, 1855 3.39k 08/26/99 Lena
r200010.txt Ross-Dunn, 1845 1.87k 08/26/99 Lena
r200011.txt Ross-Shannon, 1843 1.98k 08/26/99 Lena
s620001.txt Scearce-Beard, 1885 3.2k 10/06/97 Polly A. Menendez
t542001.txt Marriages, Tinsley 2.05k 09/21/00 Pat Settle
various.txt Various Marriages 3.61k 9/26/00 Pat Settle

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