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carson141gwl1.txt Carson, Robert, appt. of guardian of his heirs to Stephen ALLEN & Jane MOORE 10.78k 02/19/2006 Patricia O'Connor
well142gwl1.txt Lord, Elisha, Guardian of the Infant heirs of Haden WELLS 11.07k 02/19/2006 Patricia O'Connor
morton368gwl.txt Morton, Nancy, guardianship to William RUCKER 13.60k 08/10/2007 Patricia O'Connor
ravinscr369gwl.txt Ravinscraft, William, infant to David EDWARDS 17.38k 08/10/2007 Patricia O'Connor
whitaker367gwl.txt Whitaker, John to Levi WHITAKER 14.98k 08/10/2007 Patricia O'Connor


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