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p197a.txt 1810 Federal Census Shelby County, Kentucky (Pg 1 of 4) 94k 02/19/04 Debbie Coulter
p210a.txt 1810 Federal Census Shelby County, Kentucky (Pg 2 of 4) 93k 02/19/04 Debbie Coulter
p223a.txt 1810 Federal Census Shelby County, Kentucky (Pg 3 of 4) 92k 02/19/04 Debbie Coulter
p236a.txt 1810 Federal Census Shelby County, Kentucky (Pg 4 of 4) 47k 02/19/04 Debbie Coulter
1850indx.txt 1850, US Census Index 23.9k 02/17/00 John Schunk, SK   Publications
index.txt 1850, Index 1.04k 06/24/01 Shirley Drake
partial.txt 1850, Partial Index 440b 02/11/01 Shirley Drake
pg0271a.txt 1850 Census, page 0271a 76.7k 02/11/01 Shirley Drake
pg0282a.txt 1850 Census, page 0282a 78.9k 02/11/01 Shirley Drake
pg0293b.txt 1850 Census, page 0293b 83.8k 02/11/01 Shirley Drake
pg0305b.txt 1850 Census, page 0305b 85.8k 05/03/01 Shirley Drake
pg0318a.txt 1850 Census, page 0318a 86.5k 05/03/01 Shirley Drake
pg0330b.txt 1850 Census, page 0330b 77.9k 05/03/01 Shirley Drake
pg0342a.txt 1850 Census, page 0342a 88.9k 05/03/01 Shirley Drake
pg0355a.txt 1850 Census, page 0355a 82.9k 05/03/01 Shirley Drake
pg0367a.txt 1850 Census, page 0367a 85.0k 05/03/01 Shirley Drake
pg0379b.txt 1850 Census, page 0379b 85.2k 05/03/01 Shirley Drake
pg0392a.txt 1850 Census, page 0392a 27.3k 05/03/01 Shirley Drake

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