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Size Date Submitter
a425001.txt Alexander, Samuel T. 1.18k 08/12/2000 Sandi Gorin
a450001.txt Allen, John P. 2.21k 11/14/2000 Sandi Gorin
a412001.txt Alvis, David 2.60k 08/05/1997 Diana Flynn
b610001.txt Barbee, Thomas Kane 7.18k 10/07/2000 Sandi Gorin
b230002.txt Baskett, Alfred, Jr. 1.77k 11/06/2000 Sandi Gorin
b230001.txt Baskett, William T. 1.85k 06/10/2000 Sandi Gorin
b630001.txt Beard, Elliott B. 3.98k 11/18/2000 Sandi Gorin
b323001.txt Bedster, Thomas 1.98k 10/05/1997 Diana Flynn
gbs71beckham1.txt Beckham, Hon. J. C. 5.33k 08/31/2004 Kim Rop
b550001.txt Bohannon, Harvey 2.47k 10/30/2000 Sandi Gorin
gbs128boone1.txt Boone, Squire 1.69k 12/23/2004 Sandi Gorin
b6350024.txt Breeden, John H. 5.23k 04/09/2004 Phyllis Hill
b650001.txt Brown, David 1.68k 11/20/2000 Sandi Gorin
b262001.txt Buskirk, John B. 2.70k 09/05/1997 Diana Flynn
b262002.txt Buskirk, John W. 2.90k 09/05/1997 Diana Flynn
c414001.txt Cleveland, Marvin 2.25k 07/07/1997 Diana Flynn
c414002.txt Cleveland, Matthew 2.30k 10/05/1997 Diana Flynn
c654001.txt Cornwell, Edward, h/o Johnson, Nancy 2.10k 06/30/1997 Diana Flynn
demareeww.txt Demaree, William W. 4.65k 09/01/2004 Cheryl Zufall Parker
f200001.txt Figg, James W., to Monroe Co., IN 2.05k 01/02/2000 Linda Jenkins Wensel
f260001.txt Fisher, James, s/o John & Elizabeth Walker 1.98k 07/07/1997 Diana Flynn
g120001.txt Gibbs, Robert 2.40k 07/12/1998 Diana Flynn
g416001.txt Glover, Thomas G 2.20k 10/05/1997 Diana Flynn
g355001.txt Goodman, Rev. J. W. 8.63k 11/07/2000 Sandi Gorin
g600001.txt Gray, Daniel W., s/o Samuel Gray 2.90k 07/08/1997 Diana Flynn
h250001.txt Hagan, John F. 1.81k 10/03/2000 Sandi Gorin
h612002.txt Harbison, G. W. 2.32k 11/15/2000 Sandi Gorin
h612001.txt Harbison, William Scott 2.37k 11/15/2000 Sandi Gorin
h635002.txt Harding, William A. 2.05k 10/04/2000 Sandi Gorin
h635001.txt Hardman, Washington & Sarah Tegarden 2.04k 07/09/1997 Diana Flynn
harlan22nbs1.txt Harlan, James 1.80kb 03/23/2005 Sandi Gorin
h536001.txt Henderson, Ebenezer 3.10k 08/20/1997 Diana Flynn
h120001.txt Hobbs, David 2.63k 11/09/2000 Sandi Gorin
h230001.txt Hockaday, W. E., s/o Eugene Hockaday 1.70k 09/29/1998 Mike Miller
h432001.txt Holdson, Capt. James 3.30k 07/12/1998 Diana Flynn
k325001.txt Ketcham, Daniel 2.52k 01/29/2000 Linda Jenkins Wensel
l000001.txt Lee, Bazel W., s/o Elizabeth (Teagarden) 1.80k 06/28/1997 Diana Flynn
l000002.txt Lee, Gilead P., s/o Elizabeth (Teagarden) 2.20k 06/28/1997 Diana Flynn
love65nbs1.txt Love, G. Thomas, Sr. 5.73k 02/24/2007 Joy Fisher
m500002.txt Mahan, Samuel, s/o Peter Mahan 2.50k 10/09/1997 Diana Flynn
m635002.txt Martin, A. C. 2.20k 09/16/1997 Diana Flynn
m635001.txt Martin, Edmund W. 2.10k 09/16/1997 Diana Flynn
m635003.txt Martin, Levi D., s/o Martin, Wm. & Eliz. Wayman 2.40k 09/16/1997 Diana Flynn
m143001.txt Mayfield, Catesby J. 2.60k 05/21/1998 Phyllis Hill
mcclainj.txt McClain, James 2.65k 09/01/2004 Cheryl Zufall Parker
m245001.txt McClain, Robert 2.23k 11/15/2000 Sandi Gorin
m235001.txt McDonald, Oscar 2.40k 07/01/1998 Diana Flynn
m200001.txt McKee, Joshua 1.95k 09/29/2000 Sandi Gorin
m252001.txt McKnight, Samuel s/o Rebecca Vontrece 1.84k 06/28/1997 Diana Flynn
m252002.txt McKnight, William s/o Rebecca Vontrece 1.30k 06/29/1997 Diana Flynn
m343001.txt Middleton, John A. 2.98k 10/20/2000 Sandi Gorin
m343002.txt Middleton Family 2.59k 10/20/2000 Sandi Gorin
m450001.txt Milam, Elijah 2.30k 07/09/1998 Diana Flynn
m460001.txt Miller, John C., h/o Delilah C. Whitaker 2.90k 05/16/1998 Diana Flynn
gbs63minor1.txt Minor, William Elza 821k 08/18/2004 Sandi Gorin
m536001.txt Minter, Russell E., s/o William Minter 2.30k 07/12/1998 Diana Flynn
n140001.txt Noble, James 2.20k 01/05/1998 Phyllis Hill
n253001.txt Nugent, Martin, s/o Charles & Mary Nugent 2.70k 09/27/1998 Phyllis Hill
o500001.txt Owen, Lucinda (Miller) 2.40k 07/02/1998 Diana Flynn
o500002.txt Owen, William M.. 2.41k 06/10/2000 Sandi Gorin
p620001.txt Pearcy, Samuel H. 2.50k 10/26/1998 Diana Flynn
p252001.txt Pickens, Aaron A. J., s/o Lemuel & Mahala Speers 2.20k 10/05/1997 Diana Flynn
p420001.txt Polk, William A., s/o James & Hannah Polk 3.10k 09/06/1998 Phyllis Hill
pope21nbs1.txt Pope, John 1.59kb 03/23/2005 Sandi Gorin
0200001.txt Posey, Mrs. Lydia 2.10k 06/10/2000 Sandi Gorin
p615001.txt Province, Elizabeth J., w/o Lindley, Dr. Chambers M. 2.70k 12/06/1997 Diana Flynn
r316001.txt Radford, William 2.70k 10/26/1998 Diana Flynn
ragsdalejt.txt Ragsdale, J. T. 3.00k 09/01/2004 Cheryl Zufall Parker
r520001.txt Ramsey, George W. 1.72k 10/19/2000 Sandi Gorin
rousew.txt Rouse, William 2.00k 09/01/2004 Cheryl Zufall Parker
gbs49scott.txt Scott, James Robinson 740k 08/18/2004 Sandi Gorin
s163001.txt Shepherd, David & James 3.10k 09/16/1997 Diana Flynn
s163002.txt Shepherd, Ransom, s/o Thomas & Nancy Hensley 2.00k 09/21/1997 Diana Flynn
s140001.txt Shively, William F., s/o Jacob B. & Anna Mavity 3.40k 09/09/1998 Phyllis Hill
s162001.txt Sparks, Albert A. 2.66k 10/19/2000 Sandi Gorin
s340001.txt Still, Abraham s/o George 2.16k 07/15/1997 Diana Flynn
t263003.txt Tegarden, George W., s/o Columbus & Hannah Mahan 2.15k 07/15/1997 Diana Flynn
t263001.txt Tegarden, John and Basil 2.63k 07/15/1997 Diana Flynn
t263002.txt Tegarden, Joseph, s/o Andrew 2.30k 07/15/1997 Diana Flynn
v520001.txt Vance, Robert Glass 5.69k 10/31/2000 Sandi Gorin
v530001.txt Van Natta, Shelby 5.95k 11/10/2000 Sandi Gorin
vannuyscd.txt Vannuys, Cornelius D. 2.30k 09/01/2004 Cheryl Zufall Parker
w452001.txt Williams, John 1.96k 10/15/1998 Diana Flynn
w640001.txt Worley, Sallie Legg 4.30k 11/14/1997 Diana Flynn
yountj.txt Yount, Jonathan 5.33k 09/01/2004 Cheryl Zufall Parker

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