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Scott County, Kentucky was formed in 1792 from Woodford County


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Kentucky Biographies Project
File Name
Date Submitted Submitted By
a500-001.txt Askew, Judge James F.,    b. 1844 04-04-1999 Polly MenendezThe Registry
gbs29desha.txt Desha, Joseph    December 9, 1768 - October 10, 1842 08-16-2004 Sandi GorinThe Registry
gbs34duvall.txt Duvall, Alvin    March 20, 1813 08-16-2004 Sandi GorinThe Registry
g4200001.txt Glass, Beeri C.,   1804 07-25-1997 Beulah FranksThe Registry
g4200002.txt Glass, Churchill B.,   1838 07-20-1997 Beulah FranksThe Registry
glass365gbs.txt Glass, Seth Amnon 1874 - ? 02-21-2007 Joy Fisher
j5250001.txt Johnson, Leonidas L.,    b. 1818 02-09-2000 Polly MenendezThe Registry
j5250002.txt Johnson, Col. Robert,    b. 1745 02-14-2000 Polly Menendez  The Registry
5250003.txt Johnson, Gen. William,    b. 1799 02-29-2000 Polly MenendezThe Registry
gbs62logan.txt Logan, James Venable   July 11, 1835 08-19-2004 Sandi GorinThe Registry
gbs73maddox.txt Maddox, Samuel    June 1, 1817 09-01-2004 Sandi GorinThe Registry
m2450001.txt McLane, William,    b. 1813 07-07-1997 Diana FlynnThe Registry
m6000001.txt Moore, George W.,    b. 1806 01-19-2000 Linda Jenkins-Wensel The Registry
bs23roberts.txt Roberts, William H.   June 4, 1839 12-25-2004 Sandi GorinThe Registry
gbs92sawyer.txt Sawyer, Rev. J.A.   July 10, 1845 10-11-2004 Sandi GorinThe Registry
seely17nbs.txt Seely, Lyman W. November 21, 1814 03-22-2005 Sandi GorinThe Registry
gbs91stevenso.txt Stevenson, Milton   August 17, 1814 10-07-2004 Sandi GorinThe Registry
t4130001.txt Talbot, Hanson,    b. 1809 10-05-1997 Diana FlynnThe Registry
gbs157tarleton.txt Tarleton, Jeremiah February 11, 1755 - July 6, 1826 01-06-2005 John Tarleton
gbs95taylor.txt Taylor, James   May 15, 1818 10-25-2004 Sandi GorinThe Registry
gbs115thompson.txt Thompson, W.Z.  1848 11-03-2004 Sandi GorinThe Registry

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