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Pulaski County, Kentucky
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Pulaski County was formed in 1799 from Green & Lincoln Counties
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File Name Description Date Submitted Submitted By
a325001.txt Adkins, James to Chloe Hargis  Sept. 9, 1800 07/28/2001 Peggy Fisher
gmr88brummett.txt Burton, James to Lynda Brummett  March 4, 1872 03/08/2005 Angie Preston   The Registry
farmer257gmr.txt Farmer, Ruby Helen - Walter Delbert Wells  April 11, 1935 06/11/2006 Georgia Wells-WestThe Registry
i515001.txt Inabnit, Joseph & Rachel  Separation July 6, 1846 07/15/2001 Peggy Fisher
marr0001.txt Assorted Marriages, mostly Roberts 09/12/1998 Judy Tillison Wright
s362001.txt Selected Stroxdill Marriages 03/25/2000 Nancy Lloyd
low152gmr.txt Whitis, Benjamin Franklin & Winnie Loretta Low  February 10, 1923 06/26/2005 Ron Howell
brady157gmr.txt Whitis, Charles & Sarah C. Brady  July 30, 1881 07/14/2005 Ron Howell
patterso156gmr.txt Whitis, Charles E. & Lucinda Patterson  May 28, 1890 07/14/2005 Ron Howell
price158gmr.txt Whitis, Charles E. & Sarah J. Price  March 16, 1897 07/14/2005 Ron Howell
sewell150gmr.txt Whitis, William T. & Mary Martha Sewell  June 2, 1874 06/26/2005 Ron Howell
evans151gmr.txt Whitis, William Thomas & Mary E. Evans  December 29, 1904 06/26/2005 Ron Howell
marriage index Bride Index to 1852-1859 Marriages 01/05/2002 Valerie Davis   The Registry
marr0002.txt Some 1881-1882 Pulaski County Marriages Occurring in Scott County, TN 04/10/1999 Linda Murtaugh
marr0003.txt Some 1867-1873 Pulaski County Marriages Occurring in Wayne County, KY 04/20/1999 Linda Murtaugh
marr0004.txt 1873-1878 Wayne County, KY non-residents 06/23/1999 Linda Murtaugh

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