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Pulaski County was formed in 1799 from Green & Lincoln Counties
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Deeds & Land Records
File Name Description Date Submitted Submitted By
grantor.txt Selected Grantor Index 6/9/1999 Valerie DavisThe Registry
grantee.txt Selected Grantee Index 6/9/1999 Valerie DavisThe Registry
deeds-001.txt Miscellaneous Deeds 9/12/1998 Judy Tillison Wright
a325001.txt Adkins, James  Land 1807 & 1855 7/28/2001 Peggy Fisher
s323010.txt Adkins, Polly heirs to Stogsdill, Willis J.  1856 7/28/2001 Peggy Fisher
s323011.txt Alexander, William P. & Elizabeth to William Stogsdill  1827 7/28/2001 Peggy Fisher
holmes440gdd.txt Baber, John - Holmes, John McCaw  September 29, 1835 1/27/2008 Mike Holmes
s323009.txt Bates, James to Stogsdill, William   1851 7/28/2001 Peggy Fisher
garner480gdd.txt Beaty, Martin - Garner, Henry  May 2, 1929 02/28/2010 Donnie Pickard
barron373.txt Bobbitt, James L - Barron, Et Al  October 1, 1851 3/5/2007 Carol White
mckinzie372.txt Clonch, Josiah - McKinzie, Et Al  December 31, 1850 3/5/2007 Carol White
mckinzie370.txt Clonch, Josiah - McKinzie, David  February 22, 1838 3/5/2007 Carol White
parton439gdd.txt Daughrity, William - Parton, Archibald, Et Al  January 25, 1879 1/01/2008 S. A. List
l000001.txt Lee, Anney  1814 2/25/2000 Martina Carpenter
l000002.txt Lee, Drury  1799/1800/1818 2/25/2000 Martina Carpenter
l000003.txt Lee, Richard  1817 2/25/2000 Martina Carpenter
l000004.txt Lee, Stephen  1806/1809 2/25/2000 Martina Carpenter
s323006.txt Singleton, John & Elizabeth to Stogsdill, Thomas   1825 7/22/2001 Peggy Fisher
s323005.txt Stockdale, William to Stocksdale, Shadrick   1823 7/22/2001 Peggy Fisher
s323007.txt Stockstill, William to Richardson, Jesse  1816 7/22/2001 Peggy Fisher
s323002.txt Stogsdill, Benjamin to Graves, Robert  1809 7/22/2001 Peggy Fisher
s323003.txt Stogsdill, Benjamin heirs vs. Stogsdill, Vachel heirs   7/22/2001 Peggy Fisher
s323008.txt Stogsdill, Shadrach to Collier, Stephen & Sewel, M.G.  1860 7/22/2001 Peggy Fisher
s323012.txt Stogsdill, Thomas heirs  1854 7/22/2001 Peggy Fisher
s323001.txt Stogsdill, Vachel heirs to Hughes, John  1817 7/22/2001 Peggy Fisher
s323004.txt Stogsdill, William appoints attorney  1816 7/22/2001 Peggy Fisher
mckinzie371.txt Sutton, Et Al - McKinzie, David  January 19, 1846 3/5/2007 Carol White
v2300001.txt Vaught, Henry heirs to Hubble  1865 3/21/2000 Jackie CoutureThe Registry

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